Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 35

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 3: Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle, 11-22

(11) The devil killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first Adam became God's enemy due to the Fall. Afterwards, the one who came as the second Adam was Jesus, the Messiah. However, human beings, who were supposed to be God's sons and daughters, killed this Messiah who came as the Savior. How serious is the sin of imprisoning and killing the one who was to establish True Parents! Those who did this cannot escape responsibility.

(12) The people of Israel wandered for two thousand years. Look back at their history. The swords of their enemies shed the blood of many, while others were trampled by horses. They died amid resentment and cursing, disappearing like the morning dew. Barely surviving two thousand years of suffering, they were finally liberated with the support of America. The devil killed the first parents. His sons and daughters killed the second True Parent. Throughout the world, they have mobilized ideologies and systems to kill the third True Parent, yet amazingly, he has survived all perils and hardships and has proclaimed the way of the True Parents on earth. How God has longed for this!

True Father's view of True Mother

(13) To this day, my wife and I have led our lives upholding our calling according to Heaven's desire. I am proud that we have done so and would like to share this with all the people of the Republic of Korea and everyone throughout the world. None of you can imagine the thorny path that my wife and I have walked. We have invested painstaking efforts, working in America, the Soviet Union, China, Japan and other parts of the world, to rescue all humankind from this world of evil and sin and to lay a foundation for the reunification of the Korean peninsula. Now that the entire foundation has been firmly built, it is time to reveal it to our people. The Korean people, with whom we share the same blood, have not understood us, and the persecution and sorrow we have faced at their hands over the past decades has been difficult to bear. It was not only governments that persecuted both me and the Unification Church, but even some Christians slandered me out of malice. Despite these difficult circumstances, my wife and I have united fully in true love for the completion of God's Will and have found our way through every difficulty. Today people in more than 160 nations attend us as the True Parents, and their numbers increase every day.

(14) Mother had to become a true mother, a true wife and a true daughter. To complete even one of these three missions is difficult, but Mother has completed them all. In serving her husband, she served from the position of a daughter and a younger sister. After that, she served me as the man with the highest title in the entire world. It was only then that she could become the True Mother. Also, she had to be a mother by giving birth to sons and daughters. She had to give birth to children with the potential to excel on a global scale, which she did; every one of our children is intellectually gifted. They have outstanding intellectual capacity to offer the world or any aspect of society. If they have not demonstrated these qualities yet, it is due to their lack of effort. In terms of inborn talent and ability, each of them is very blessed, as I have been. They have the potential to accomplish anything they wish.

(15) Mother is by nature an introspective and quiet person, but she has learned to be observant about her surroundings and has become increasingly active.  This is a result of the training she has received since she met me. She is indeed a quiet and well-mannered woman. Before our wedding, when she visited Cheongpa-dong, she would always come and go on the same path. I observed her behavior carefully. She took the same path the first time she came and again the second time she came. In those days I was looking for a woman who could become the Mother and I was giving the matter much consideration. When I saw how Mother chose to walk along the same path each time, I said to myself, "This is the one.” Also I was pleased with her name, Hak Ja Han (韓鶴子). Her surname, Han, refers both to the study of the Chinese classics and to a feeling of bitter sorrow. Her name suggests a scholar researching deeply about God. I thought that if a woman could become a scholar of bitter sorrow, she could certainly become God's partner. I liked Mother's surname and her given name. Because of her background, I trained her and she has come to where she is today. So I am proclaiming her victory as the True Mother. As a representative of all women, she has crossed the mountain of bitter sorrow. That is why I am proclaiming her to be the root of all mothers.

(16) We have to change the lineage and ownership. Originally, Adam should have become the owner before Satan claimed ownership, and when Adam became the owner, God would have become the owner. But God has not yet become the owner because Adam has not become the owner. In order to recover the ownership that Eve lost, I must go out to the world and straighten everything out. That is, I must regain and return ownership to God. Yet ownership cannot come to me directly; it has to come through my children and through Mother. This is to go in reverse; that is how restoration is done. Henceforth, Eve should not stand behind; she should stand beside me. That is why I have Mother stand next to me. Men should stand behind Father and attend him, and women should stand behind Mother and attend her.  After solidly laying the foundation for husband and wife to become one, we held the assembly to proclaim the liberation of women.

(17) To this day, no one has known Mother. I invested myself in her through three stages, formation, growth and completion. Because it is time to seek sons and daughters in the perfected world devoid of the Fall, you can proclaim clearly that the True Father is Sun Myung Moon and the True Mother is Hak Ja Han. If you do not do so, the spirit world will not be able to work with you. Even if you boldly proclaim this to the world, no one will oppose you. That is so only because of the Parents' victory.

Changes after the proclamation of True Parents

(18) Now that the True Parents are proclaimed on earth, the realm of the major religions can be liberated and saved, which is to say that the realm of the major religions will eventually disappear. In the course of the providence of salvation, spirits could come down to earth mainly through the providential religions: Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church. I have gone beyond the world level and now I have returned to my homeland, proclaiming the True Parents on the national level. This is noteworthy in the history of the universe. There is no one in the world who doesn't know who I am. We have tribal messiahs; they are like branches that connect to the national level, upon which is built the global foundation. And then, once they connect the vertical standard, which is True Parents, to the nation, everything will be completed.

(19) Now that we have proclaimed the True Parents, from a providential viewpoint we enter an age when we have to restore the standards appropriate for the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents and the right of the king. Therefore the most important thing for us to do is to live according to God's Principle and laws. In order to realize the ideal of creation, we have to live according to the Principle of Creation. The Principle of Creation is not something vague that is needed just for the providence of salvation. The Principle of Creation will continue when the world that God purposed is realized; everyone will follow the way of God's Principle. So I remind you that your portion of responsibility remains. The realm of the human portion of responsibility needed protection before the Fall, and it needs even greater protection today in this fallen world.

(20) Even though God's providence of restoration continued throughout history, over countless years since the creation, the ideal standard was not established. Upon my arrival, the Unification Church was established and made it possible to reveal the truth. As a result, I have announced the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. This is a historic event. Yet it is more than an event; it will serve as the starting point for the building of a new world culture. What is the new world culture? It is the fulfillment of the promise God made to humanity at the time of creation. It is neither the age of the providence of restoration nor the age of the providence of salvation; rather, it is the time to build the world of the ideal of creation. God thought of the words True Parents before human beings did. The appearance of the True Parents is God's ideal of creation. The core of the ideal that God intended from the beginning is found in these words. Thus Heaven cannot sit still. We are entering the age of worldwide transformation.

(21) What will happen as a result of the proclamation of True Parents? In the spirit world, the good spirits that have served God and the evil spirits centered on Satan will clearly divide. When you center on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve, whom the archangel should always protect, nurture and help. Not just help; when you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, the archangel has to serve you as his real master in keeping with the ideal of love. This is the stage in which you give the commands. You will rise to this position. This is why we can say that this world is coming to an end. Everything in Satan's world that started with the love of the false parents will come to an end, and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as fertilizer, a new world will spring up. Thus you should follow a new lifestyle. New love brings forth new life. This new love is the love of True Parents.

(22) You should be grateful. What should you be grateful for? For being liberated from Satan. True Parents liberated you from Satan's lifestyle and Satan's lineage. Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habits. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background. The British lifestyle accords with British culture and the American lifestyle accords with American culture. Living environments differ. You should be liberated from your living environment. The next issue is lineage. These three liberations—from lifestyle, living environment, and lineage—will take place and naturally give rise to a holistic culture. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God. If you are liberated from Satan, everything that was chained to him, the false parent, will be released as well. Therefore you will return to the heart of your parents, who have been freed. Once you return, you should not maintain the habits and lifestyle of Satan's world. You should thoroughly cleanse yourselves.


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