Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 359

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 1: Holy Days, 20-28


(20) I heard that when I was in my mother’s womb, some people were keeping themselves alive by eating the bark from pine trees. They scraped the trunk to get at the edible tissue inside the tree. I thought that God loved me, but why around the time of my birth did He drive the history of my country to such terrible depths? Also, at the time of my birth, my immediate family and clan suffered through many disastrous situations. I can understand the meaning of all these incidents because I know the law of indemnity. If I did not know this law, I might have thought that all those awful stories were made up. All of my family members and relatives had to pay indemnity—my cousins and their cousins; even more distant relatives paid the price. My family and clan were completely devastated just because of my birth. Until I reached the age of fifteen, they were never free from tribulation.

(21) You cannot imagine how much blood was shed whenever Korea was invaded by the powerful nations that surrounded it. Due to its geographical location, these invasions happened frequently. Throughout its bitterly sorrowful history, how many young men were drafted into armies, and how many young women were taken as slaves! Korea did not seek after such a course of pain and suffering, in which countless individuals and families were sacrificed, young men and women were sacrificed, its land was devastated, and its sovereignty was trampled upon. You do not know how much humiliation my nation had to endure. Observing the things that happened within my family, I can see that all those tragedies did not occur just by chance. They were necessary, even though they were unimaginable, even in dreams. Based on the law of indemnity, in order to receive the Abel of all humankind, all the providential debts incurred throughout history had to be paid off by that one family in the four directions—front, back, right and left. From this perspective, you cannot deny that my family was called to be in a fateful position. Inevitably I had to be born from such a background.

True Parents’ Day

(22) If the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, humankind would have already welcomed Parents’ Day long ago. However, because they fell, in order for humankind to welcome Parents’ Day, first the True Parents had to come on earth, and only then could Parents’ Day be inaugurated. Then, only after True Parents had given birth to children based on the standard of that day could Children’s Day be inaugurated.

Once those days were inaugurated, we could also welcome the day that established our dominion over all things. God promised such days to the un-fallen ancestors of humankind. However, as a result of the Fall of the human ancestors, the days to celebrate parents, children, and all things, which are all part of God’s ideal of creation, could not be inaugurated. God is the being who most wants to see the purpose of creation in heaven and on earth. Yet even He could not welcome these days on which He could rejoice and be proud. Of course, we know that due to the Fall, Adam and Eve fell into a state of having lost God. However, we should know what God lost due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. He lost Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, and the Day of All Things. God lost all these days, which He had hoped for.

(23) Because all people today are born of the fallen lineage, they are fated to moan in eternal misery. People may hope that they can attend God and enjoy happiness and glory while they are on earth. But what is the highest hope among hopes? It is to welcome Parents’ Day. Without welcoming Parents’ Day, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, nor can we go to God. Christians hope to see the day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but in fact, that day is none other than Parents’ Day. Parents’ Day is the day of hope for all humankind.

(24) The world needs God’s sons and daughters who, on God’s behalf, liberate all humankind and bring happiness to all people. Here we find the purpose for which Jesus came to earth. Parents’ Day is the very day that heaven and earth have been hoping for. The hope of present-day Christians all over the world is to see the day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. That day has come; it is Parents’ Day. Even though physically we are already fully grown, we must receive the Parents and be born again. Regardless of how deep our faith was, before Parents’ Day, we could not stand in a position closer to God than adopted children. When Jesus comes again, he will come with the Father’s mission; he comes as the True Father to make us true children.

(25) People of all races and nationalities throughout the world celebrate their many holidays. But up to now, they were not able to celebrate Parents’ Day. Only in 1960 was Parents’ Day established in Korea. That day should be more joyful than the day of Korea’s liberation. It should be more joyful than any other day the world rejoices. This special day, Parents’ Day, was established by the Unification Church, even as we were being pushed around and driven into a corner. Had this day not come, there would be no way to dissolve the bitter sorrow of heaven and earth. Had this day not been inaugurated, God could not have established a foothold of victory on this earth that is still Satan’s world. It was the day when God determined His day of victory. Also, it is the day when believers can be liberated. It is the day when all the hopes held by all the ideologies in the cosmos are brought to a singular fulfillment and the day when heaven and earth are re-created.

(26) We should feel joy when we celebrate Parents’ Day, and from the joy that we feel, we should be able to reach the standard to be reborn. Hence, in addition to being the day to proclaim the Parents, Parents’ Day is also the day to proclaim in front of heaven and earth that their children will soon be born. God created Adam and Eve as His children and blessed them to have dominion over all things. You are following the course of restoration on the basis of such a bond of heart. Hence, after you are able to relate with the True Parents, you must take the position of their children and, after that, receive the blessing to govern all things. Thus, Parents’ Day is truly a significant day. Establishing Parents’ Day led to Children’s Day, and establishing Children’s Day led to the Day of All Things. These three holy days emerged based on Parents’ Day as the standard.

(27) The concept of Parents’ Day was originally God’s central concept in His ideal for the creation. After creating all things, God created human beings to have dominion over all things. The reason God blessed them to govern all things was none other than to make it possible to inaugurate the True Parents. Originally Adam and Eve should have become the True Parents by uniting with each other centered on God. Then Parents’ Day would have been naturally established, and the universe would have offered hymns in the name of the Parents. Thus, Parents’ Day should have been a day of joy, with the universe offering hymns together in the name of the Parents.

(28) Parents’ Day was never meant to be a day just for the Unification Church. Nor can we be satisfied with a Parents’ Day that is just for Korea; nor can it manifest its full meaning if it is only for the earthly world. At the day the entire cosmos is finally able to come into harmony, Parents’ Day must be a day when the whole universe rejoices with God. We should not conceive of Parents’ Day only on the personal level. We must make the individual-level Parents’ Day into the tribe-level Parents’ Day, the tribe-level Parents’ Day into the people-level Parents’ Day, the people-level Parents’ Day into the national-level Parents’ Day, the national-level Parents’ Day into the world-level Parents’ Day, and the world-level Parents’ Day into the cosmic-level Parents’ Day.

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