Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 330

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 6: The International Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Project, 10-21


10)  We need to create a broad and smooth highway on which all people can travel comfortably and happily. We should build an International Peace Highway in such a way that people will be able to drive hundreds of miles per hour with pleasure. Even if future generations do not know who built it and do not express gratitude for it, it is our mission to build such a road. We need to make it a broad highway, as straight and smooth as possible.

A conflict-free peace highway

(11)  In achieving world peace, the main problem is war. To eradicate war, the major airports could be managed by each continent—Asia, for instance. Now airplanes transport soldiers and weapons. In the future, however, after building the International Peace Highway, I will ensure that the continental authorities say, "You cannot transport military equipment on this highway." Then the world cannot engage in war. I also want to see that people do not misuse airports in any way. Airplanes could be contracted jointly for the use of all Asian nations. The nations could jointly declare, "These airplanes will be used by all Asian nations, and they will not be allowed to transport any materials that can cause damage to Asia." Then war will gradually die out. If ports and highways are managed in a similar manner, people will not be able to engage in war.

(12)  There will be more and more interaction among the world's peoples. That is why I proposed in 1981 that we build an International Peace Highway. It will enable people to travel without passing through immigration checks at each national border. This will be done by setting up a zone of non-interference extending four kilometers to the left and right of the four-lane highway, eight kilometers in total. For instance, along the route of the highway in Japan, Japan will not have jurisdiction within the eight-kilometer strip of land through which the International Peace Highway passes, but outside that eight-kilometer zone, they will have jurisdiction. That zone will be designated as a special international territory, wherever it may be so that all people in the world can travel through it. Within that zone, there will be no national borders.

(13)  Though Satan built up innumerable barriers, I have broken them all down and cleaned everything up. I have paved a straight highway in the spirit world, and I am building such a highway in this world as well. Unification Church members need to run forward. If they come to a sea, they need to dig a tunnel under it and keep going. If they come to a mountain, they also need to dig a tunnel under it and keep going.  Why? It is because true love travels the shortest distance. It travels on a straight road. It does not look up or down; it does not look backward; it does not look to the left or to the right.

(14)  The achievement of peace has been the hope of my entire life. In 1981, the Tenth International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences was held in Seoul. It was a conference where renowned scholars and scientists from more than one hundred nations assembled. At the conference, I announced my plan to build the International Peace Highway. Once this colossal plan is realized, we will be able to travel from Tokyo to London by car. I believe the International Peace Highway will bind all humankind as one global family. Modern technology will make it possible for humankind to live as one family.

(15)  In the past, the nation of Japan was my enemy. Nevertheless, I am trying to raise it as the vanguard among Asian nations by blessing it as the elder brother Cain through its cultural sphere and by guiding it to interact with other nations in harmony and peace. To make this connection, I began the construction of the International Peace Highway, which will pass through North Korea and travel across the continent to China. The Japanese people must make this happen. Such is the work I am pursuing now. I have come this far by setting the example, as evidenced by my life in Danbury, and by following principles that history proves true. This will result in heavenly fortune and unity.

(16)  In order to build the International Peace Highway, we will bring together Korean engineers residing in Japan, the United States, and China through the Unification Church. Then Japan and America are bound to collaborate in the development of the International Peace Highway. This will serve as a new economic foundation to protect freedom worldwide. Asians will be able to realize their dream of freely traveling throughout the world. Then there will be a great movement of Asian people. Starting from Asia, we are working toward a realistic, unified economic paradigm that will bring East and West together in a new civilization. It will actualize a new world of peace based on the love of God, which is the absolute value.

(17)  Now, I am promoting the construction of the International Peace Highway. In the future, we will move every religion. We will move Confucianism, Buddhism, and Zen in the Far East, Hinduism in India, Islam in the Middle East, and the Christian cultural realm of Europe. We will move religious leaders and young core members alike. We can mobilize anyone from any region. What contribution are people of faith making in the world today? They may contribute to their churches and temples, but few make contributions to all humanity. The plan to construct the International Peace Highway is truly a stroke of genius. Religious bodies can work together for this program. For instance, in the Far East, the organizations of Confucianists, Buddhists, and Zen Buddhists will have no problem mobilizing their believers to participate. The religious bodies of Korea and Japan need to participate as well, to be able to make a contribution for Asia. Next, the Hindu temples of India should be brought together. When they collaborate for such a cause, any number of people can be mobilized.

(18)  The problem that will arise in Japan in the future is the acquisition of natural resources. Japan will have no problem as long as the United States and the free world are willing and able to provide such resources. However, if they hold back, the only option available to Japan will be to obtain its natural resources from China. This is one reason I proclaimed the International Peace Highway project to the world in 1981. When this highway is constructed, Japan will be connected to the continent, to Southeast Asia, to the West, and even to Siberia. I believe it will make a significant contribution towards supplying Japan with natural resources. That is one reason I initiated this project.

Significance of the Korea-Japan Tunnel

(19)  The Korea-Japan Tunnel will impact Asia. Once that route links Korea and Japan with a railroad, many of the goods transported across the world from Asia, the United States, and the Pacific region will pass through Korea. Once the Korean Peninsula is unified and the tunnel is constructed, the time will come when trains through Korea will transport a great quantity of goods.

(20)  It has been quite a while since we began excavating the Korea-Japan Tunnel. When we open the way from Japan through the Korean Peninsula to China, the unification of South and North Korea will not be a problem. Then, Japan also will have hope for the future. I consider that this tunnel is paving the way to supply Japan with the boundless resources of the continent.

(21)  We will dig the Korea-Japan Tunnel. We will build the International Peace Highway and extend it to China and even to Russia. We will extend it from the Korean Peninsula, which will be the start of the highway. The new starting point of global political trends is the Far East, where I was born. As the base, my homeland is the place from which everything begins. Thus, once the Korea-Japan Tunnel is built, Korea will become the hub of transportation and the focal point for the exchange of the world's cultures. With this as the base, the world's cultures will inevitably follow a path towards equalization. Thus, Korea is in a crucial location. I have been saying these things for the past twenty years. 


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