Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 355

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 3: Blessed Family Practices, 12-20


(12) You love your parents and need them, I hope. You want to see them and be with them. The age difference between you and your parents and the relationship of above and below set up a hierarchical order. Hence, you should be a filial child to your parents and show them respect with proper manners. All concepts of morality in our relationships and in our social life reflect the fact that the one above is in the position of the subject partner and the one below in the position of object partner, in a vertical relationship. From that viewpoint, you should long to be with your parents. You should want to become a filial son or daughter who can demonstrate obedience and humility. This is the relationship of parent and child.

(13) The reason human beings are special is because they have moral standards to guide their relationships. Human norms are what govern relationships. We don’t use the term “human norms” when dealing with one person; it applies when there are two or more people. Social ethics derive from the ethics in a family formed through the marriage of a man and a woman. Ethics define the duties and rules of human relationships.

(14) We need to establish a new tradition that transcends peoples and nations. That tradition should be established based on the foundation of relationships according to God’s desire, not human desire. This means we shouldn’t cling to our personal habits, past customs or present-day styles. Our way should be totally different.

Holy salt and holy candles

(15) When you purchase things, you should sanctify them with holy salt, and when you return home, you should purify yourself with holy salt at the door. This is a basic principle we need to practice. Anything that has been sanctified with holy salt should not be given back to Satan’s world. However, if you cannot avoid doing that, give it back with your left hand. When sprinkling holy salt, sprinkle it in the shape of a cross north, south, east, and west.

(16) Our church family members should sanctify everything. In most cases, we can use holy salt to sanctify things, but when we eat rice or noodles or drink water, how can we sanctify them with holy salt? What should we do in such instances? We should blow on them, as Jesus did after his resurrection—and as he was blowing, he told the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. It is also the same as when God created life by blowing into Adam’s nostrils. Therefore, from now on, you too need to blow three times on everything you are about to eat or drink. Your breath represents the substance of life. Korean customs are amazing. When Koreans drink water, they first blow on it; before they sit, they first blow on the spot. God must have moved the natural conscience of the Korean people so that blowing could be one of their customs. This is not merely a coincidence. This is why we must always sanctify our life by having the mind to sanctify everything. You should blow three times before you eat or drink in order to sanctify the denied six-thousand-year history that has proceeded through the three stages of formation, growth, and completion.

(17) People cannot be happy unless all things are happy. Yet all things are living in sorrow over being trapped in the realm of the Fall. Therefore, we need to bring joy to all the things of creation. The means to make them happy is holy salt; it is by sanctifying them with holy salt. How did the creation become so tainted? Creation was tainted because of the false parents. Hence, the tradition of holy salt began with the emergence of the True Parents; it began with the True Parents’ Holy Wedding. Since all creation became tainted as a consequence of the false love of the fallen parents, the holy salt tradition is based on the love of the True Parents, which began with their Holy Wedding. The holy salt tradition began on the basis of the new relationship of love that the True Parents laid both vertically and horizontally. Holy salt is an absolutely necessary conditional object for removing the sorrow of the Fall and leading all things out of the sphere of lamentation and into the world of new hope.

(18) Satan has held the ideal world captive until now. I proclaimed the Day of Victory of Heaven to mark our resolve to take responsibility for and indemnify this wrong. Based on the sacrifice of Heung-jin, who ascended to the spirit world, the gates of hell were opened on earth, in the physical world. As a result, we are now able to go with Heaven’s authority to reach out to hell in the spirit world and hell on earth, even to those in prison there. Just as Jesus, during the three days after his death descended into hell and opened the gates of hell in the spirit world, during the three days after Heung-jin passed away, I opened the gates of hell on earth. This means that through the occasion of Heung-jin’s ascension, I recovered all that was lost due to Jesus’ crucifixion. I created the aecheon (love of God) candles that I lit at East Garden before I came to Korea. I proclaimed the Day of Victory of Heaven on May 16, 1984, and lit the candles on the same day at East Garden. Only blessed family members can light the aecheon candles. Single members cannot use them. You must be blessed in order to use them. Heaven’s realm of love can expand only when we unite with Heaven centering on True Parents’ love. Since the aecheon candles symbolize that right of dominion through love, blessed families can have them and light them.

(19) You can use the aecheon candles during critical times in the nation and the world, when there are serious problems in your family or when there are grave problems in your clan. During these times, you should light these candles, and grandfather and grandmother, parents, and all family members should pray that the authority of dominion through love may be realized. Then Satan can’t invade that family. The aecheon candles separate us from Satan. You need to remember that God and True Parents are present and think that the authority of the dominion of love materializes wherever these candles are lit. Lighting the candles brings sanctification. True Parents began the tradition of lighting the aecheon candles. If you do the same, your families will be sanctified as well. Once you have these candles, you should no longer feel shame. If you still feel shame, you do not deserve to own the candles. Look at a candle. You will see it sacrifices its wick and waxy body to give off light. Therefore the candle is a symbol of the sacrifices that still need to be made to bring light to humanity and unite everyone centered on Heaven. Neither the wick nor the wax on its own can produce light; both are necessary for it to shine brightly. Also, the aecheon candles are paired, symbolizing that husband and wife, as subject partner and object partner, must together become a sacrifice in order to generate light. Wherever this takes place, Satan cannot be present. Therefore, with these candles and through the foundation of the Day of Victory of Heaven, there is a connection between True Parents and all blessed families around the world. The aecheon candles signify Heaven’s dominion over blessed families.

Reporting in prayer as blessed central families

(20) The way we conclude our prayers will change beginning on January 1, 2001. From then on, we will end our prayers, “I report all these things in the name of so-and-so, a blessed central family.” I have indemnified everything and restored the right of the eldest son, the right of parents, and the right of the king. Therefore, you must train your own family to become subject partners who can enter the era of liberation as unfallen Adam and Eve. Otherwise, you will fall away. When Adam and Eve fell, they were punished right away. Likewise, we are entering the era when, if you commit the same mistake, your relationship with your husband or wife can be severed immediately.

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