Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 378

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk
Section 3: The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon II Guk, 01-14


Section 3. The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon II Guk

(1)  Based on the conditions that I have made, the era of restoration through indemnity will pass away. Now is the time to establish balance in the structure of the kingdom of heaven, based on the laws and principles of Cheon II Guk. It is not the same as it was in the past. Since the family is the origin of the kingdom of heaven, we have to restructure everything based on the family.

Now we are in the era of the rule of heavenly law

(2)  I established the path, the heavenly way, by going through so many hardships, even gaining Satan’s submission. If a tribe, a family, or an individual trifles with this way of heaven, it is unforgivable. Heaven’s nation needs its constitution and laws. We need to resolve God’s bitter sorrow, which has built up for tens of thousands of years. This requires a nation.

(3)  Once God’s kingship is established, there will be no more room to tolerate injustice. When a wrongdoing takes place, the punishment will be immediate. Because the era of couples will come, centering on the constitution of the heavenly nation, the time of praying to God, to the Savior, and to the True Parents will pass. I assume you know well how to reach individual perfection and how to attain unity within the family. If you say you are still not clear about it, it means you have not truly accepted what I have taught thus far. Be that as it may, when we establish a nation, set its constitution and laws, and form government departments handling different areas, ignorance of your responsibility will not exonerate you. You must clearly understand that you cannot attain perfection based on the conditions you made during the providence of restoration; you can attain perfection only by abiding by the law. Only by this can you reach perfection. In my eyes, there is no law of indemnity; nonetheless, you have to keep Heaven’s laws for at least two generations in order to go over the peak to reach perfection. Belief alone cannot take you there. You have to abide by these laws. Every relationship has its laws—the parent-child relationship has its laws; the relationship between husband and wife has its laws, and the relationship among brothers and sisters has its laws. You should examine yourself every day as to whether you are living up to them.

(4)  For Heaven’s nation to exist, it must have Heaven’s constitution. If it takes the form of a nation-state, the constitution written for it will include provisions about sovereignty, land, and citizens. But in reality, can we find a territory today that God governs? What about God’s sovereignty or God’s citizens? These are not to be found. Who, then, has been entrusted with the mission to bring these into being? God has entrusted this work to the returning Lord, the True Parents. Since the first ancestors, who should have been the True Parents, lost the world-level foundation, I have to surpass that standard. I must establish the sovereignty of God’s love and proclaim it. I have to proclaim a world united under God.

(5)  The revolutionary task remains? the task of shortening the period pertaining to everything over which God has been agonizing. It requires serious action based on True Parents’ governing authority. You cannot imagine how complex it is. That is why you need to know how to resolve the issues facing the nations on earth. We need to write a constitution that can govern Heaven’s nation here on earth. We must set conditions to accomplish liberation on earth.

(6)  What is humanity’s hope? Fallen humanity’s ultimate hope is to stand at the final global frontline. It is to usher in the day we can triumph on the frontline and, with the authority gained from that victory, return the world to God. Following this, our hope turns to welcoming the day when God will say, “Well done! Since you recovered it and realized it, it is yours!” It is to see the day when we again receive it from Him, with His blessings and His love. When this happens, each person will regard the entire world as “my country and my land,” regard the people of the world as “my people,” and regard the sovereignty of the world as “my sovereignty.” When everyone comes forward having this sovereignty, we will have the opportunity to form one law and one constitution and establish a new system of social life. Life in the kingdom of heaven can finally start from that point; it is there that we should live.

(7)  Adam and Eve have to become one with God. Then, with love, they have to substantiate the start of the hometown of love. This hometown of love should be the foundation where new couples, united in God’s love, give birth to new children and form families. Next, these families should expand to tribes and then to a people. We need to form a people; then, centering on that people, we should complete the kingdom of heaven on earth that can be governed by the constitution of Heaven’s nation. True love is the foundation for the constitution of God’s kingdom

(8)  If God were to make a constitution, He would make one that protects and upholds love. Such will be the constitution of the heavenly kingdom. Politics will serve the purpose of putting its laws into practice for governing the kingdom. It will be simple and logical.

(9)  The constitution of the heavenly kingdom must be composed so as to completely sustain the life of the individual as well as to enable families, societies, and nations to move forward and reach their fullest potential without being encroached upon. It is to establish laws that protect and sustain the views of life of God’s sons and daughters on the individual level, the family level, the national level, the world level, and the cosmic level. That will be the constitution of the heavenly kingdom that God desires to see.

(10)  Among the heavenly constitution's laws, the very first is to love God more than you love yourself. The second is to love your brothers and sisters, whom God loves, more than you love yourself. From the moment of your birth to wherever you go in the spirit world, if you are a person who stands in that position, no one can stop you. The Fall stained this foundation; therefore, I have worked to repair it by striving to unite the world on the foundation of the mainstream Christian cultural sphere.

(11)  The constitution of God’s kingdom could not be presented because that kingdom did not exist. However, now that the era has arrived to usher in God’s kingdom, we can establish its constitution and laws. If we live in accordance with its constitution and laws while on earth, the gates will open before us without any problem when we go to the spirit world. Conversely, if we do not live in accordance with it, in the spirit world, we will be blocked every step of the way.

(12)  The era for governance by the laws of the constitution of Heaven’s nation has come. When Adam and Eve fell, they immediately plummeted into hell. Now, however, I have promulgated the three fundamental laws of Heaven’s nation, which are the core of the constitution. The time has come to live by Heaven’s laws, not by the providence of salvation based on less-than-perfect love. Only when we abide by the laws of the kingdom of heaven can we attain perfection.

(13)  God's love means that the individual sacrifices to find and establish love for the family, the family sacrifices to find and establish love for the tribe, the tribe sacrifices to find and establish love for a people, a people sacrifices to find and establish love for the world, and the world sacrifices to find and establish love for the cosmos. This principle of the cosmos, of heaven and earth, is systematic. It is through this way of love, of sacrifice extending throughout the cosmos, that we will liberate God. God’s advancement must be based on this law, which is principled and logical, and so God instituted this way by means of His constitution.

(14)  Our goal is to institute the constitution of the heavenly kingdom. The constitution of the heavenly kingdom must also be apparent in the norms by which we live. It has to be instituted. There must come a day when we can proclaim it to all nations and to heaven and earth. Instituting this constitution will establish the laws and the system of individual life and society.

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