Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 344

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 3: Ceremonies and Rituals
Section 1: The Blessing Ceremony, 01-11


CHAPTER 3 Ceremonies and Rituals

Section 1. The Blessing Ceremony

(1) The Blessing is not just for people. Nor is it just for heaven and earth. God bestowed the Blessing by investing everything from the foundation of His internal heart. If that Blessing had been realized exactly as He had planned, the glory of victory would have filled heaven and earth. Amid such a world, God would have rejoiced in the families of people who embodied Him and fully inherited His heart. Upon establishment of that family-level foundation, humanity would have accepted the holy enterprise of Heaven as its own holy enterprise, and people would have built the eternal and infinite blessed land of happiness. This was God's ideal and desire.

Significance and value of the Blessing

(2) You need to know how amazing blessed families are. The Blessing is to perfect the individual, to perfect goodness, and to multiply children. It is to perfect people as individuals, perfect their relationships as husband and wife, and multiply goodness through their children. It is the core, fundamental requisite for all people.

(3) If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have reached the focal point, the ideal intersection of vertical and horizontal love. Through their union, they would have attained total oneness and harmony. Besides instituting the love of the true ancestors of humanity, they would have been the starting point of true life and true lineage. Their wedding ceremony was to have been not just for themselves as human beings; it was also to have been the wedding ceremony for God. God would have entered their hearts, and the external God and internal God would have united as one. That was to have been the original wedding ceremony, having nothing to do with the Fall. What I am saying here is revolutionary in the world of religion.

(4) What is the Blessing? If you consider man as the East and woman as the West, then the Blessing is the union of East and West at a central point on a horizontal plane. What is the power that unites them? It is love. Man and woman were created to unite as one through love. That is why, after they reach maturity, a man and a woman find their way to the place where they can attain union. That place is their central point. That central point is where God can vertically descend and dwell. When a man and a woman place God's love at their center, where His vertical line joins their horizontal line to form a 90-degree angle, they become one at the center of a 360-degree circle. If our first ancestors had become one based on God's love, they would have become God's bodies. Who are Adam and Eve? They are the substantial bodies of God. That is why in the biblical book of First Corinthians, it is written, "Do you not know that you are God's temple ...?" (1 Cor. 3:16). Our bodies are God's temples. If even fallen human beings can be His temples, then the original substantiation of God's duality, the unfallen Adam and Eve, would naturally have become the original temple, the dwelling place of God in the human world.

(5) God has the dual characteristics of plus and minus. When God's dual characteristics are divided, the plus characteristic is manifested as a man, Adam, and the minus characteristic is manifested as a woman, Eve. When Adam and Eve unite together to embody God's oneness, their union is substantiated in their children. In this manner, the first, second, and third generations are formed with God at their center. Within these three generations, problems arose in the second generation, that is, the generation of Adam and Eve. They failed to become one under God's love. If Adam and Eve had united in God's love, they would have established the bond by which God could have come to dwell with them. Then their children as well would have been connected to the standard of love and formed their own relationship with God. This is called the Blessing.

(6) The marriage Blessing was instituted as God's Blessing for the liquidation of debts. Through the Blessing instituted in this age, all debts are liquidated for the first time in history. In other words, although formerly we were destined to die, all our debts are remitted through the Blessing as a condition. You should, therefore, feel that the Blessing of the Unification Church is more precious than all the good things that have been done since the beginning of history, piled up in one big heap. You should feel that the connection of love, life, and lineage you have acquired through your bond with the True Parents is so precious that it cannot be exchanged for anything else. That is why you should invest everything you own—your mind, your body, even if you have to sell your property—for the Blessing.

(7) The Blessing of the Unification Church is performed so that God's incorporeal life, love, and ideal can be manifested in form. To put it another way, the Blessing is to connect us to God's life, love, and ideal. That being the case, where does God rejoice? He rejoices at the place of the Blessing. When God rejoices, His life, love, and ideal all have a livelier bounce.

The Engagement Ceremony and the Holy Wine Ceremony

(8) At the Engagement Ceremony for the Blessing, I raised my hands and pronounced a benediction. With that benediction, I could incorporate the women of the world into Adam's family, in place of Eve, who had been separated from that family. I could thereby form a conditional bond of blood with them. That is the change of lineage. Henceforth, each woman of the world who has gone to the spirit world should attend me as her elder brother, husband, and father centered on True Mother.

(9) If the God-centered True Parents had emerged in the garden of Eden, they would have bequeathed the Blessing on behalf of God to their descendants for generations to come. If only they had believed in God, those True Parents would have inherited the Blessing from Him, and you, in turn, would have inherited it from them. Accordingly, I am bestowing this Blessing on you. By inheriting it, your sons and daughters will be born in the new eternal realm of victory, not the fallen realm. They can become sons and daughters who go up instead of going down.

(10) What are the conditions to receive the Blessing? To reach perfection, you cannot pass through the formation, growth, and completion stages all at once. That is the Principle. You receive the Blessing at the completion level of the growth stage. Afterward, you still need to follow the seven-year courses: a seven-year course before marriage, a seven-year course after marriage, and another seven-year course centered on your family. You need to go through these three seven-year periods for a total of twenty-one years. Upon the foundation you make by going through this twenty-one-year course, I should be able to achieve the foundation for a nation. I must reach that level. Now we have to conduct some ceremonies. First comes the Engagement Ceremony; next comes the Ceremony for the Restoration of Eve and then the Ceremony for the Restoration of Adam. These ceremonies are to restore the heart and change the lineage.

(11) The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ritual of infusing God's body into your body with new love. Since you have only one body, you need to transform it with God's love. This is the meaning of the Holy Wine Ceremony. The Bible records that at the Last Supper, Jesus blessed bread and wine and gave them to his disciples. He referred to the bread as "my body" and the wine as "my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins" (Matt. 26:26-28). Likewise, it is only by inheriting the new lineage originating from God's substantial self that you can be cleansed of the original sin. You cannot participate in the Blessing without going through this ceremony. The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony to change your lineage.

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