Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 376

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 1: The Nature of Cheon II Guk, 15
Section 2: The Three Requisites of Cheon Il Guk, 11


The nation of the Fourth Israel and Cheon II Guk

(15)  The establishment of God’s homeland has to do with recovering the realm of the fourth Adam. That is, the nation of the fourth Adam must be formed. Once the nation of the fourth Adam is formed, Cheon Il Guk and the nation of the Fourth Israel must unite. Since one is a religious realm and the other is a political realm, when these two become one, we can realize unification. Therefore, we need the nation of the Fourth Israel.

(16)  Cheon II Guk represents the kingdom of peace. It will become the framework of God’s homeland. Cheon II Guk, as the nation of the Fourth Israel, is to be governed by the Peace UN. True Parents, through their kingship of the Third Israel, have finally come to represent the kingship of the First Israel and the Second Israel, thus recovering the substantial foundation that was lost at the time of Jesus. Hence, the entire spirit world and the realms of all religions, with Jesus as their center, will transition into one unified world that attends them as the Parents of the Third Israel.

(17)  The purpose of establishing Cheon II Guk is to liberate God, who has worked internally in religions for restoration through indemnity, whereas the purpose of establishing the Fourth Israel is to have a world-level external nation. The unity of Cheon II Guk and the nation of the Fourth Israel will be God’s nation, which is the ideal of Heaven, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now we enter the time when I can issue the command to charge forward with all our energy toward this ultimate goal.

(18)  The history of the Cain-Abel conflict will come to an end when the Fourth Israel and the Peace UN become one and attend True Parents’ family and the families embracing heaven and earth, which are the foundations for the world of the culture of heart. On this basis, the nations of the world will enter the age of liberation and complete freedom. The kingdom of heaven, which has been empty so far, will fill up all at once. God will enter the age of eternal prosperity and peace and establish the era of His homeland and peaceful kingship. When the Third Israel is unified, the realm of the Peace UN, under the leadership of the United States, will naturally solidify and become one with the nation of the Fourth Israel. America has to restructure the UN to serve Cheon II Guk, which is God’s homeland. When this happens, God will return to His original position, the position He had before the Fall. As God comes to reign over the entire world, we will advance toward the era of the peace kingdom.

Section 2. The Three Requisites of Cheon II Guk

(1)  To create a nation, there has to be sovereignty, people, and land. The same holds true for the heavenly kingdom, where parents represent the sovereignty, sons and daughters represent the people, and its territory represents the land. None of these can be left out; it is an ironclad rule.

(2)  For the formation of a nation, there must be sovereignty, people, and land. When building the kingdom of heaven on earth from this perspective, who would be its lord? Who would be its sovereign? Without a doubt, God would be its sovereign. Who would be its people? All humankind. Then what would be its land? It would be the entire planet Earth.

The foundations of Cheon II Guk are sovereignty, people, and land

(3)  Once people come to know that God definitely exists, they will naturally follow His Will. God’s Will is to make all humanity, His beloved people—to make the planet Earth, His beloved land, and by bringing these together, to make a sovereign nation. This will be the ideal world.

(4)  To establish a nation, there needs to be land, people, and sovereignty. What establishes the sovereignty? It is a relationship with God, the Origin. For instance, those who govern the nation are required to conduct the affairs of state by connecting to God, even after most people have fallen fast asleep. In this manner, the leaders will be one with their people. Thus united, they will know that everything set before them is not for their own use but for the sake of the nation. With this in place, the nation will prosper.

(5)  The reason we shed blood and tears for our country and our people is ultimately to build the eternal heavenly kingdom, a blessed nation that our descendants will applaud for all eternity. This will surely be a country where children of direct lineage rule with an authority that represents God. It has the authority of God’s kingship, which is neither communism nor democracy. Once we form this country, it will endure forever with this national structure. As I come to think of this, I lament that I myself could not become a citizen of that nation. You, too, should lament that you were not able to live in such a country. We all should be lamenting that we were not able to have such a nation. We should repent for not having established this one unchanging sovereignty.

(6)  God sent His beloved sons and daughters to this earth in His endeavor to establish one true nation. But to this day, we have not prepared the foundation upon which to restore this nation of oneness. After each attempt to achieve it ended without success, God continued to send His people to earth to initiate, conduct, and conclude His work successfully. God has worked through history for this purpose.

(7)  People whose nation has lost its sovereignty are in a pitiful plight. This was what Jesus meant when he preached: “Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.” (Matt. 6:31-33) What did he say you should seek first: your children or His kingdom? He told you to seek the nation that God is seeking.

(8)  Even Jesus is waiting in paradise. He was not able to establish the throne of Heaven on earth. Jesus cannot yet stand in front of God with the foundation of the sovereignty of a nation. He could not govern a fully established nation whose people could go straight from earth to the kingdom of God in heaven. Thus, they had to remain with Jesus in paradise, which is like a waiting room. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is a place you cannot enter alone. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have gone there together with their family. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is a place you go in the company of your family, including children. Without them, you cannot possibly enter.

(9)  God’s sovereignty of love is absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging. Such is the case with the sovereignty, the people, and the land of God’s kingdom. Therefore, we need to reorganize everything. This includes registering anew as absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging citizens. All things should be reorganized as well, with everything reclaimed. God’s kingdom consists of sovereignty, people, and all things, united absolutely with God. We see that in each family, parents represent sovereignty, children represent the citizens, and possessions represent the creation. Each family needs to offer itself to God as a small-scale foundation. The larger nation and world will come about on this basis and this basis alone.

(10)  For us to form a nation, we need sovereignty and then people. In the future, we will provide all citizens of the heavenly kingdom with a registration card. This foundation, on which its people, its citizens, will stand, centering on Heaven’s full authority and sovereignty, is being prepared for Cheon II Guk. At that point, you will be honored based upon the number of people from your tribe you brought to heaven.

(11)  We have to build one nation under the one sovereignty of God. The time has come for you, as the people who can actually exercise the authority of True Parents centering on God, to take financial responsibility by paying taxes for the restoration of our homeland on earth, the Nation of the Unified World. I am not supposed to help you personally, so I cannot provide all the resources for you. You need to follow God’s Will. In order to do this, Korea has its responsibility, Japan has its responsibility, and America has its responsibility. Providentially, the three of them are one country, although each represents one position as father nation, mother nation, and eldest son nation.

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