Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 377

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 2: The Three Requisites of Cheon Il Guk, 12-27

(12)  Why have the saints faced difficulties? It is because they pioneered faith without support from their family, society, or nation. They were a people without a nation. If they had had a nation's support, they could have survived even if their tribe opposed them. Yet this rarely happened, and hence, those whom God called usually were persecuted wherever they went, and many walked the path of a sacrificial offering, shedding blood. Again, this is because they did not have their own nation. If they had had a sovereign and a nation to support them, there would have been no need for them to go the sacrificial way. They were a people without a nation. To this day, the truth did not have a people or nation, and even those who followed it did not know the nature of the nation that God was hoping to see.

(13)  How many heaven-bound sons and daughters have you gathered? You should not do anything else other than that. You may live affluently with billions of dollars' worth of gold, but that will pass away. Invest your material resources, your knowledge, and even your life from the fallen lineage for this work. Do not invest them a little at a time, but rather all at once, out of a heart to create citizens for God's kingdom. Accumulate such investments; their value appreciates exponentially.

(14)  The Unification Church is marching toward the ideal of the kingdom of heaven within the family. The nation, world, heaven, and God are nestled in that family. You have been engrafted to the True Parents' lineage, so do not act like wild olive trees. Take the seed of the true olive tree and bear its fruit wherever you take root in the world. Transcending nations and peoples, the fruits are the same. Bear them and bring them forth as the holy people of the kingdom of heaven, manifesting God's ideal of creation. Unification Church blessed families are responsible for increasing the population of the kingdom of heaven, which is a free and liberated realm with no history of indemnity. Never forget that this is your mission.

(15)  Unification Church members do not have their own nation. The democratic world we see today is the fruit of God's six thousand years of endeavor. Had you been born in Israel at the time of Jesus, you would have been executed. A man like me would have been done away with, leaving behind not even the smallest trace of his existence. We have to be clearly aware that there are unrighteous representatives of Satan on the national level as well as on the world level. In particular, communism, which is the embodiment of evil on the global level, is desperate. It is preparing a final act of aggression to wipe out religion.

God's right of ownership and the Cheon II Guk citizenship card

(16)  Until now, God has been unable to assert His right of ownership. Even True Parents could not assert their right of ownership over true children, a true nation, and a true world. Satan has claimed everything: nations, peoples, and the material world. Satan usurped the entirety of God's right of ownership. Because no true person, no true man, and true woman, arose to take possession of them, God's right of ownership was not established.

(17)  To this day, God has been unable to establish His right of ownership. The devil has been the owner, and God's children were unable to take ownership. The devil and his children have posed as the owners of God's creation and caused great harm. Therefore, everything has to be reclaimed. The entire creation has to be returned to the original Parents—to true parents, true children, true tribes, and the true nation.

(18)  Socialism, that is, communism, is seeking to make one totalitarian nation. Because Satan knows that the era of the restoration of ownership based on God's ideal will soon arrive, he is trying to prevent God from taking ownership of the world through communism. Satan did all that he could. Nonetheless, I have reclaimed everything for God's side. That is why Satan's side is defeated in both theory and practice. There is no power that can stand in opposition to God and me.

(19)  The matter of ownership is a big problem. In communist socialism, the state is the sole owner. In a democracy, the individual is the owner. So who should be the owner? The whole world belongs to God; thus, the world belongs to His children, and they belong to His family. Therefore, God's children need to bring everything together so that they can offer Him the ownership of the world. God should be the sole owner. Only when He becomes the sole owner, having the right of ownership, can He bequeath it to the True Parents and, through them, to the children. Then the world can be considered to be owned by God.

(20)  You do not really own your possessions, your children, or your spouse. You are standing in the position of the archangel. Hence, you need to pass through a period when you absolutely deny owning anything. Socialist communism, sensing that such an era is dawning, denies ownership to individuals. That is why they speak of everything as belonging to the state or some other collective. This development is not by happenstance. The ideal world of creation is unfolding based on God's providence of restoration and the process of re-creation.

(21)  Cheon II Guk needs to have sovereignty, land, and people. The Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship accomplished the restoration of sovereignty. The rallies for the Settlement of God's Homeland signified the restoration of the land. Next, you will register as a citizen of Cheon II Guk and acquire a Cheon II Guk citizenship card.

(22)  Once the nation of Cheon II Guk is established, everyone can go to heaven and become a citizen. That is why I am asking that everyone acquire a Cheon II Guk citizenship card. Please take this seriously. You will be in trouble if you take it lightly. Try to have your relatives receive citizenship cards even if they are not interested in doing so.

(23)  We have created a passport for the heavenly kingdom. Once Cheon II Guk passports gain currency, people will no longer need visas. You should value this Cheon II Guk passport more than a Korean or American passport. You should value it more than certification by the UN. The Cheon II Guk passport is not an ordinary passport that anyone can easily acquire.

(24)  Even the saints and sages in the spirit world must acquire Cheon II Guk citizenship, so of course, you too should acquire a Cheon II Guk citizenship card. The reason for this is to build one world—one country, one people, one culture, and one language under God. For this, we have to become children, couples, and families who resemble the one God's character.

(25)  You cannot enter God's kingdom without a Cheon II Guk citizenship card. The way to acquire one is by willingly offering your life, your property, and even your nation to God and then receiving them all back as your inheritance.

(26)  We do not have a nation. Though there are many sons and daughters of blessed families, we have yet to establish the ideal nation that God desires. Even though you have children, there is no place to register their births in the ideal nation, nor is there a place to register marriages or deaths. If we do not have a nation, we cannot find settlement. That means that we have no place to settle down. In the secular world, if you do not have a passport from your nation, other nations will not recognize you. In other words, they will not acknowledge that you are the citizen of a particular nation.

(27)  I have also decreed that the absolute good spirits in the spirit world, the blessed family members in the spirit world, may register as citizens of Cheon II Guk by grace. When these people receive their Cheon II Guk citizenship cards, will that not be worth rejoicing over in front of heaven and earth, in front of God, and in front of the saints? 

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