Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 346

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 3: Ceremonies and Rituals
Section 1: The Blessing Ceremony, 23-32


(23) When True Parents and their sons and daughters are united as one, that family will have established the four-position foundation. Completion of the four-position foundation means that God will be able to realize the ideal of creation that He has desired for six thousand years. Once that foundation is established, there will be a realm where God recognizes those who have fulfilled it and promises to make them citizens of the kingdom of heaven and members of the family of that kingdom. What the Unification Church focuses on the most is the Blessing. The Blessing is for the family. What is the kingdom of heaven like? It is the family in heaven. We need to realize such a family; that is the kingdom of heaven. Thus, those who are unable to create that kingdom in their own family cannot enter the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

(24) What is the Indemnity Stick Ceremony for? Adam and Eve fell by misusing their lower parts. During the Indemnity Stick Ceremony, both wife and husband strike each other's buttocks as hard as they can, saying they will never fall again. We do this so that they will never again misuse that part of the body. Likewise, when the Israelites made a pledge, they placed a hand under their thigh. They also conducted circumcision. When a son was born, his male part was bled on the eighth day after birth. This ritual was instituted because the male reproductive organ had been misused. Because the seed had been damaged, the ritual of circumcision was established to change the seed. All these are conditions to determine ownership.

(25) Tamar risked her life to continue God's heavenly way. Also, Jacob wrestled with the angel at the risk of his life. Although the angel struck his hip and dislocated it, he did not let go of the angel all through the night. The hip had to be struck. The Fall was brought about by the wrong use of the hips. That is why the Unification Church conducts the Indemnity Stick Ceremony after the Blessing. In that ceremony, the hips are struck because they were misused. Our ancestors representing the three ages, engaged in improper love and became entangled in it, and we need to clear that up.

(26) Why do we have the Indemnity Stick Ceremony? When we read the Bible, we learn about circumcision, which is a condition of indemnity. Adam's family broke apart because of wrongly directed love. What is baptism? It refers to the time of Noah. The reproductive organs had been defiled, and Noah's time was when they were indemnified. At the time of Noah, these organs were subjected to judgment by water. In short, they were washed. However, the washing was incomplete. They had to be "baptized," but that was only a condition. Once those defiled bodies were washed and the defiled spot indemnified, the time of Jacob was to have been the time of settlement. For this purpose, Jacob had to live a life that would restore love. He had to begin the change of lineage, change of ownership, and change of the realm of heart. The chosen people got their start when their lineage was transformed.

(27) Blessed members of the Unification Church go through the ceremony to change their lineage, followed by the Indemnity Stick Ceremony and the Three-Day Ceremony. Satan cannot intrude in those ceremonies. Now that the True Parents opened the gates of the kingdom of heaven by the law of God and proclaimed the liberation of humanity, Satan, who exercised his power at the completion level of the growth stage, can no longer interfere. That is why blessed families need to go through the ceremony to convert their lineage.

(28) If you do not go through the Three-Day Ceremony, you will have nothing to do with True Parents' lineage. You will be nothing but a spectator who has come within the fenced area. Only after you complete the Three-Day Ceremony can you dress in holy robes and be included in True Parents' lineage. Otherwise, although you may have eaten a piece of the wedding cake, watched the celebration from beginning to end and enjoyed yourself with your friends, you will end up being apart. You will not become one with True Parents' lineage. Once you are apart from it, you will remain apart for all eternity. Lineage is such a fearful thing.

(29) Until now, we have thought ill of erotic love stories because love organs became palaces of wickedness. They became like weapons causing threefold destruction: they became a palace in which love, life, and lineage were destroyed. Because they became the palaces that plunge everything in heaven and earth into a world of total darkness, they are called by the worst of all bad words and the most vulgar of all vulgar words. Nevertheless, in Korean, the term ssang in ssangsori (a vulgar word) is not a bad word. In fact, it is the very word ssang that is in ssangssang, or pair." Pair" is what the word implies. The word ssangsori refers to two people making love, and that should not be something bad. Originally it was a holy word. Millions of generations of your ancestors lived by clinging to the love organs; likewise, Adam and Eve also lived by clinging to them. Woman lived by clinging to the reproductive organ of man, and man lived by clinging to that of woman. Despite this, they did not know the preciousness of those love organs. The woman's love organ is the subject partner of all subject partners, for it controls the life of the man.

(30) When we study the structure of our bodies, we can see that the male and female reproductive organs are set in the most protected area of the body. That is because these organs are the most precious. The wind may blow or something may attack us, but they cannot invade that part of the body. What is more, the woman's organ is less prone to invasion than the man's. The words I use when speaking about these organs are not vulgar; rather, they are sacred words. If you contend that the words for what was considered most precious from the time of our ancestors are vulgar words, then you are implying that our ancestors up to now have all been bad. You are saying that even the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were bad. Because our first ancestors formed a ssang (a pair), such words are termed ssangsori (a vulgar word). If they had originally placed true love at the center of their relationship, our ancestors would have set down their roots there and grown into a sacred tree. Then the words about love organs would have been considered good words and good sounds, and they would not have been given coarse treatment. Instead, we would have attended to them with care. Therefore, before we make love, we need to offer a bow before our ancestors and say, "Thank you for giving us this day, which is a very special day." That is why, when we perform the three-day ceremony, we begin by offering a bow. We offer that bow as a simple ritual representing all bows. After completing the Three-Day Ceremony, we are free to love. We can make love as often as we desire and in any way we please.

(31) Since the Blessing is now available for everyone, we should give the Blessing to as many people as possible. We need to bless everyone, without missing even one person. Before I depart this earth, you have to make sure that there is no one left unblessed in the spirit world. The Blessing did not exist in the past, but now it has become a reality. Before I pass on, both earth and heaven should be filled with people who are blessed. Otherwise, all the fallen bloodlines that were sown by fallen Adam will not be eradicated.

The Eighth Day Dedication Ceremony

(32) On the eighth day after the birth of our child, we offer the Dedication Ceremony. We say that the number eight is a central number. Since it is a central number, it needs to be fulfilled by the man and woman, and also the grandfather and grandmother. In short, there should be the four directions in three stages: grandfather and grandmother, man and woman, and the son or daughter to be dedicated. These three stages cannot be without a center. Yet not just anyone can stand in the central position and be part of the three stages.

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