Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 350

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 4: The Daily Life of Blessed Families
Section 1: The Proper Conduct for Blessed Families, 11-20


(11) We are not focused on the individual but on the family. Yet, it does not mean we are only trying to clean up all the problems in our own family. Rather, we should connect to all. Hence, our previous efforts to cultivate our spirituality while living alone are now not enough. We must be determined and resolute to make a much greater effort than before. A life of challenging evil is very difficult. We can get tired and easily give up in an instant. When we have a family, we should work much harder than when we were single. The family is where we can secure our center. The family is where we cannot avoid dealing with reality in all relationships. In our family, we should establish relationships between front and back, left and right, above and below. We shouldn't just maintain the kind of faith we practiced in the past; the one-sided life of faith we had before will not work. The Blessing is the point that determines whether we live or die.

(12) Developing a good personal faith hinges mostly on relating to a good leader. However, to develop a good family, each of you must become a leader to one another. We need to ask for whom and for what the members of the family exist. When you were single, you could pray, and everything would come to pass. However, once you have a family, if someone in it opposes you, you have to bear the cross and persevere until your relationship with that person reaches the original standard. A single person is like one car on a train, but the family is like a locomotive. It is simple to restore an individual's mistake. But if something goes wrong in the family, it affects everyone, even bringing them to ruin.

(13) What should you do to receive love from your parents? You should love everything that your parents love. That way, you are able to receive their love. In a family, if a son wants his parents to love him, he needs to understand that the way to receive love from them is to love all that they love. The son shouldn't aspire to receive their love otherwise. If a child wants to claim everything his parents cherish simply because he wants to, he cannot be loved by them.

(14) God and parents stand in the position to care for others before anyone else does. God thinks of you before you do. And your parents think of you before you do. This is why you love them. This is why they stand in the position of subject partner to you. When two people live together, each should think, "If my partner does not do what he or she is supposed to do, I will do it." This is the kind of being God is. The person who thinks this way becomes the center. The person who lives for the sake of others surely becomes the center.

(15) You need to be more altruistic. The most altruistic person becomes the leader. In a group of ten people, the one who becomes the central person is the one who lives for the group and loves the other nine the most. The others will seek that person out. Thus far, people have thought that living for others was bad for them. Yet living for the sake of others is actually the way to become a central person, to become a leader, and to inherit everything. This is a natural law. This is why I am telling you that to live for the sake of others is not bad. It does not incur any loss. No business bears better fruit than such a lifestyle.

(16) We need to awaken to the fact that we live in a different era and that our speech, attitude, and lifestyle need to change. This is what the spirit world desires from us. The spirit world is already charging forward in unison, but the earth is in a state of confusion, full of complexities, and cannot determine its clear objective. Therefore, to anchor ourselves on solid ground, we need to offer conditions of devotion. Otherwise, we will be swept away. We are now living in a time when we can no longer live casually. Some of you follow me around everywhere I go. You want to do that rather than work in your mission. Further, you prepare my rallies as if they were your own rallies. You must not do so. You must not act that way at all. You need to raise your family to be a family that can actualize God's Will. For this, the father and mother must change first. In establishing a tradition, senior Unification Church members ought to set the standard first, before their sons and daughters. You should establish the tradition by becoming trustworthy parents, trustworthy siblings, and trustworthy sons and daughters. Everything begins within the family.

The proper conduct between a man and a woman

(17) In the Western hemisphere, sex education begins in elementary school. That is not good. Children need to learn about sex in a natural way. Did God give sex education to Adam and Eve? It is better for children not to know about sex at an early age. When they reach the age when they begin to learn about it, we need to teach them how fearful the outcome of sex can be, but at the same time, how precious it can be. When I was going to school, there were no co-ed schools. Yet nowadays, young men and women dance by rubbing their bodies together. We, therefore, must establish educational institutions that can resist this trend, teaching people that losing one's sexual purity is the most fearful thing that can happen. It is worse than murder. Murder takes away a person's life, but when a person loses his or her purity, it dooms thousands of generations of descendants. It can victimize scores, hundreds, even many thousands of people. Henceforth, infractions against sexual purity must be treated with greater seriousness than the crime of murder. We must educate our youth to the extent that they could not even imagine falling.

(18) Young people these days go against their parents and destroy their families. Their behavior is evil because it wreaks havoc on the order of love. It destroys families, societies, and nations. It brings destruction even to all humankind. You cannot deny it is evil. Adolescents sometimes want to imitate certain thrilling scenes from movies. Young people may ask, "What's wrong with that?" You must tell them, "It's wrong because such irresponsible actions lead to a licentious lifestyle, which will bring destruction to your surroundings, your family, and society. You must refrain from such activities. When you have developed your intellect, have gained experience in society, and can control yourself in any circumstances, then you are free to act as you please, but not now."

(19) Do you women like flower buds before they bloom, or do you prefer flowers in full bloom? I like flowers that have fully bloomed. When you bloom, you should blossom to your fullest. Don't rely on someone else, but blossom radiantly according to your own nature. This means you should grow in a natural way, go through adolescence naturally and blossom in due course, and only then find a spouse whom you want to love. Don't be crushed before you bloom. Don't be a flower whose petals have fallen off and whose pollen has been shaken out. It's the same for men. Men should also blossom to their fullest.

(20) As buds that have yet to blossom, you must not engage in foolish activities such as sending love letters and having love relationships. You should blossom to the fullest naturally at the appropriate time. When God sees you, He should be able to exclaim, "Wow! You have blossomed purely and naturally. When I smell your fragrance, I can tell you're a pure virgin." God feels so much hope when this happens. Does God want someone pure or someone damaged? What about you, then? Do you want someone pure or someone damaged? Even fallen human beings want to have someone pure. Would God not value your purity even more? For this reason, I hope you can blossom fully in pure heart and love. I hope you will become people of value who can rise above the trends of today's fallen world and not become trapped in its valley of sorrow.


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