Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 33

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 2: The Emergence of the True Parents, 17-31

(17) Jesus was to have walked a seven-year course from the age of thirty-three, and then attain the position of parent as desired by God. He was then to attain the standard of restoring all things, thereby concluding and completely fulfilling God's Will by the age of forty. This was the mission that Jesus was to complete. However, he died on the cross, and God's original Will remained to be fulfilled. Thereupon, the True Parent, the Lord who is to return, has to take responsibility for setting both internal and external conditions to fight Satan; thus, he had to go through a forty-year preparation period, a period of struggle. Although externally it was a forty-year period of preparation, internally it was a period of strife. By laying the spiritual foundation for victory, finally he established the groundwork for the substantial foundation, spiritual and physical, on earth.

(18) You as individuals have not prepared a proper foundation for victory. But through your relationship with the True Parents, by making conditions to unite with them, you can establish the basis for victory on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. That is a seven-year course. Thus, if you establish the national level of victory through your relationship with True Parents, God can finally begin to take dominion over the creation of all things.  By having dominion over the creation of all things and establishing Heaven's family, God can establish one sovereignty, one people and one land, unshakeable in heaven and on earth. From that moment, when God can begin a Sabbath rest for all eternity, His judgment will commence.

(19) Because the Unification Church has taken responsibility for and upheld God's Will on behalf of Heaven and True Parents, we have undergone many ordeals. By going through this process, you need to separate yourself from Satan's world. Further, you should set the standard of true children by which to judge Satan's world, adopting the model of True Parents' victory. Unless we reach this standard on the levels of tribe, people and nation, we cannot realize God's original Will for True Parents on earth. You who are fighting on my side during this period are representatives of True Parents on the levels of the individual, family, people and nation. As such, you have to take responsibility and fight, not only in Korea but also on the world stage.

(20) You may not know how much I have invested for the sake of the world. How many tears have I shed, how much sweat and blood have I spilled, and how many times have I sighed? My efforts were not just to feed myself or to make myself successful. They were to liberate the earthly world, the spirit world and God. My work is not based on a concept; it has such a historical background. Since I formed a substantial foundation for the ideal in this world, on the actual world stage, I have reached a level where the nations of the world can solemnly bow before me.

The qualifications to be True Parents

(21) When the true son and true daughter join in union for the first time, centering on the True Parent, the horizontal love between a man and a woman and the vertical God come together. This is a historic point, a fountain of explosive love. Then God, who has been striving to realize this ideal of original love, will appear. This fountain was lost because of the Fall. God's vertical love encounters the husband and wife's true love perpendicularly at the center, the place of the True Patents, the place that God hoped to see when He created Adam and Eve. In order to be in the position of the True Parents, they should first be a true son and a true daughter, a good man and a good woman. It is to establish the position where a man and woman representing east and west join together, harmonize with all of God's feelings and thoughts, and have not one shred of guilt.

(22) The position of True Parents, where Adam and Eve have merged into complete oneness centered on God, is free from Satan's accusation. The True Parents, who are the original starting point, can emerge only when they rise above the completion stage, where there is nothing that Satan can accuse. This is the origin of True Parents from the viewpoint of the Divine Principle.

(23) God worked for six thousand years to prepare the foundation for the coming of True Parents and to have them attain victory during their lifetime. However, the believers on earth failed to unite with Jesus as the spiritual Parent and follow his instructions. As a result, they could not bequeath the spiritual foundation that Jesus had prepared to the returning Lord. Therefore, in order to become the True Father, the returning Lord has to face tests on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world in the spiritual realm. If he fails to prevail and establish a standard of internal victory, a standard of substantial victory cannot be established on earth. Therefore, the Lord inevitably has to wage an internal battle.

(24) The new world begins through the True Parents laying a new foundation on earth. New children, new tribes, new peoples, new nations, a new world and a new cosmos are to emerge through True Parents. This is the hope of God's dispensation on earth. It is the purpose for which Jesus must come again. However, all of this cannot happen in one day. Jesus first has to succeed on multiple paths, as servant of servants, servant, adopted son and son. The foundation that was laid over the course of six thousand years was lost, so the Lord who is to come has to establish the standard of victory by recovering the entire six thousand years during the course of his life. Unless he establishes a true standard of victory by which he can judge history, he cannot emerge with his bride as the True Parents on earth.

(25) I believe that I have devoted myself in prayer more than anyone ever has; I have shed more tears than anyone; and I have repented more than anyone. Also, in terms of passion, I think I surpass everyone. Nevertheless, why am I walking a path that today's Christians oppose? It is because I have no doubt that my way is correct. No matter how many times I examine and analyze this path, I find there is no question of its veracity. I am convinced that history will work out according to these principles.

(26) A new history begins from the new Parents. History cannot begin anew before the appearance of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Thus, True Parents must emerge and after they fight and defeat him, Satan must recognize the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Before they emerge, the re-creation of heaven and earth is not feasible. With the appearance of these Parents, and once the new heaven and earth are created, a new history can commence. Sons and daughters who have grown up with God will live every aspect of their lives in accordance with God's Will and possess a new heart, the heart that God desired to see in Adam and Eve at the time of the Creation. Thereby, they will stand in place of Adam and Eve and fulfill what God desired Adam and Eve to fulfill.

(27) True Parents have to overcome all of history. They need to attain such a qualification and overcome the fallen world. They should pave the path for the future. In fact, that is what they have been doing to this day. They deserve respect and honor from others. You should recognize their qualifications. At least some among you should be able to recognize them. That is how you can receive the Blessing from them. Then as husband and wife, you will not fight with each other.  How can you fight if you know that what I am telling you about the True Parents is true?

(28) In order to be True Parents, they have to love the world of Cain. The Cain world is the world of the firstborn son, the world of the fallen son. Therefore, unless the True Parents make the condition of giving the love of Heaven fully despite the opposition of this world, they cannot restore Satan's world. The firstborn son should be loved first. Since Satan is in the position of the first son in principle, he can say, "If God wants to love Abel, He needs to make the condition of loving the first son first. Without showing me such love, there is no way for Him to love the second son.” This is within the Principle. The way of the mother, Eve, is to unite Cain and Abel and bring them to Adam. Without doing so, no matter how much the mother wants to give universal love, she cannot. That is the position she is in.

(29) The Messiah can come only based on the foundation of restoring the lineage through indemnity. In other words, even though the Messiah is born in Satan's world, in which all people are born with Satan's lineage, he should be born in an environment that Satan cannot accuse. If he were born in an environment that Satan could accuse, that would contravene the Principle of Creation. Originally, God created Adam and Eve with the support of the archangel, who bowed down to them and presented no opposition. In the same way, in accordance with the Divine Principle, in order for Jesus to be born on earth and emerge as the Messiah, there had to be no condition for Satan's accusation, even from the time Jesus was in his mother's womb.

(30) In order for the True Parents to emerge on earth, they should overcome the realm of Satan's accusation. They cannot appear in a position that Satan can accuse. What kind of being is Satan? He is a spiritual being. Thus, only a person who can stand in the position to subjugate the spiritual Satan can become the True Parent. In order to subjugate Satan, hundreds of billions of people in the spirit world, centered on tens of millions of believers and countless good ancestors, have to unite with this central figure. Without establishing the foundation of victory over Satan's realm and bringing joy and glory on that decisive foundation, he cannot establish the position of the True Parents on earth.

The significance of the appearance of True Parents

(31) What is the focal point of human desire throughout history, in the current age and for the future? It is a true family with true love at its center. All people throughout history have hoped for a true family. It is the center of hope for this age and the starting point of hope for the future. In other words, it is the fruit of history, the resurrection of history. It is the center of the entire world and the principled beginning point of the future. A true person and that true person's family can emerge only as the fulfillment of all the hope felt throughout history. The bridegroom comes as a true person with the purpose of having a true family. A true family is formed when the bride becomes one with the bridegroom.


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