Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 357

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 5: The Holy Days and Anniversaries
Section 1: Holy Days, 03-11


(3) The days that human beings long to celebrate more than any other are not the days when they were born or when they married. Nor is it the independence day of their nation or the day when their nation recovered its independence previously lost to another nation. God’s Day and Parents’ Day are the days that humankind truly longs for and supremely hopes to celebrate. Those days had only been hoped for, but now they are established on earth. Once God’s Day and Parents’ Day were established, they naturally connected to Children’s Day and the Day of All Things.

(4) No one previously living on earth ever witnessed God’s Day or Parents’ Day; neither had anything in the created world. The most important days among the 365 days of the year are God’s Day and Parents’ Day. Through them, any problem can be resolved. These days are the royal days among all days, and the years they were inaugurated are the royal years among all years, among all the years that ever were.

(5) Before restoring True Parents, that is, before finding the family of Adam and Eve that did not fall, no one could have unfallen descendants or a world of creation unaffected by the Fall. Unless human beings can take the position to freely govern the world of all things, that is, the created world, God cannot exercise His authority as God. That is why, based on the year 1960, I established Parents’ Day, and subsequently Children’s Day and the Day of All Things. Only when there are True Parents can there be true children, and only when there are true children can there be dominion over all things. In order to take dominion over all things, we must first be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. Adam and Eve were not supposed to govern all things by themselves. Children are the horizontal foundation, and parents are the vertical foundation. Parents, therefore, stand in God’s position on earth. Only after laying this vertical foundation can people have dominion over the world of creation, all things. Therefore, in the Unification Church, after inaugurating Parents Day, Children’s Day was established, and afterward, the Day of All Things was established. These holy days—Parents’ Day, Day of All Things, and Children’s Day—abide in the realm of God’s dominion, not in the realm of the Fall. That is to say, their position is extricated from the realm of Satan’s accusation. Hence, they can establish for us a direct relationship with God.

(6) The year 1960 was the year when we reached the completion level of the growth stage, namely, the level at which Adam and Eve fell. From the completion level of the growth stage, it required seven years more to reach the realm of perfection. This was the first seven-year course. When we reach the standard of perfection, we can enter the realm of God’s direct dominion. When I say the word “direct,” I really mean direct. Thus, we can also have direct dominion over the heart realm of life. However, in 1960, the year our Blessing took place, the task of reaching that standard of perfection still remained. I was still in the midst of the realm of the Fall, the realm of Satan’s dominion that resulted from the first Adam’s Fall. Nonetheless, a family had finally appeared that could destroy the realm of Satan’s dominion. Then, during that seven-year course, Satan made an all-out attack on this family. However, I fought with Satan, clashed with him, and by paying indemnity, I drove him away and established the four major holy days: God’s Day, Children’s Day, Day of All Things, and Parents’ Day.

(7) By inaugurating God’s Day, I was able to establish the standard by which God could dwell on the earth. Therefore, the Unification Church will now rapidly accelerate its growth on earth. With this standard achieved, the Unification Church, based on the truth, will develop by means of liberating the spirit world as well as the physical world, and even liberating hell. Because we established God’s Day, the annihilation of hell and the downfall of Satan have become inevitable. Therefore, with the establishment of God’s Day, I have completed my mission.

(8) You do not know how hard it was for me to establish God’s Day. The time leading up to the inauguration of God’s Day was the most difficult time. Although I had established Parents’ Day, until I had established Children’s Day to underpin Parents’ Day, Parents’ Day could not accomplish the role of Parents’ Day. By the same token, although I had established Children’s Day, until I had established the Day of All Things, Children’s Day could not take up its responsibility as Children’s Day. Therefore, God’s Day, Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, and the Day of All Things have to become completely one and be under the dominion of God. The fact that this has not yet been achieved is reason for us to lament. God’s Day, which was proclaimed worldwide on the first day of the first month of 1968, will be fully established when it is connected to these major holy days.

(9) Because Adam fell at the completion level of the growth stage, he must inevitably lead his family back to the completion level of the growth stage. Nevertheless, that is not the point of completion. Moreover, because Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, I had to start from the completion level of the growth stage and go up through a seven-year course. Then I was able to proclaim God’s Day on the first day of the first month in 1968. Only after I completed the seven-year course and entered the realm of God’s direct dominion could I inaugurate God’s Day. Through the inauguration of God’s Day, I indemnified all the days whose loss had caused incredible sorrow to God throughout the ages of history—Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, and the Day of All Things. I could then embark upon a full-fledged beginning on the global level.

(10) Having established God’s Day, we should be able to march forward toward a higher level in new arenas in front of heaven and earth. History so far has been a history of indemnity. Even though we have worked hard, shedding sweat and sacrificing ourselves, all of it was only to pay indemnity; God could not truly take delight in it. Nonetheless, from now on, all the results that we bring through our hard work, shedding tears, blood, and sweat, will no longer just flow away to Satan’s world as indemnity conditions. From now on, our efforts will be connected to ourselves, and we will harvest them as our own results. We have entered such an era. That is to say, the era has dawned when God can recognize all our efforts and hard work as His victory. Because God’s Day established the boundary of the era wherein God can experience joy, we have entered a glorious era, an era when, based on our conditions, God can intervene. That is why I established God’s Day.

(11) Now, with the inauguration of God’s Day, I have completed my first seven-year course centered on God. You can now begin your seven-year course, and I can go on to complete my twenty-one-year course. Now I am beginning my second seven-year course. When my twenty-one-year course is completed, the world will enter the era when God can directly lead us centered on Heaven’s family. Please consider this seriously. The reason we are to establish tribes connected to Heaven’s family is to save the Korean people. This is God’s mission. He has, therefore, vested in us the mission of restoring our own tribe for the sake of these people. At the church level, the persecution is already gone. The tiresome and arduous era of indemnity has passed, and the era has arrived when we can reap what we sow. For this, we must give thanks to God. Now the era has arrived when if you make ten times the effort, you can harvest ten times the result. This can be a matter of endless pride before God and a matter of endless and bitter regret for Satan. Thus, today, January 1, 1968, at three o’clock in the morning, I thereby proclaim God’s Day. On this day, we must offer everything we have with utmost devotion to express our sincere gratitude to God and return glory to Him. Our descendants, from generation to generation forevermore, will praise this day. We will always praise this day, for it was the day when God’s presence was made known to us.


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