Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 34

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 2: The Emergence of the True Parents, 32-37
Section 3: Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle, 1-10

(32) Once the True Parents appear, the purpose of a true person can be fulfilled and a true family established. The title True Parents can be praised eternally—from the past, to the present, and into the future. The fact that the True Parents have appeared on earth, that they are here, is the most joyful gospel of all gospels. In this world where the power of evil has brought about a realm of death and the loss of any sense of direction, people have turned to wickedness. True Parents' appearance in such a world is the fruit of God's six thousand years of toil. This achievement is not just for the nation of Korea in the present day. Amid the aimless wanderings of countless people, True Parents have emerged as the central model to show the human race its destination and its direction.

(33) The appearance of the name True Parents means that the ideal world of God's creation indicates the emergence of the eternal heavenly kingdom of the future, which should have begun in the Garden of Eden. This is a historic event, needed at this time and in the future. From the perspective of all ages, the past, the present and the future, the emergence of the name of True Parents means that the center of the universe has appeared on earth. From here history starts anew, is straightened out, and bears fruit. Because history bears fruit from this point on, this is where the past resurrects, the world is unified and put in order, and with this one world as the origin, the kingdom of heaven, which is totally new, is realized. That is why I say that the True Parents must come to the earth.

(34) Throughout the ages in history until now, the hopes of humankind have resided in the future. In other words, we have thought of hope as something belonging only to the future. Thus when we were asked where we were headed, the answer was that we were going toward one world that would be realized in the future. Looking to the future, we have been seeking one world. Therefore, if there is any way for the True Parents to be received by false humankind, everyone will rejoice. This is because the hope of humanity is to meet the True Parents. As True Parents are humanity's highest hope, their coming marks the moment when the tradition for all time will be determined. True Parents' appearance is the starting point of history's completion, as opposed to just the longing for that completion. In other words, it is not the beginning point of hope, but the fulfillment of hope.

(35) The path God has to go requires that He anchor His ideal on earth. In order to do so, all beings on earth should have the original mindset, but for that we need True Parents. If the True Parents do not appear, humankind will inevitably experience a miserable history. But once they come and make all the necessary conditions for their work by straightening out the history of misery and establishing a proper framework, from that point, the history of True Parents and of true children will begin. However, it cannot begin until the True Parents set the right conditions; neither can the history of true children or a true world. This is because only when the history of True Parents and true children proceed along the right course will it become the history of a true nation and a true world.

(36) When True Parents liberated their own ancestors, they became the True Parents of their family and True Parents of their tribe. Based upon this, they have to become the True Parents of their nation, the True Parents of the world and the True Parents of the cosmos. The cosmic level True Parent is God. The Lord comes as the True Parents on the levels of the world, the nation, the tribe and the family.  The True Parents receive God's direct lineage. Hence, they are the son and daughter of God, who can go to the kingdom of heaven. They can freely give birth to their own sons and daughters. They are the same as Adam and Eve at the time of the Creation. I have already paved the paths that establish the True Parents at the levels of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos, but you do not need to do all of that. All you need to do is to be the true parents at the family level.

(37) Throughout history, people have hoped for the True Parents, who transcend history. History until now has looked toward the future, meaning that people pinned their hopes on the future. However, hope in the Unification Church is not pinned on the future but on the past. The past I am referring to is not the past that existed long ago. Rather, it represents a reality transcending time and space: the fruit of the past, the center of the present and the beginning point of the future. It is the center that integrates the whole. That is why I am saying that it transcends history.

Section 3: Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle

(1) Any one of you can become a representative of the world if you wish to. What you have to do is to love the world as God does and love the people of your nation as God does. Do that with the love and heart that God had when He created His own home in heaven and on earth. You each must start with yourself, working hard with blood, sweat and tears, to pass through the process of re-creation. Starting with yourself, each of you should reorganize your clan and connect it to the great way of Heaven. As descendants of the Fall, your mission is to indemnify history.  Even though I have walked my path while persecuted and alone, I have risen beyond the national level to the world level. Thus, I need to proclaim the True Parents to the world. When the proclamation of the real True Parents is completed, all of the devil's wickedness has to retreat. If you hold on to his wickedness, you will be shattered; lightning will strike you. The spirit world will not leave you alone.

The conditions needed to proclaim True Parents

(2) I proclaimed the restoration of the right of the eldest son in 1988, based on that year's Olympic Games. I proclaimed the restoration of the right of the Parents and the right of kingship, and the settlement of the right of kingship both in the heavenly world and the earthly world. What should I do next? The nations of this world have no true owner. Their current owner is Satan. The devils of Satan's bloodline are the owners. Under the false parent, the world has a false climate. In the midst of all this, I proclaimed the True Parents.

(3) Despite worldwide opposition, I planted the flag of individual victory and family victory, and laid the foundation to send more than 25,000 families out as tribal messiahs in 150 nations so they could succeed on the levels of the tribe, people and nation. No one can disregard this accomplishment. The Messiah is on the earth, where he will succeed and, centering on his bloodline, the offspring of heaven will grow up and inherit the kingship. When that is in place, Satan cannot oppose me. Satan came into existence because the True Parents had not been proclaimed. That took place at the completion level of the growth stage. Yet the proclamation of the True Parents occurs at the completion level of the completion stage, when True Parents emerge and fulfill their portion of responsibility. They are to realize an ideal family of love after passing through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and arriving at the realm of God's direct dominion. Therefore, the devil cannot appear once the True Parents have been proclaimed. I must fight the devil and bring him to natural surrender on earth; on that victorious foundation the True Parents will be proclaimed and Satan will no longer be able to appear.

(4) Before I proclaimed the True Parents, how much did I suffer? How many times was I cursed? And how many times did I go to prison? I have been imprisoned as many as six times. I declared the coming of True Parents after all these hardships.  Therefore, you may consider me the most pitiful king of kings in the world, but I do not feel sorry for myself, even in my dreams. Parents with children who have gone wrong should shed tears. They should feel anguish. Heaven punishes those who try to avoid shedding tears or feeling such anguish. The reason I make you church members shed tears is to reduce the tears that have to be shed by your countrymen.

(5) I have experienced prison life in four nations. My prison life represents the four directions of north, south, east and west. In all, I went to prison six times; the number is six. Six is Satan's number. I had to go through all that in order to create a realm of liberation, even as I was being persecuted to that degree, I did not remain in the realm of accusation. In fact, I crushed that realm under my feet and waved the flag of victory, and I am now proclaiming the True Parents before heaven and earth.

(6) In this failed world, with vicious fighting everywhere, I have declared the True Parents. In order to proclaim True Parents throughout the world, I have had to accomplish my mission as the True Parents at all stages: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. I have had to reach the point where God Himself could acknowledge True Parents and where True Parents themselves could acknowledge True Parents. This announcement is truly historic.

(7) We must proclaim the coming of the True Parents. There is no gospel greater than this in all of history. On earth, there is no happier news than this. There is no greater standard of peace. The True Parents, who come in the Last Days, are the embodiments of the ideal. You too should live as true parents; only then can you build the palace of true love on the foundation of true love.

(8) The Unification Church has proclaimed the coming of the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent. Adam and Eve would also have become the True Parents. With God as the vertical True Parent and Adam and Eve as the horizontal True Parents, vertical and horizontal True Parents would have been united. From this perspective, all four directions would have come into balance.

(9) How is it that I could proclaim the True Parents? The democratic and communist worlds represent the brothers Abel and Cain. These two worlds are like two sons, but are fighting each other. I have reconciled them, and I now stand in a position that both can accept. On that foundation, I could finally come to Korea with the authority of the Parent and proclaim Mother and myself as the True Parents to the whole nation.

(10) You should understand why I have suffered. If this were for my own country, I would have had no reason to do so. I am going this way for the sake of the world and for Heaven's nation. Korea has done all kinds of things against me over the past forty years. Nonetheless, I carried all the burdens of the Korean people on behalf of my parents, my brothers and sisters, and all of those who are even remotely related to me. Then, after meeting all the conditions, I came to Korea and blessed this country. That is why I proclaimed True Parents in Korea.



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