Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 352

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 1: The Proper Conduct for Blessed Families, 33
Section 2: The Standard of Love in the Family and Respect between Husband and Wife, 09


(33) Oneness in mind, oneness in body, oneness in thought, oneness in sexual relations—for these, our mind and body need to be united. When do the mind and body fully unite as one? A fallen person’s mind and body cannot become one. However, through marriage, a man and a woman can finally attain oneness at the core. What comes after oneness in mind, body, and thought, and oneness at the core? That is when the purity of mind and body, pure lineage, purity of sexual relations, and pure love all become one. All these should be in harmony. You and your spouse should realize harmonious oneness. Then, whatever happens, you will remain one eternally.

(34) You have to abide by centering on your original mind, your mind that is one with God’s mind. Should you not abide where the universe reaches perfection? To be of one mind with God’s mind means your mind is unified, that a peaceful, unified mind is within you. Then on this foundation of one mind, you should become as one body with God. After that, you should arrive at oneness in thought. Then you and your spouse can have sexual relations, pure in mind and body. A man and a woman who are striving to become as one mind, one body, and one thought—one at the core with God—finally can become one through a sexual relationship. Then they become one at the core. Looking at a sphere, we find two poles: plus and minus. It also has hemispheres, upper and lower, right and left, and front and back. The core of your couple must be the same. Man and woman differ in mind and heart. Nonetheless, when they unite as one and stand before God as His object partners, in the position of the body with God in the position of mind, they can discover the origin of conjugal love by becoming one body in God’s presence. Then they can form a family of oneness that can serve God. The realm of oneness in love that they experience through their bodies will expand throughout their lives, leading to complete unity and harmony. They will achieve eternal, unchanging unity and settle in peace.

Section 2. The Standard of Love in the Family and Respect between Husband and Wife

(1) What if parents have only one son and one daughter? Their son will need an older sister and an older brother. Their daughter will need an older brother and an older sister. They will also need younger brothers and younger sisters. Children need both older and younger siblings. If they don’t have siblings of both genders, they will be unhappy. God protects the family in which the younger brother and sister and the older brother and sister are all present and completely united with one another. It’s because such a family becomes the foundation for a clan, a tribe, a people, and a nation. The older brother and older sister represent the east and west; the younger brother and younger sister represent the north and south. When these positions are perfected, they become three-dimensional. This is the love principle. The concepts of the Principle of Creation are rooted in the principle of love. Therefore, when the principle of love is secured, we will have the origin of peace.

The standard of love in the family

(2) Our parents desire that we love our siblings more than we miss our parents. Thus, if siblings fight in the name of filial piety, it cannot be regarded as filial piety. The heart of parents desires that children care about one another more than they love their parents. Even if you are temporarily unable to serve your parents, if you say, “Mom, please wait. I will come to you after taking care of my younger brother first,” your mother will say to you, “My boy! You will grow up to be a good man.” Those who want to love their brothers and sisters more than their parents will live eternally in heaven. Those who can’t love their brothers and sisters as they would their parents will be excluded. When you understand the basis of this principle, it is simple. Yet because we human beings have not known this, we have been unable to love one another. The question is whether we, as family members, can unite among ourselves. Thus, if you stand in a position where you cannot fulfill your filial duty to True Parents, you should instead offer the devotion you want to give True Parents to the members of your church family. Heaven will accept your offering as having greater value than your filial devotion to True Parents. Those who practice this will surely be blessed.

(3) Love your brothers and sisters in the church as you love God. Your path to heaven begins there. You love and follow me, yet I tell you, you should strive to love and help your brothers and sisters and work alongside them with the same heart. Those who can teach you the quickest and best way to go to heaven are neither God nor I, but your brothers and sisters. If you strive to love them with a love greater than their love for their parents or spouse, you will be chosen as a supreme subject partner of love.

(4) You and your brothers and sisters are companions who share in the love of your parents. Therefore, you must not fight with your brothers and sisters. You are like your parents’ body, so when you raise your right hand, it is as if you were raising your father’s hand, and when you raise your left hand, it is as if you were raising your mother’s hand. Raising your right foot is like raising your father’s foot, and raising your left foot is like raising your mother’s foot. The family was made that way because of love.

(5) The more brothers and sisters you have, the better. No matter how many you have, if there is only one bowl of rice, you should share it with them. Siblings must not fight over a bowl of rice. However difficult life may be with many siblings, if they think with a loving heart, “Even if I starve, I’m going to give my portion to my sister," all will be well. Would you want to wear good clothes and give the shabby ones to your younger siblings? We need to think in a way opposite from Satan’s world. Blessed children ought to think differently from the children of Satan’s world.

(6) At the time of your birth, how difficult do you think it was for your mother to push you out of her womb? Why did God make birth so difficult? Would it not be better if giving birth were as easy as talking, as easy as eating good food, or smelling the scent of perfume, or smiling with delight and laughing? Why, rather than being easy, does giving birth require the mother to labor on the verge of life and death? It is in order for us to experience radiant love.

(7) Parents live for their children. Parents who assert that they live for their own sake cannot be considered parents, from now on, the principles of morality should be established based on the Principle of the Unification Church. How should parents live? Parents should live for the children to whom they gave birth. Among the principles of morality, this is the first rule. No lengthy explanation is needed. It is simply because parents want to do so. The position of parents is a position in which they find happiness and joy in living for their children.

(8) You belong to both your parents and your children. Accordingly, parents belong to both their children and to God. However, your parents belong first to God, then to your children, and only after that can you belong to yourself. Only in this way can you reach perfection. This is why the norms of showing respect to parents still remain on this earth and in human life. The saying, “Respect your parents and love your children,” is derived from these norms. The reason an orphan, a child without parents, is pitiable is because we human beings need to receive love from our parents. Also, we need to love our children. This is how we learn to position ourselves with regard to the four directions, knowing who is above us and who is below us.

(9) The way a father should relate to his children is to become their best friend. Then, even when his children are playing with their playmates, they will run to him as soon as he appears. Also, a father should become his children’s best teacher. His children must be able to say, “My Dad is better than the president; he is the best and is second only to God,” and, “I will never exchange my father for any friend. I will never exchange my father for any teacher. And I will never abandon my father, even if it means losing my loving wife.”

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