Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 329

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace
Section 5: Organizations for World Peace, 23
Section 6: The International Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Project, 09

23)  National messiahs can be compared to the tetrarchs of ancient Rome. The tetrarchs were higher than governor-generals. As kings are born of the bloodline of the royal family, their lineage was the basis for them to become tetrarchs. In relating to the president of a nation, the president is the Cain president, and the national messiah is the Abel president. When the two can unite, they lay the foundation for the Parents. That is the Principle.

(24)  Our anointed representatives (boon-bongwang) are the governor-generals of the heavenly kingdom. They are sent to counsel the kings of nations. They are the spiritual parent of the nation and can take that nation to the kingdom of heaven. They are the new messiahs. They are the messiahs who represent their designated nations. They have gone to those nations to save them, not to exploit them for themselves. They must be good representatives.

(25)  What does the Abel UN need to do? It needs to create a world of goodness by forming a peace-kingdom corps and a peace-kingdom police force from veterans and current soldiers within their own nations. These peace forces need to be established with soldiers in active service and veterans. I have been preparing for this.

Section 6.  The International Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel, and the Bering Strait Project

(1)  Although you belong to your nation, you also need to belong to the world. It will not do if you go your way clinging to your own nation. Suppose your family lived in the garden of Eden. Would there be border guards there? If you wanted to go east or west, would anyone stop you from crossing the border? There would be no such things. You need to reach that standard. That is why we need to go to the world level. We need a global domain where, when we go forward in the name of the Unification Church, we encounter no barriers. Otherwise, our families will have no earthly realm in which to perfect the ideal of the kingdom of heaven.

(2)  Henceforth, even if I am not here, it is certain that the kingdom of heaven on earth will be actualized. I have completed paving the way. I have abolished the gates of hell in the spirit world and laid the foundation for the highway on which you can go to the kingdom of heaven. Suppose that we want to travel to Washington, DC. If we walk, it might take as many as ten million steps to get there. Some of us live close by, and others are further away. Where we are depends on our different destinies. Nevertheless, we can all still travel to Washington. The question of whether it will take us ten years or a hundred years to get there depends on how much effort we make.

Significance of building the International Peace Highway

(3)  Just as in the spirit world, a campaign to abolish national borders will be carried out on earth in the not-too-distant future. It can be done. That is why the spirits of diverse peoples are returning to earth, even to the Kremlin in the Soviet Union, to testify to the Unification Church. To those who oppose me, I say, wait and see whether the spirit world will leave you alone. The spirit world will not sit still. It will dispatch its forces even to the most remote regions of the world, and if there are people there who oppose me, it will deal with them spiritually in proportion to their opposition.

(4)  All barriers need to come down. Everything of Satan's must be removed, and the ground must be leveled. I am breaking down all the walls of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos, and leveling the ground. Therefore, there will be no barriers. Even a wall as high as the Himalayas will not pose a problem. I am breaking down all those walls and paving a highway. When the walls are broken down, and we can cross those barriers, true love will manifest.

(5)  Looking around the world, we see that many neighboring nations have erected borders to block free passage. Who erected those borders? Who set up those sovereignties? All this was done through the machinations of the enemy. Where then is the group of people with the conviction, representing God, to overthrow the enemy, Satan? Who are the people who can band together, resolved to eliminate him and his base? Christianity is not up to the task. Therefore, Unification Church members must do this; it requires both spiritual maturity and caution. We need to make a new determination if we are to realize our hopes for tomorrow. Today, to complete our preparations, we need to build an organization that can be an impregnable fortress; then, we must move forward to achieve our goal. Based on that organization, we will set the way of tradition and an unwavering lifestyle. Otherwise, we will not be able to move forward within Satan's realm and usher in the day of victory.

(6)  From now on, what was turned upside down must be turned right-side up. Hence, you need to return to your families, become small messiahs, and create one unified world without left-wing and right-wing factions. On the first day of February 1985, at three o'clock in the morning, I, in Danbury, and True Mother, in East Garden, tore down the gates of hell in the spirit world and all the barriers blocking the way to earth. Thereby we opened the course for the stream of heart to flow forth. We, Mother and I, built a highway from the rock bottom dungeon of hell all the way to heaven. Because such a time has come, we can now talk about the Peace Highway on the earth. Now our ancestors in the higher realms of the spirit world can go down to the dungeon of hell and witness to people. Until now, our ancestors were unable to do this.  Furthermore, now leaders in the spirit world can guide us. We have entered an era when your grandfathers and grandmothers in the spirit world can come to their descendants on earth and coach you in everything.

(7)  I made a public announcement regarding the International Peace Highway project at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. At the time, the presiding council members opposed it. Once a tunnel is dug between Japan and Korea, one route of the Peace Highway will go to China, and there it will branch out, one road going to Siberia and another to Moscow and on to London. The other route will pass through India and the Middle East.

(8)  In order to defend ourselves against the Soviet Union, we need the support of the United States and Japan, and then China. To gain the support of China, I declared that we would build the International Peace Highway at the Tenth International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences in 1981. At the time, the presiding council members of the Professors World Peace Academy opposed me. They said, "Why are you doing this when all the presiding council members oppose this plan?" I replied, beginning with the words, "You don't know as much about Asia as I do. You hardly know anything about Asia or about history, do you?" Eight hundred and eighty scholars and scientists from one hundred and eleven nations attended the conference. I sent my proposal to construct the International Peace Highway to the prime ministers of their nations. I also sent the proposal to university presidents.

(9)  Now is the era of globalism. In the future, there will come an era when we can travel even in outer space. These days, people dream about traveling around the world with their spouses once in their lifetime. To make this dream come true, I came up with the plan for the Peace Highway and introduced it throughout the world. Some time ago, we held a groundbreaking ceremony for the International Peace Highway and began to excavate a tunnel in Japan. Korea is not even aware of it. In Japan, the government and people are making a commotion about it, but Korea is napping, not even dreaming of it. 

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