Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 364

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 2: Anniversaries, 06-18


(6) The one who was to become the True Mother had to be from a family with three generations of only daughters. From her youth, Mother grew up as an only daughter, alone and without getting any help from others. The reason God made her an only daughter was to prevent Satan’s lineage from remaining. Mother’s mother was also an only daughter, and her mother too was an only daughter. Three generations were involved, and Mother had to go through trials spanning these three generations. When she was a child, her grandmother and mother were seekers, intoxicated by their life of faith. Do you think they changed Mother’s diapers on time or fed her well? Their only thought was to follow a path of absolute obedience and absolute submission to God with single-minded devotion. They were even oblivious to taking care of their health as they followed the way of Heaven’s heart. They were indifferent to practical considerations associated with the human world.

(7) Were it not for God’s Will, I could not have met Mother. We met each other because of the Will. The person who would be True Mother was not to be beyond her twenties. In truth, she was not to be even a day older than eighteen. Eve fell when she was sixteen. Hence, she had to be within three years of that age, not yet nineteen.

(8) Mother’s love had to be as pure as that of a lamb. In all respects, she had to meet necessary conditions of absolute obedience. For this, she had to completely sacrifice herself for her husband. In loving her husband, she had to be absolute. She was not supposed to compare him with anyone, thinking or saying, “He is not as good as my father,” or, “He is not as good as my older brother.” Why is that? In the garden of Eden, Eve had never seen any man other than Adam. She had no capacity to conceive thoughts about other men.

(9) All the conditions had to be met before choosing Mother. She had to fit in each direction, front and back, left and right, above and below. The first condition concerned the lineage of which she was born. It was important to discern whether she was born linked to a lineage vulnerable to accusation from Satan’s world or born of a lineage with hidden links by which she could overcome such accusations.

(10) Mother has poise. She may remain silent and still demonstrate inner qualities that make her highly regarded even among the most distinguished women. Through her, I am educating western people to think, “If this is feminine beauty in the East, I want to marry such a woman.” I know many western men who decided to marry a woman from the East because they assumed that they all are like Mother. In that light, I believe Mother has made a great contribution by presenting the best image of womanhood to our church members throughout the world. On that basis alone, I would say that she has sufficient qualifications to be Mother.

(11) The Holy Wedding was held fourteen years after the liberation of Korea—seven years plus another seven years. Adam and Eve were to be married at the completion level of the growth stage, which is beyond the standards of the formation-stage Old Testament Age and the growth-stage New Testament Age. That is why I had to pass through a seven-year period for each of those stages in order to advance to a position where I had attained the completion level of the growth stage. This means I had to go beyond the level of a nation.

The Day of the Founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

(12) Reflecting on our historical relationship with Christianity, the official name of the Unification Church includes the word “Christianity.” God does not wish to remain a God who exists only for the Unification Church or only for Christianity. The Unification Church did not emerge for its own sake, nor does Christianity exist for its own sake. The two should create a bond and build a relationship centering on their common purpose, and go forth centering on that greater global vision.

(13) The name “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” signifies the purpose of unifying the world through the Holy Spirit but based on the parent-child relationship. It is the Holy Spirit that creates harmony between the spirit world and the earthly world centering on love. To the Holy Spirit, opening the eyes of a blind person or the ears of a deaf person is not a primary concern. That is not what God needs. The Bible states that we should worship in spirit and in truth. To what truth does this refer? It is the truth of love. What is the highest expression of this truth? It is the love between the Father and His children. God does not need money, power, or knowledge. He needs there to be love.

(14) Unification (tong-il) means two become one. The Chinese character tong (統) means to command. It means the character of the subject partner. It is not about confederation; it is about unification because the concept of unification includes the position of the subject partner. The Unification Church is not an alliance of churches. It is the Unification Church. It takes the role of the subject partner. Where can we find the origin of that subject character? That origin begins in the heart, the heart of the absolute God that will remain for eternity.

(15) I did not want to establish a denomination. Our name is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, but I did not intend to create an organization. I wanted to lead a supra-denominational movement, one that transcends all denominations, but it did not work out. That is why I had to create the Unification Church despite my original intention.

(16) The fact that trials and tribulations accompanied the establishment of the Unification Church is sad to a certain extent when viewed from the perspective of the Will of Heaven. However, when we look back at the church’s history and tradition, the fact that it was established under such difficult circumstances does make it more impressive. The Unification Church was not established in a position where all would welcome it; it was in a rather lonely position on the day of its inauguration. Only a few people gathered, and they proclaimed it in tears. Such was the sorrowful circumstance of its founding, but now that circumstance has become the center of our church’s historical memory. People usually wish for good things, but what seems good is not always truly good. Good things can pass like a mundane daily routine. But when we are overcoming difficulties to find what is good, that history is the source of an enduring power. That power urges us on to promising new days, days resplendent with greetings of good things.

(17) What kind of religious organization is the Unification Church? The Unification Church emerged in the form of a new, Abel-type religion that existed for the sake of Christianity, which was opposing it. When Christianity’s opposition prevented the fulfillment of God’s Will, we had to establish the Unification Church to represent Christianity. So Christianity stands in the position of Cain, and the Unification Church stands in the position of Abel. If we are to become this Abel-type religious body, what has to be the first thing we restore? It is Christianity. We should restore Christianity by the same principle that applies in Abel restoring Cain.

(18) The impetus for establishing the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity began from the Divine Will, the Will of God, not any human will. Societies and histories are not formed by human will alone. They always move toward a single purpose centered on the greater purpose in the Divine Will. Thus, I understood that if the Holy Spirit Association were created solely by human will, it would not be able to contribute to the flow of history and the new world that is coming. The new religion that I founded is grounded in the Divine Will. I believe that religion is the only entity that can combine human will with the Divine Will. Therefore, I believe that this religion has to unite the entire spectrum of human affairs—those things that humankind desires—with the Divine Will, without fail.


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