Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 351

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 1: The Proper Conduct for Blessed Families, 21-32


(21) Think how many millennia it has taken to restore the mistake committed by Adam and Eve. Countless people toiled arduously, even paying the price of being sacrificed, in order to reach this point today. Are you still going to commit the same mistake? It might have been possible for you to err when you were ignorant of these facts, but after learning the Principle, you must not do such things anymore. We all know very clearly the monumental losses that result from losing one's purity. Hence, there should be no question about overcoming sexual temptation. Because we clearly understand the astronomical damage caused by sexual licentiousness, we should never lose our purity no matter who tempts us to engage in such an act. Further, once we understand the incredible damage caused by Adam and Eve's one mistake of illicit love, we will recognize the fatal harm that will come to us if we do the same; therefore, we will abstain. However, because people, in general, do not know this, they don't know how to overcome their sexual desire.

(22) For a woman, the most dangerous person is a man, and for a man, the most dangerous person is a woman. That's why it's best to avoid situations in which a man and a woman are close to each other. All you men, if a woman approaches you, avoid her and walk away. These days I see single men and women sitting together under a tree and making conversation. You should not do such a thing. If you wish to converse with someone of the opposite sex, gather as a group of at least three people. In a group of three, you will be all right. The archangel and Eve fell because the two were alone together. Had Adam been present, would they have fallen? Adam and Eve fell because only the two of them spent time together. Had they invited God into their presence, would they have fallen? For this reason, if you want to meet, make sure at least three people are present. This is not coercion; rather, it is a practical precaution to avoid a potential problem that could happen at any time. The principled thing to do is to take a position in which Adam and Eve could never fall. We want to prevent anything from going wrong as well as to clean up what went wrong. This is why I am asking you to meet in group settings, with at least three people together.

(23) Even when witnessing to people, women must never be alone. If a sister goes out for witnessing activity, have an old grandfather or grandmother accompany her, even if he or she needs a walking stick. If they are not available, the sister can take a primary school student with her. I'm not telling you to avoid engaging in witnessing activity. I'm telling you to take precautions against potential dangers. Every precaution must be taken against even the slightest chance of falling. If three people are together, you'll be fine. We love one another by preventing each other from falling. That is love. Even leaders must take this precaution.

(24) The likelihood of falling increases when a man and woman are alone together. Would you light a match next to a gas pump or light a cigarette near a gasoline drum? Just one mistake is all it takes to shatter everything. You can never cast off that mistake for eternity. Especially once you know the Principle and still fall, there is no way for you to cast it off. The Principle states it, and the Principle works by systematic logic. Hence, once you are caught, there is no way for you to escape from it. Neither can you have any basis to deny it.

A life maintaining purity, pure lineage, and pure love

(25) Parents need to educate their children about how to practice true love. Everything I'm saying relates to the family. Husband and wife should maintain purity of mind and body and attain oneness of heart. Then they must educate their children about true love by their example. Will children obey a father who is a drunkard and physically abuses their mother? Will children obey a mother who habitually deceives and lies to their father? Parents need to educate their children about true love through their own actions. It's not just education but education by example. I'm saying the way to educate your children about true love is by practicing it first. Educate by example. Write this as your family motto, frame it, and mount it on the wall. Write it with a heart of profound devotion.

(26) Purity, pure lineage, and pure love are followed by a pure heart. Without a pure heart, there can't be a pure lineage. Heaven's lineage has been passed down to us on the foundation of tens of thousands of years of pure hearts. The way to pass on the lineage to our descendants for thousands and even tens of thousands of years should be through fidelity to one's one and only spouse. Therefore, there must be no divorce. With divorce comes threefold greater indemnity.

(27) God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, and you are the third generation. However, you need to understand that the original tradition of the Blessing should have been: God as the first generation, you as the second generation, and your children as the third generation. You would have been pure men and women, like unblemished white jade. When you united as couples, upholding the ideal of the four-position foundation, you would have bequeathed pure love, pure life, and pure lineage to countless generations of descendants.

(28) You are young people approaching your twenties who have carefully protected and preserved your pure heart. Where will you take your clean, spotless, and holy pure heart? You should place your pure heart on the altar that will give Heaven the greatest delight, bringing tremendous joy to God. There, a young man who has preserved his pure heart and a young woman who also has preserved her pure heart should meet and rejoice together. It is the place where they meet as bridegroom and bride, bound together by God on the sacred foundation of a pure heart.

(29) Your body is precious. Don't defile it; fulfill your filial duty instead. You need to escape from Satan's realm of death and carry out your responsibility to serve Heaven with a body whose purity God approves. This is the highest goal and the standard that human beings should have. According to the Principle of Creation, you must be that way.

(30) A divine son or daughter is a person who loves heaven and earth. A divine son or daughter loves his or her nation from God's viewpoint and upholds God's sovereignty in heaven and on earth. Furthermore, a divine son or daughter knows all the laws of the royal court in the heavenly kingdom and all the laws of his or her nation on earth and endeavors to love both worlds while abiding by all their laws.

(31) God invested His whole heart when creating Adam and Eve. What Adam and Eve received was the seed of His true love, true life, and true lineage. Therefore, we must return to that original state. It is God who sowed the seed, and it is we who must return the fruits. No one wants weeds and other rubbish. When we ascend to the spirit world, everything about our past will be disclosed; therefore, we must clean up everything before we pass away. Although our outward body will return to dust, we will still carry what is inside us. This is the problem. It would have been better if there were nothing inside us that we needed to eliminate, but because we still carry scars in our hearts, scars formed by the pangs of conscience, we need to clean them up.

(32) One mind, one body, one thought, and then comes oneness at the core. This oneness derives from a pure mind and body, a pure lineage, and pure love. However, before pure love, we need pure sex. The issue is sex. Even in sex, there are three stages—formation, growth, and completion. However, these stages came into existence only after the Fall. Originally, once Adam and Eve made love under God's Blessing, there would have been no issue. When they had sexual relations for the first time, it would have been perfected. Instead, we had to go through restoration in the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age to realize purity, pure lineage, and pure sexuality. A man must unite his mind and body and keep them both pure. He must not violate this purity before marriage, and it is the same for a woman. With purity of mind and body and a pure lineage, there can be purity in sexual relations. A man and a woman must maintain their purity. Then, when the time comes for them to marry, they unite to form one core. In this way, they become perfected as man and woman and can finally stand as God's object partners.

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