Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 358

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 1: Holy Days, 12-19


(12) People celebrate their birthdays, wedding days, and anniversaries. Nations celebrate their national holidays. Now the era has come when certain days are being celebrated globally. However, among the countless days that have been celebrated up to the present, there has not been even one day when we could attend God by sincerely celebrating God’s own day. From the Principle, we are well aware of how great has been God’s sorrow and how piercing and bitter His grief over this situation. God’s Day could not be established as long as the barriers erected by the fallen world were standing in front of God. Therefore, in order to establish this day, I had to restore the standard by making indemnity conditions. Because fallen parents had emerged on earth, I had to indemnify them. After indemnifying the fallen parents, I established Parents’ Day as the day of that victory.

(13) God’s Day, which we welcome today, is the day of hope. It is the culmination of all that we desire. Furthermore, this event, which you are participating in, is incomparably greater than any event that the twelve disciples could celebrate in Jesus’ time. God’s Day has such incredible significance and value; it is the culmination of all days. That being so, what should be your attitude and your heart when celebrating this day? What kind of heart should each of you have? We should be able to bring Abel, who was murdered at the time of Adam and Eve, to celebrate this day. We should be the children upon whom our grandfather Noah would give his benediction, saying, “I praise your amazing spirit!” Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the three patriarchs of faith, should also be able to praise you, “The hard toil and suffering we endured were ultimately to welcome this day, and we truly praise your amazing achievement!” Moreover, the people of Israel should praise you: “Thank you for preparing the realm of Israel for us, the realm that we were unable to realize even after we went through so many trials and tribulations with Moses while crossing the wilderness to recover the nation.” From this or that perspective, you need to think, as you receive this day and celebrate it, about how much loyalty was demonstrated, how much suffering was endured, and how great a price was paid in sacrifices for this day.

(14) How much did you prepare yourself to receive this day of feasting that is called God’s Day? Did you prepare more than you would prepare for the wedding of your only son? Ladies, on your wedding day, you must have made every effort to beautify yourself as best you could, washing yourself again and again and scrubbing all the dead skin off your body before you entered your bridegroom’s chamber. Did you make more preparations than that for God’s Day? You men, did you prepare yourself to attend God’s Day with a heart more joyful than the heart with which you welcomed your bride? You may have overcome numerous obstacles, crying out, “I will die if you do not become my wife!” You may have surmounted difficult and even hopeless circumstances before finally achieving your desire to become her bridegroom. How much more extensively should you have prepared for this one-and-only holy God’s Day ceremony, for which humankind has longed for six thousand years? You who are attending here must admit to yourselves that your sincerity and heart are lacking. This is not an event that you should merely attend. Rather, you must come having cultivated your heart in secret, unknown to anyone else in the Unification Church, striving to offer the highest level of sincere devotion. You should have the heart to sit at the place that is closest to God, not back in the middle of the crowd.

(15) More than anyone else, you must become aware of the profound significance and great value of God’s Day. Each of you needs to take this day as a barometer as you pioneer and lay the groundwork for a life that can be glorified on this day. Furthermore, you must remember this day as you fulfill your responsibility as Unification Church members. You must fulfill your responsibility for the Korean people and continue to advance unceasingly until they attend this day as their eternal God’s Day. Now that God’s Day is inaugurated, the time has come for numerous spirits from the spirit world to descend to earth, and with their assistance, we can fight in earnest for God’s desired Will. Until the present time, caught by the conditions for Satan to accuse, God has been paying compensation to Satan and defending Himself against him. However, now the conditions are established for God to claim Satan’s world. Now the time has come when He can go on the offensive. The arena has opened for numerous saints and sages in the spirit world to descend to earth and freely carry out their work.

True Parents’ Birthday

(16) Because of the Fall, the True Father had to emerge first, before the True Parents together. Today, believers in many religions surely wish that their own founders were the True Father, but God takes a different viewpoint. The person in the position of the True Father is to be born in the religion of religions. The True Father is the person who is qualified to procreate true children; that is, he is qualified to turn fallen children into true children.

(17) A historic time of transition is coming to the entire world. It is historically significant that today we celebrate True Parents’ Birthday. Not only we Unification Church members but also spirits from the spirit world—Unification Church members who went to the spirit world, Christians in the spirit world, and all good spirits—have entered the realm where they can be celebrating this day together with us. We human beings on earth must serve as guideposts to lead heavenly fortune in one direction. Today, people who follow moral rules and who believe in religion must take responsibility to fulfill this. Yet, few among them are even dreaming this in their dreams. Most of them think they will go to the heavenly kingdom based on blind faith. In light of this, the fact that we are celebrating True Parents’ Birthday today has cosmic significance. In the future, only those who genuinely celebrate True Parents’ Birthday will be able to celebrate their own birthdays.

(18) It is an amazing fact that people of all five races have gathered here to celebrate my birthday. Who made this possible? It was not I. God’s Will and God’s love made it possible. Other people do not know, but you people know God’s Will, and you know God’s love that dwells in the hearts of Unification Church members. Although the world opposes us and although this nation opposes us, we who know these things must march forward to accomplish God’s Will, grateful to the end even if we must sacrifice everything we have. We know that doing this has the greatest value; therefore, nothing can deter us. We may encounter great trials and tribulations, but we must overcome them no matter how difficult they are. Even if we are bombarded with things of no value from this world, we will nevertheless defend God’s Will at the cost of our lives. We must be proud that we are investing our lives in order to seek God’s love. Today all of you are congratulating Mother and me on our joint birthday. Although I am grateful to you for that, before doing so, you have to resolve to unite all five races of humankind in front of God’s Will and His love. Then you can celebrate this day on which Mother and I are united as one and also offer praises to God.

(19) In this chaotic age that is the Last Days of human history, it was inevitable that God was preparing to establish a new history. Therefore, ever since history entered the period of global conflicts at the time of the First World War, it was foreseeable that global issues would arise that would determine humankind’s direction—whether all the people of the world will rise or fall. From the perspective of the Will, if the western world chooses a direction leading to its downfall, and if western thought takes the path of decline, God will necessarily seek to maintain balance by elevating a teaching from the opposite hemisphere, the East. History goes in cycles, just as Earth revolves around the sun changing its position morning, noon, evening, and night. Therefore, if western society is headed for its downfall, God will surely seek the path to a new morning in the Asian world. We can observe that today’s western world is enamored with Asian civilization. When did God begin such preparations in the East? God began them around the time of the First World War. Generally, within three years of a major event, everything comes to the surface. In fact, I was born in 1920.


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