Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 331

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 6: The International Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Project, 22-35


(22)  The only ways Japan can export are through the Taiwan Strait and the Korea Strait. If these two routes were blocked, even for a short time, Japan would face serious trouble, especially if it were not supplied with natural resources. In order to avert that danger, I have said that the Korea-Japan Tunnel needs to be excavated quickly. Once Japan has a tunnel, it will be connected to the continent. To travel to the continent through the tunnel by car will take less than two hours. Hence it will also take only two hours to transport goods via the tunnel. With a railroad laid underneath and a highway built above it, anything becomes possible.

(23)  In establishing the kingship of peace in the world, the Korean Peninsula needs to be capable of playing a leading role. For that to happen, first, South and North Korea need to be unified based on the cooperation of Japan and Korea, and next, a tunnel needs to be built to connect the Korean Peninsula to Japan and the Pacific. Then, under the leadership of the United States, Korea can join forces with Japan and Taiwan in the Pacific, and they can bind with the nations that had been their enemies.

(24)  The Korea-Japan Tunnel will become an important strategic point in the economic distribution channel. If Japan were to export goods to Europe, the Middle East, and all across Russia through Vladivostok or Dalian, but not Korea, it would be difficult. But if we build a highway through Korea, branching out into three different routes, Japanese producers would be able to transport goods to places as far away as London. Products of Europe and Asia could move through this route to the five major continents.

The Bering Strait Project as a symbol of world peace

(25)  Pioneering a highway across the Bering Strait is one of the ways we can promote a peaceful world, without war, in the future. This is something that all humanity desires. Since the Unification Church has already begun working on it, I view this as a project that should be carried out in my name, even if it takes all eternity.

(26)  Wherever you go when you deliver a speech, do not fail to speak about the Bering Strait project. This should be a major topic wherever you go. Even if you forget about eating breakfast and lunch, you should not forget about this. The Unification Church is now devoting itself to establishing the homeland of the global nation. We are dedicating ourselves enthusiastically to this work. Therefore, even if the world does not work on the Bering Strait project, we need to do it. When we can bring this about, it will lead to the global nation that transcends all borders.

(27)  In the era of the kingship of goodness, there will be no wars. To ensure this, we are focusing on the Bering Strait. I am saying we need to construct a highway of peace along this route, a road that travels via a tunnel under the sea, passes over a bridge through the air, and traverses across the land. Such a road will never serve the purposes of war. I have laid the foundation for this. Therefore, when I raise the banner and move, the world will move as well.

(28)  The issue of the Bering Strait is the key to establishing the kingdom of peace. Now that you have come to the arena of the final battle, you need to persuade people with a lot of money to assist with this. You can tell them, "At this juncture in time, I know of something that will generate more value than diamond mines, gold mines, or mines of the twelve birthstones. You had better invest in it, even if you have to sell your property, your lands, or even the soil of your nation."

(29)  When a tunnel is excavated across the Bering Strait, connecting the continents of the Pacific Rim through Russia and Alaska, the era will arrive when people will be able to travel anywhere on the globe by car. The Korea-Japan tunnel will be part of it. When that comes to pass, Korea will become the hub. I am the only person with this vision who has influence in Europe, Africa, South America, the Asian continent, even the islands of the seas. I have laid a foundation in all the member states of the United Nations.

(30)  The Palestinian Territories are inhabited by Israelis and Palestinians, and the conflict between Judaism and Islam is taking place there. On the Korean Peninsula, the political struggle between North and South Korea is taking place. Further, in my time, I am fighting to surmount the geographical and political barrier of the Bering Strait. All these fights need to be resolved. Only when the religious struggle, the political struggle, and the struggle over the ownership of the Bering Strait are brought to an end can the kingdom of peace be realized.

(31)  In the Old Testament Age, the providence was carried out on the family level; in Jesus' age, the providence was carried out on the national level, and in the age of the Lord of the Second Coming, the providence is being carried out on the world level. In the age of the Lord of the Second Coming, heaven and earth must be united as one. This work needs to be done in one generation. The borderlines of the Old Testament Age affect Palestine; the struggle between Cain and Abel affects the thirty-eighth parallel between North and South Korea, and the Bering Strait affects God's kingdom and homeland. When Russia and the United States participate in cross-cultural marriage, the world will be completely liberated.

(32)  The Bering Strait is the most difficult border of all. It is a border between lands, and it is also the most difficult border in terms of ideology. When this border is abolished, and the two nations are united, hell and the heavenly kingdom can become one. Therefore, all the people in the world, and even the people of the spirit world, need to fulfill the task of abolishing the border at the Bering Strait in the name of that same hometown and homeland.

(33)  Nations that possess the tundra are in a position to dominate the world. By possessing its natural resources, they can contribute to the Era after the Coming of Heaven and become its owners. One reason I am placing the greatest importance on the Bering Strait is to prevent these resources from being lost.

(34)  I have divided the Bering Strait region into twelve districts, and twelve tribes will be organized there. The question is how the people of the world can all join these tribes and invest their money and all their devotion into their respective districts in order to quickly build a four-lane highway on which trucks can run. They need to do the basic construction work for this.

(35)  What developed out of Greek philosophy was a Hellenistic ideology that opposed God. It also opposed Christianity and the new world of Abel culture. This was communism, whose center was the Soviet Union. Communism began to crumble in 1953 when Stalin died. Once we create an environment for the United Nations to unite with me based on the religious foundation of the United States, Satan's world will fall apart  Now what the United States needs to do is to bring Russia and China together to work on this Bering Strait project. Territorial borders need to be broken down, and all nations need to unite. The borderlines in the spirit world have already been removed, and its regions are uniting as one, and now the physical borderlines need to be taken down as well. We cannot bring about such unity through military force. It needs to be done through sacrifice and service as desired by God, through the truth that I teach.


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