Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 363

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 1: Holy Days, 55
Section 2: Anniversaries, 05


(55) Once we recover our family, we can form our tribe upon it. Once we build our tribe, a people can emerge upon that base. Based on one people, we can establish a nation. Finally, once we establish a nation, we can arrive at the realm of freedom where we can create the world and the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven. Because I gave the Blessing, the standard of which transcends nation, race, and religion, the world can no longer oppose us. Hence, Satan’s world will be shut down, and even he will have to swallow it. No one but the True Parents can deal with this matter. That is why I can say that the era has come when we need to resolve to perfect the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world, and the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven according to the original tradition of God. We have come to a point when we can practice all this all the time. Satan cannot oppose us because we have reached this standard. Now, having gone this way, we have laid the foundation to establish this realm of victory and this environment of freedom. On this foundation, we can declare the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

(56) An ideal home is a place where God can visit and take His Sabbath rest. To make your home an ideal home, first, you must get rid of the concept that your home is yours personally. Instead, you must make it the home of your couple. Then God can dwell in your personal place and also dwell in your spouse’s—your wife or husband’s—place. The greater the love your couple shares, the greater will be God’s desire to visit your home. It does not matter if the husband and wife come from different traditions and have different characters, different viewpoints, and different shapes. Regardless, that family should be able to attend God. Their unity as a couple tightly bonded as one, although they are 180 degrees different from each other, inspires God to want to visit their home as a place to take His Sabbath. You couples must make your family a place where God can take His Sabbath. The invisible God should be able to come in and, as the subject partner, He should become like the couple’s loving mind. The couple, like Adam and Eve, should become as His substantial body. Then they should reach the standard of oneness in mind and oneness in body that will join God to their Sabbath rest in the place of their love, where their minds and bodies are united as one. When a couple creates a place for Sabbath rest on the foundation of the love of man and woman, they make a place where God can take His Sabbath rest in their family.

(57) We must find a place to take our Sabbath rest. We must find a home where you as an individual can take your Sabbath rest and where you as a couple can take your Sabbath rest together. When you as a couple give birth to children, and they live with you, then your home should become a place of Sabbath rest through the subject partner-object partner relationships between parents and children. This is what is the most important. In the family, you must fulfill the formation, growth, and perfection stages. Hence, if one is missing, if either you are not there or I am not there, it means that God cannot find a place to rest. It means that without you, God cannot perfect His love even after myriads of years. Therefore, you must become one with Him and become filial sons and daughters who can attend Him for myriads of years. You must know the depth of God’s bitter sorrow for not having been able to meet His filial sons and daughters, and by resting with your couple, He should be able to wash away even the root of that bitter heart. You must resolve that you will make a foundation to live forever with God and attend God as your Father; on that foundation, you should be able to induce God to pledge that He will live with you. Where should you go next? You should go to the family-level place of Sabbath rest. Only then can your home become a place where you can fulfill the formation, growth, and completion stages—an individual, a couple, and children. Then, in the children’s homes, God can dwell forever, in the couple’s home, God can dwell forever, and in each individual’s home, God can dwell forever. The entire family can dwell forever in the midst of God’s love. That is why, at this point, we can witness that the family is the starting point of the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Section 2. Anniversaries

(1) Jesus sought to form his family, but he died on the cross before he could establish it. Before he was crucified, Jesus referred to himself as the bridegroom, which implies the existence of a bride. On the cross, he bequeathed the unfulfilled family ideal, to be recovered later. This is the reason, although they went on paths of suffering, Christians for the past two thousand years have been waiting for him to come back to life on the day of his Second Coming. Jesus certainly must come and find the bride who is prepared for him. Only then can the three purposes of love that he sought to establish in the family be brought to completion. The occasion for this is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Because the first ancestors fell, True Parents who are in accord with God’s Will did not emerge, and humankind has been attending false parents, the false ancestors. Still, God, being the Alpha and the Omega, has been trying to realize in the end what He had envisioned at the beginning. He will fulfill what went wrong in the Book of Genesis by what is prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

True Parents’ Holy Wedding

(2) Our Holy Wedding that was held in 1960 was vital to indemnifying and resolving all the issues that had impeded the four thousand-year course of history from Adam to Jesus and the two-thousand-year course of history from Jesus to the present day. Despite the global and cosmic significance of that ceremony, in reality, it was held in the presence of a small number of people and amid persecution that was beyond imagination. The period from 1953 to 1960, when I was preparing for this ceremony, was a time of enormous persecution as well. During those days, we received persecution from at least 3.6 million people, from three denominations and three nations. Our Holy Wedding Ceremony was the victory attained by going through all this and setting up indemnity conditions. That day was the day that decided the destiny of the Unification Church.

(3) By 1960, the Unification Church members had pooled their resources and laid a foundation, building more than 120 churches throughout the nation. Even with that in place, we continued building our foundation to assure that we would not collapse or perish, even if challenged by a national-level test. On that foundation, in 1960, I conducted our Holy Wedding. This was a new level, and it could be accomplished only because we were fulfilling the mission of serving the Korean people and establishing the Unification congregation, the tribal level. That was a historic beginning point.

(4) The impact of the Holy Wedding was not limited to a single individual; it affected the direction of world history. It proclaimed the beginning of the first family, a family that God could love more than He had ever loved anyone or any family, and for the sake of which He had invested all of His heart in the global providence throughout history. Thus, based on this family beginning, the heavenly norms and the fortunes of heaven and earth would inevitably have to move.

(5) The Unification Church established its family-level foundation in 1960. With this in place, it will not perish. Had we failed to establish that foundation, the church would have perished. What a historic event our Holy Wedding in 1960 was! It came on the foundation of Heaven’s effort, through the course of the six thousand years of providential history, to find the one Adam. On that day, this Adam reached the standard on earth to receive the perfected Eve. This meant that the spirit world and physical world, which had been divided, could finally be joined on earth. Man represents heaven, and woman represents earth. By their joining, the divided spirit world and the physical world were joined. The wall that separated Adam and Eve and made them enemies to each other was broken down. The wall that had prevented Adam and Eve from meeting God collapsed. Satan had to slink away.

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