Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 345

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 3: Ceremonies and Rituals
Section 1: The Blessing Ceremony, 12-22


(12) You inherited a lineage defiled by the Fall; therefore, you need to change your lineage. Without doing that, you cannot rid yourself of original sin, and without ridding yourself of original sin, you cannot rise to the level where you can receive the Blessing and become true children. That is how the Principle operates. The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony to change your lineage, and it thereby removes the original sin that occurred at the Fall. In other words, it is a ceremony to transform your flesh and blood.

(13) The fact that you participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony means that you received the blood of the Blessing. It means that you are joined in a relationship with True Parents through their love, life, and lineage. Consequently, you have become True Parents' kin. It is a ceremony of Blessing when my blood is infused into a person who otherwise would be destined to die. In other words, my blood is transfused into that person so that that person carries my blood. It is only when you drink the holy wine that I can bless you. In distributing the blood of the True Parents, the order of the Holy Wine Ceremony is that the woman drinks the holy wine first. Likewise, when receiving the Blessing, the woman precedes the man. The woman drinks half the cup of holy wine first.

(14) The Holy Wine Ceremony is a ceremony of restoration through indemnity. For this ceremony, you men begin in the position of the archangel. That is why you are supposed to offer your lineage and everything else. Only then can it be a condition for restoration. I then conduct the ceremony through Mother. You are in the same situation. By going through the Holy Wine Ceremony, you assume a restored position that is the same as that of the Parents The woman receives the holy wine first. She bows to True Father, receives the holy wine, and drinks half the contents of the cup. Then the man bows to the woman. While the woman is drinking her half, the man keeps his head bowed. At that time, the woman is in the position of the mother. Her position is the same as that of True Mother. So when the woman drinks her half of the wine and hands the remaining half to her husband-to-be, and he drinks it, they are bonded. Thus, the man can rise to an equal footing with the woman.

(15) Since Eve fell because of the archangel, in the course of restoration, Eve needs to stand before Heaven through Adam and then restore the archangel. This is the purpose of going through the Holy Wine Ceremony. When the ceremony is conducted, I offer the holy wine first to the woman. That part of the ceremony is to restore the lost Eve. Through the Holy Wine Ceremony, she becomes one with me in spirit, heart, and body. It is an absolute, internal covenant.

(16) Holy wine is not easily made. I am saying that wine cannot become holy wine just as it is. Holy wine is made in the presence of God, Satan, and numerous angels in the spirit world. It contains twenty-one elements that you are unaware of. The wine contains every element necessary for the process of restoring humankind and the world of creation. When I made the holy wine, spirits came from the spirit world and begged to be allowed to drink a cup. They knew that by drinking the holy wine, they could be restored, so they came to me as a group and asked if they too could be given the same benefit. They knew that I could do such a thing. However, I am not here for the spirit world; I am here for the physical world. That is why I told those spirits, "You need to wait," and I first gave the wine to you who worked hard for the Will.

(17) The holy wine needs to contain ingredients that symbolize the love of the Parents. It should also contain something that symbolizes the blood of the Parents. Hence, when you drink it, you become one with the love and blood of the Parents. These are what constitute the holy wine. The holy wine is made with ingredients that symbolize everything—the land, the sea, and the sky. It contains three kinds of wine. It also contains other elements symbolizing all things of creation. Drinking the wine signifies being born anew spiritually and physically. Without this ceremony, you cannot remove the original sin or change your lineage. And without changing your lineage, you cannot reach the standard of perfection and become one with God's love. The Holy Wine Ceremony indemnifies all this.

(18) At the time you received the Blessing, you participated in a ceremony to change your lineage. Twenty-one consecrated elements were required to make the holy wine. They included airborne fruit, fruit borne on trees, fruit on the ground, and fruit underground, plus the most precious elements from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom. All these elements had to be free of any conditions for Satan's accusation. After the holy wine was thus made, it had to be stored for seven months, without any problems occurring during that time period. It was not simple to make this wine.

The Blessing Ceremony, the Indemnity Stick Ceremony, and the Three-Day Ceremony

(19) In Eden, God, was unable to conduct the wedding ceremony of Adam and Eve. They married of their own accord and thus connected to Satan's lineage instead of God's lineage. The Blessing Ceremony uproots this and reconnects Adam and Eve to God's lineage. That is why through the Blessing Ceremony, we receive the citizenship that enables us to live in our original homeland, the liberated kingdom of heaven in heaven where there is no Fall, and to attend God as our Father.

(20) After the Engagement Ceremony comes the Holy Wine Ceremony, and then the Holy Wedding Ceremony. The Engagement Ceremony and Holy Wine Ceremony are not performed according to any precedents. They are required ceremonies that symbolically reenact all the details of The Fall and indemnify them. At what stage did Adam and Eve fall? They fell at the engagement stage. In other words, they fell in the process of growing up, on the way to the goal of perfection. The purpose of their engagement was marriage. However, when they were still engaged, Adam and Eve wrongfully married; that was The Fall. Therefore, to indemnify that, we need to deny that marriage, rectify it, and go beyond it centered on God. In denying it, we cannot do it in just any way. We cannot do it unless we follow a course that is the reverse of The Fall.

(21) The Holy Water Ceremony is also a ritual of the Blessing. It is the same as baptism. Although Jesus was baptized, he had no Holy Wedding Ceremony. He passed away without being able to marry. He had neither a wife nor children. He had no family of his own. However, I have labored for this day, risking my life in the process.

(22) Blessed members of the Unification Church participate in the Holy Wedding Ceremony, but it is a wedding only within the church. It is not a ceremony recognized by the nation, world, or cosmos. That is why we should have not only a church-level Blessing but also a national-level Blessing. Furthermore, we will go through a world-level Blessing and then participate in the Ceremony of Eternal Blessing in the kingdom of heaven. Only then can we finally return to the original world. If you participate in the Blessing of the Unification Church simply for your own convenience, and secretly without my knowledge, it is not effective. You need to go through the national-level Blessing, for which you should disclose all of your personal history. Next, you have to go through the world-level Blessing. Then, after going to the spirit world, you need to go through a great admission ceremony and the registration ceremony. Next, we have to complete the organization of the twelve tribes. Finally, after True Parents have settled in the other world, with God as the center, all of the world's people will take their places and sit down in order.

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