Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 360

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Day and Anniversaries
Section 1: Holy Days, 29-38


(29) All people should be in the position to receive the True Parents. To do so, they must prepare everything based on True Parents’ love. Thereby they can possess both the Parents’ love and children’s love. It requires that we, as brothers and sisters loved by True Parents, become one on the earth. This is how we can prepare everything and move forward. With True Parents as the center, we must resolve the bitter sorrow of history. Therefore, people of all five races must praise the joy of receiving True Parents, and with hearts bursting with love, they must erase the endless suffering of this world. Only then can God finally take His Sabbath.

True Children’s Day

(3) After God created all things in heaven and on earth, He was to have welcomed Children’s Day centering on Adam and Eve. If He could have welcomed Children’s Day at that time, then He would have gone on to establish Parents’ Day, the Day of All Things, and God’s Day. In light of this, what is Children’s Day all about? It is the day when we can be victorious as children and reach the position of universal glory. However, because the human ancestors fell, ever since the time of Adam, not even one person has entered the glorious state that God would have permitted them to enter had they succeeded in aligning themselves with God’s Will. Until that day, the purpose of history has been to restore humankind or to save humankind by pulling them back and placing them in the original position where they were at the beginning. This has been God’s providential history of restoration. We should not celebrate Children’s Day simply because it is a day different from other days. Children’s Day is when we children celebrate that we, who due to the Fall could not enter the state where we could partake in God’s glory, can finally, for the first time in history, abide in the state where we can participate in His glory.

(31) In order to have Children’s Day, we must enable the children who have gone astray to cling on to God from the point where they went astray until they have corrected their wrongdoing. The establishment of Children’s Day signifies the appearance of sons and daughters who are able to rectify the fact that they lost God due to the wrongful actions of God’s children. Once those children emerge, they must find God by means of establishing Children’s Day. Then God can rise to His place of glory and rejoice. When God rejoices, His sons and daughters rejoice, and all things rejoice as well.

(32) Why do we need Children’s Day? We need Children’s Day because we lost that day. Who lost that day? Adam and Eve lost it. Therefore, it is Adam and Eve who must recover it. Since Adam and Eve made a mistake and created a hole, they must patch it up. So while the first Adam was the one who ruined things, the second Adam became the one who corrected things. The first Adam became the father who brought things to ruin, and the second Adam, Jesus, became the Father who brought salvation.

(33) That we inaugurated Children’s Day in the Unification Church means that we dug up the sinful seeds sowed by Adam and Eve and made the foundation to liberate all humankind from evil. Prior to this, because Children’s Day had not been established, all things of creation could not be liberated. They languished in the realm of lamentation, and God Himself also languished in that realm. As long as Children’s Day was not inaugurated, we could not seek and find the Day of All Things, and all things of creation could not reach a position to be glorified. This left all things in bitter resentment. Moreover, God could not rejoice in seeing the arrival of His day of glory. All these outcomes resulted from not having established Children’s Day.

(34) For fallen human beings, Children’s Day is the greatest among the holy days. It is greater than Parents’ Day because it is the day for Parents to recover their authority. Satan had trampled on human history for six thousand years, but on Children’s Day, we chase him out and hold up the flag of victory. Fallen people must receive that day if they are to enter the heavenly kingdom and attend the Heavenly Parent. We Unification Church members cannot attend the Heavenly Parent only by ourselves. To attend Him, we must build a bridge for others to do the same. Furthermore, we must build a bridge for those who have gone to the spirit world, both men and women. This day is not only for Unification Church members; it is a day for all people of the world to mark and celebrate forever and ever. Children’s Day is indeed the most blessed day for fallen humankind.

Day of All True Things

(35) The Day of All Things is the day that dissolves the bitter sorrow of all things of creation. However, human beings are qualified to dissolve the bitter sorrow of all things only if they stand in the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. From the beginning, dominion over all things of creation should have had True Parents’ love at the center. This is a principle of heavenly law. Without True Parents’ love, there could be no Children’s Day. As children were supposed to be born only through the love of True Parents, the Day of All Things could emerge only from the love of True Parents. What qualifications must we have in order to welcome the Day of All Things? We must stand in a position higher than Adam and Eve were before they fell. That position can be created only through the love of the True Parents. However, we were born in the position bound to Adam and Eve’s Fall, and hence, contrary to our desire, we came to live in the realm of Satan’s dominion.

(36) The Day of All Things was inaugurated to resolve the bitter sorrow of the world of all created things. It took place after the inauguration of Children’s Day in Korea, for the historic resolution of humankind’s bitter sorrow. That, in turn, resulted from the historic resolution of bitter sorrow with the inauguration in Korea of Parents’ Day. These three holy days secured a firm foundation for God’s power, which Satan cannot expel from the earth. They firmly established the foundation for launching God’s final providence on earth. The Day of All Things is like a wall that blocks Satan. It must grow higher and higher. The more people we have on Heaven’s side, the larger the wall to block Satan will grow. When the power of God’s side grows as more people rise to His standard, His side will be victorious, and the kingdom of heaven will be established. I am looking at the matter from this perspective. That is why I established the Day of All Things in 1963.

(37) Originally, all things were created for human beings and were meant to be under their dominion. However, due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, all things have not been governed by original human beings but instead came under Satan’s dominion. As a result, God could not establish relationships with all things. All things were put under the realm of Satan’s dominion as a result of the Fall of the human ancestors. Therefore, it is up to us to eliminate Satan’s authority, which invaded even the realm of all things on earth; otherwise, they cannot return to their original position. Because we human beings drove all things into the realm of lamentation, the responsibility to liberate all things is on our shoulders.

(38) What had to be done to establish the Day of All Things? Because it was the Fall of the human ancestors that caused all things to fall into Satan’s realm, the True Ancestors of humankind would have to emerge in order to restore them. Then, based on restoring God’s relationship with His children that He had originally given to Adam as a blessing, all things could be restored to the realm of the dominion of God’s children. Based on the vertical bond between Parents and children, we were able to connect with one another horizontally. In this way, we established the standard for having dominion over the entire created world. That is why, in the Unification Church, Children’s Day was established based on Parents’ Day, and then on the foundation of Children’s Day, the Day of All Things was established. Therefore, the Day of All Things must not be a day that people commemorate by themselves, but one that they celebrate together.

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