Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 36

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 3: Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle, 23-27
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 1: The Hope of Humankind, 1-7

(23) You should grasp the era you are in. The proclamation of True Parents will bring an end to Satan, the parent of the fallen lineage. True Parents have fought against Satan's world. The democratic and communist worlds are on the verge of collapse. Thus once I proclaim True Parents, on the condition of that victory, Satan's world will fall. The end of Satan's world means that we will be liberated from Satan. We have lived thus far within the realm of Satan's culture and lifestyle. However, what I am saying is that we are now being liberated from Satan's world, Satan's lifestyle and Satan's lineage. After being liberated from Satan, we need to return to God.

True Parents are the center of the three great subject partners principle

(24) The word "religion" (宗教) refers to the "ground" (宗) and "teaching" (教). It is the ultimate teaching. Religion is like the floor of a house. In order to have a house, we need a floor, and religion is that fundamental teaching. The final conclusion of that teaching is the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, which is God. On this earth, there are false parents, false teachers and false owners. Because the True Parents have not existed, false parents, false teachers and false owners, fixated on false love, have come into being. We need to reverse that and attend the True Parents, True Teachers and True Owners instead. These three are one—namely, God. By knowing God, we come to understand the foundational teaching that can become the root, trunk and branches of all teachings.

(25) According to the "three great subject partners principle" You should each become a true parent, true teacher and true owner. The root of the three great subject partner idea is true love. True love means to invest more than 100 percent, invest again, and then invest still more. You should become a parent, teacher and owner with this view. The root is one. Therefore, with the true parent at the center, the teacher should come to the right side and the owner to the left. These titles always stand together. You do not necessarily become a true parent just by giving birth to sons and daughters. You have to invest in them and raise them well.

(26) Even the president of a university should return home as a parent in the evening, and the president of a nation, who commands cabinet members, should go home to his or her family as a parent. This is because parents are the center of the family. A school should take the position of a parent, and so should an owner. Though everyone goes out into the world, in the end, they return to their parents. You do not need to return home when you live in the place where you can attend your parents. That is the way it is when true love is the central focus. This is the basis for the saying that the king, the teacher and the parents are one. I am now teaching you truth, so I am the teacher of teachers.

(27) The core teaching embodied in the three great subject partners principle is the True Parents. Why are True Parents the core? It is because there is only one vertical standard by which to form the perpendicular relationship: true love. True love has one perpendicular relationship, so it is the foundation for the representative family, which is the point where the True Parents and God meet. Thus those great teachers or sovereigns who are models of parental love seek to create the environment of the heavenly kingdom, which is impervious to Satan. Since the false love of the devil cannot invade there, a realm of liberation will unfold, and the kingdom of heaven will be formed as a new realm on earth.

Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah

Section 1: The Hope of Humankind

(1) There have never been true parents in all of history.  Because there were only false parents on the earth, there were no true parents in the heavenly world either. God is called the Parent of humankind, but what position is God in? For God Himself to become a true parent, He must have true children. If He does not, He cannot be a true parent. Therefore, when we look at God's own position, we see that even though He created us, He could not take the position of the True God, the one who created us. In other words, because the first human ancestors fell, God could not become the True God. If human beings had attained perfection, the true family of humankind with True Parents at the center would have emerged, and together with this true family, the true tribe, true people, true nation and true world would have emerged. If this had happened, people would have had blood ties to the True God and would have inherited the heart of the True God. Being related by blood to the True God, they would have formed the people of the True God. Based on that one people, one nation under God's direct governance would have been established.

True Parents are the hope of history

(2) Because we are fallen people, we are an extended family that has lost its true parents. Since we lost our true parents, we could not become true children. Even though the highest ideals of goodness that God intended to establish at the time of creation—true parents and true children—all broke down, God has vowed that He will bring true parents into being, even if a course of historical hardship is necessary, even if He has to endure endless hardship and suffering. At the same time, God is working to restore true children, true husbands and wives, true siblings, true nations, the true world, true humankind, and the true cosmos. God did not work by coming into the hearts of fallen people from the outset; He started working from a distance. First He connected to fallen people through all things and then through His true Son. Now He intends to come into the heart of each individual to become the Father of heart. This is the final goal of the providence of restoration.

(3) The history of the fallen world shows us that the parents born into this world are fallen parents. Fallen parents have created a fallen world. We live in a world connected to false parents. It has nothing to do with the world of the original ideal that God had envisioned and the True Parents envision. Countless people have lived and died during the world's long history, but not one could proudly proclaim to the universe, "I am so happy that I was born as a human being! I have succeeded in all aspects of being human."

(4) The hope of all people in history has been to receive and attend the True Parents. God founded the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism so that they could receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent. God created Christianity and Christian culture to receive the Lord at his Second Coming. The returning Lord comes as the True Parent and the third Adam.

(5) What is the hope that we should nurture? We should hope that we can genuinely attend the True Parents who come to the earth on behalf of Heaven. We should not want to attend the True Parents only after they are victorious, when all people look up to them and respect them. We should want to attend them while they are passing through their sorrowful course. Your ancestors feel deep sorrow because they could not attend the True Parents during their course of suffering. It is the hope of all humankind to truly serve the True Parents. Therefore you should become true, filial sons and daughters, willing to serve the True Parents in miserable circumstances rather than in glorious ones.

(6) At the time of the True Parents' advent, the nations of the world were relating to each other as brothers and sisters. At the end of the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the nations that they defeated. The former, in the position of the older brother, had defeated the latter, in the position of their younger brother. Then these victorious nations blessed the nations in the younger brother's position. Had they not, the victorious nations would have been held accountable by the Heavenly Parent. That is why this unprecedented historical phenomenon took place. History has been yearning for the encounter with the True Parents. Religions came about for the sake of that encounter. Furthermore, all the nations of the world are looking for the True Parents. Thus, religions and nations emerged with the mission to prepare the way for the True Parents.

(7) The True Parents are the symbol of all hope, the symbol of absolute hope for fallen people. They are the fruit of history, the center of all ages and the center of all the nations of the world. The True Parents are the starting point of a future that connects to the ideal world. What have our ancestors wished for throughout the ages in history? If the world were united, whom would it wish to find? It would wish to find the True Parents. In other words, it would wish to relate with the True Parents eternally.


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