Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 353

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 2: The Standard of Love in the Family and Respect between Husband and Wife, 10-22


(10) When I come home late at night, I always caress the sleeping faces of my children. It is not easy to become a good parent. Yet this tender gesture naturally leads my children to think, “I want to love my sons and daughters as my father loves me.” Also, through expressing such love to my children, I should be able to let my children feel, “My father is the best in the whole world!”

(11) Everyone wishes to have great children. So how should we raise our children to become great? Some may think that giving their children an excellent education, beginning from kindergarten all the way to university, will achieve this objective. However, we parents are the ones who should educate them, and we should do so continually throughout their lives. Parents should constantly devote themselves to their children. Then, when the time comes for the parents to bequeath their entire household to their children, whom they raised with devotion, their children should be able to unite with them in heart, follow their parents’ footsteps, and become their parents’ successors who represent their heart. Raising children in this way should become a common practice.

(12) My concern is not to leave a legacy that honors the name “Unification Church.” Rather I am concerned about how I can leave behind successors who will carry on the tradition I have upheld. That is why I have been educating you to take tradition seriously.

(13) The important issue is how you blessed families can live in accord with me through three generations, including those of your children and grandchildren. If the three generations accumulate merit together, your family will become most admirable and praiseworthy. Have you ever thought about this? Therefore, from now on, you should offer conditions of devotion with your children and educate them to fully understand your heart and thought.

Courtesy between husband and wife

(14) A husband and wife should always be together as one. Whenever they go somewhere, they should sit together, not separately. They should be able to resonate with each other at any time, day or night. Other than married couples, no one else can have such a relationship. Should a man and a woman who are not married sleep together in the same room? This would not be right. In the ideal world to come, when married couples walk together happily side by side, all single people will have to greet them with respect. That time is coming. We must create a social atmosphere in which husbands and wives who have attained complete oneness are honored and praised. It should be so, especially for couples who are blessed. Wherever they go in society, people should respect, honor, and praise them.

(15) Man symbolizes heaven while woman symbolizes earth. This is why Jesus has been bestowing the grace of salvation upon human beings from the spirit world, while the Holy Spirit has been doing so on earth. By doing so, they have been laying the foundation for the family. In laying the family foundation, if a wife can align herself with her husband’s heart, she will be blessed. If the husband can do likewise with his wife, he will be blessed. If the children unite with their parents, they will be blessed. We are now living in the age of family-level salvation.

(16) When you blessed couples embrace and love your babies, you should keep in mind the purpose for which your children were born. You need to understand they were born for God, out of your relationship with God. Even though you may be intimate with your precious husband or wife and share secrets together, your relationship is not of your own design. You were brought to each other while walking on the public path of the heavenly Principle. God was involved in tying you together. Hence, if you are miserable, God will be miserable as well.

(17) When a husband enters his wife’s room, he steps into the chamber of the only queen in heaven and on earth. Likewise, when a wife relates to her husband, she steps into the palace where she attends the king. This is why both need to bow to each other when entering each other’s room to have a conjugal relationship; each needs to bow three times and then receive the other. Have you ever bowed to your husband before entering his palace to make love? I am teaching you about what you need to practice in your family. You also need to teach your family members, as I am teaching you. That is, when you mothers enter your husband’s room, you must put on specially sanctified clothes and make yourself prettier than when you go out in public.

(18) Before entering each other’s palace to make love, husband and wife should bow to each other. The husband is entering the palace of the grand queen, the empress, in order to attend her. Adam should be the king of heaven and the model of tradition for all of you. If you live with such a heart and mind in your daily life, you will reach the level to represent Adam’s royal position in the heavenly world. You will become a royal family member, assuming a value equal to that of Adam.

(19) When a husband enters his wife’s chamber, he must be solemn. That room is the nest of life, the place where God can visit and dwell, and the fertile ground from which his illustrious descendants will emerge. Therefore, every time the husband enters, he must be thoroughly prepared to be with his wife, so the flower of their first love for each other will bloom in holiness. The place where the husband and wife make love is the palace of joyous union. When they are in that place, they are not envious of anyone’s royal throne or heaven’s citadels of happiness. It is this way because this is where everything begins. Now that you husbands know this, henceforth, you must always bow before entering your wife’s chamber. Can any action be more praiseworthy than that of a husband who seeks to glorify that palace, the place that links three generations?

(20) Financial hardships in managing your household do not equate to misery. The dividing line between happiness and misery is determined by how close and how intimate our relationship is with Heaven. An individual can bear with his or her own downfall but will not accept that the family goes to ruin. A husband needs his wife more than anyone else in the world, and a wife needs her husband more than anyone. Therefore, a husband and wife must always encourage each other, support each other and become each other’s companions in life.

(21) If you as a husband want to express love to your wife, then on her birthday, you could invite all the women in the neighborhood to her birthday party. There, in front of all those guests, you should sing and dance for her with a heart overflowing with love. When this happens, the people from the neighborhood will pray for your couple and wish blessings upon your wife. It is extremely precious to any couple that they can have guests who pray from their heart for their blessings. Suppose one thousand good-hearted guests assemble and offer your couple their good wishes. Since God answers the prayer of even one good-hearted person, will the good wishes and prayers of one thousand good-hearted guests go unanswered?

(22) If a husband is overflowing with love, he may even swear when he’s at home, but his swear words can stimulate love. At the same time, any one word from a husband who is devoid of love can cut into his wife’s flesh and hurt her badly. Where there is love, a little playful wrestling is fine, but where there is no love, anything, everything, is detestable.

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