Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 354

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 2: The Standard of Love in the Family and Respect between Husband and Wife, 23
Section 3: Blessed Family Practices, 11


(23) If a wife darkens her husband's heart, the world will be darkened by the repercussions of her action. Therefore, a wife needs to wake up early in the morning and take good care of her husband before he goes off to work. She should always keep herself beautiful for her husband, even if it requires using makeup and perfume. A wife should not be emotionally indebted to her husband. She should always concern herself with her husband's body and clothes. When her husband looks tired after returning home, she should bring him water to wash his face and toothbrush and toothpaste to brush his teeth; then she should wash his feet and comb his hair. A wife's laughter is like the family's flower. In order to build a harmonious family, she should be a first-class actress of both comedy and tragedy. She should be able to completely melt the heart of her husband anytime, whether he is happy or sad.

(24) On the path you are walking, you are bound to encounter imposing mountains with cliffs, deep rivers, and large chasms. If you are unable to overcome these obstacles, the only thing you will eventually face for sure is death. When following the path of the Will, you should be able to leave behind your beloved wife, your husband, and even your children. You women should go the way of women who respond to the heavenly way. You should even be willing to die if your husband asks you to die with him if it is for the Will. Even though you die, you will live together in the spirit world. There will be a way to be liberated as long as you regard your husband's will as absolute.

Section 3. Blessed Family Practices

(1) Begin your day by waking up at dawn and praying to Heavenly Father that throughout the coming day, you may become the personification of gratitude in front of Him. Resolve to become a manifestation of God's hope, someone whom He can raise and use for His providence, like a spring garden where flowers grow and bloom abundantly. As you work during the day, you need to become like a plant growing in the summer. Thereby you become a manifestation of hope and a being of value, someone whom God can be with. The evening is like autumn, the time when you harvest all your day's accomplishments and offer them to Heavenly Father. At that time, you should be able to say you will stand in front of Him in the position of a sacrificial offering. And when night falls, corresponding to winter, you should resolve to establish an internal parent-child relationship with God with all the life force that is stored up within you and be ready to receive energy from God. If you are able to live with gratitude for 365 days a year, making each day victorious, you will feel the joy and worthiness of a life connected with God.

Witnessing and the necessities of life

(2) Although you may work during the daytime, you should do religious activities in the evening. Witnessing is more effective in the evening; it is also effective in the early morning. By knowing how to utilize your time effectively, you should be able to inspire new guests to such an extent that they want to flee their homes and come to church, full of an irrepressible desire to hear your lectures. You should become such a person. Can there be any result if you don't kindle their motivation? I'm saying this because, if thus far you have not been able to do that, from now on, you should work harder and do better. You should be creative and find new ideas and methods. Designate a place as your holy ground; go there early in the morning and pray there out loud every day. You must make your prayer so powerful and mystical that anyone who passes by will be inspired. If you continue with your prayers, righteous people in the neighborhood will discreetly come and listen to you. As they hear your prayers, although they may not understand them, they will enjoy their sound and feel them resonating in their hearts.

(3) Try conveying the Word past midnight and continue until you hear the first crow of the rooster. It is so mystical. Try conveying the Word when the only sound is the barking of the neighborhood dogs in the quiet, tranquil night. You'll feel as if you are on a new path of life and are about to break through to find the bright sunlight, or you'll feel like a ship's captain on a new journey on the ocean, searching to find the lighthouse. You'll experience a sense of valor, pride, and majesty as if you alone in the world are totally filled with secrets of all kinds. In order to experience such a richness of heart, you need to teach and guide people during the nighttime, even until dawn.

(4) When you clean and arrange your room, you should even hang up your clothes in a principled way. Men's clothes should go on the right side of the closet and women's clothes on the left. When you lay clothes in your dresser drawers, you should put men's clothes in the topmost drawers and women's in the bottom drawers. This is the principled way. You all need to train yourselves to do things this way. Putting men's clothes on the bottom and women's clothes on top is a violation of the Principle.

(5) When you take off your clothes, you should take off your trousers first. Next, take off your jacket and put it on top of the trousers. You should know how to keep your surroundings in order through such a principled way of life. For example, men's shoes should be placed on the right or on top, and women's shoes should be placed on the left or at the bottom. You should know how to arrange everything in order in a principled way.

(6) Smiling and laughter can be truly intriguing. Even a slight grin is a kind of laughter. What happens when we laugh? Everything becomes round. When an old man laughs, "Haw! Haw! Haw!" his mouth doesn't continue going up but starts curving down into "Huh! Huh! Huh!" Why does it curve down? Why do his lips not continue going up? It's because his mouth needs to become circular. When you smile sweetly, your mouth curves up only a little. However, when you laugh, "Ha! Ha! Ha!" your mouth becomes very round. People who can laugh heartily and give a big smile are rarely evil.

(7) Men should comb their hair as carefully as women do. When they groom themselves, they should decide the best side for parting their hair to present the best appearance, just as women do when applying cosmetics. In the West as well as the East, men generally part their hair on the left. Women must give this some thought.

(8) You should walk elegantly. When you walk, your posture must be balanced. You should always pay attention to keeping a good posture. You should walk confidently. Some people walk with their shoulders hunched, but when you are walking, you have to keep a proper balance. You need to do so.

(9)  In Asia, when a woman goes somewhere and sits down on the floor, it is not appropriate for her to lean her back against anything, even though men are allowed to do so. This is because women have wider hips, and they naturally feel comfortable when they sit, while men have smaller hips and a larger upper body. If a woman sits with her back against the wall, it is uncomfortable for the baby she is carrying and can lead to a problem.

(10)  Health is the most important thing. However, even if you're sick, you need to know how to manage your facial expressions in such a way that people don't notice your illness. Some people make a gloomy face even when they have only a slight cold or some other minor ailment. This isn't proper. When a husband looks worried, his wife should comfort him, showing her caring heart but with a cheerful spirit. We need to always manifest a positive, healthy facial expression.

(11) Human relationships are formed on the basis of emotional bonds. Family relationships, moral concepts, social systems, hierarchical order, and so forth are all based on the emotional factors of human life. This is why people tend to bow their heads in front of someone with whom they have developed a close relationship over time or before someone whom they respect due to their high spirituality or deep heart. Again, the motivation to form human relationships starts from the emotional bonds in the family. Human relations begin from parents who love their children and are completed when the children return that love.

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