Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 32

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 2: The Emergence of the True Parents, 3-16

(3) According to the principle of restoration through indemnity, the Parents must emerge without fail. How good it would have been if Jesus, a pure bridegroom, had found a pure bride! However, Jesus came on a foundation whereby the stages of formation, growth and completion were not completed during the course of restoration through indemnity; hence, he had to lay a foundation of victory by fulfilling all these stages. In order to create a foundation of victory, both internally and externally, first he had to redeem the sin of fallen Eve, by taking the opposite course. For this, Jesus needed to prepare a room for the bridegroom and to find a bride, but he could not. Hence, Jesus fasted for forty days. This became a source of bitter sorrow for God and for Jesus. The entire hope and purpose of Jesus' coming was to save humankind, but due to his death on the cross that task could not be completely fulfilled. Therefore Jesus has to come to earth again. When Jesus returns, what does he need to do first? Rather than meet with his disciples, it is to find his bride. Christianity is this bride who has been waiting for the coming of the bridegroom.

(4) In order for True Parents to come, there should be the foundation of true sons and daughters; likewise, in order for true sons and daughters to come, there should be the foundation of true servants. This is why God has worked in the history of restoration for us to receive the era of the parents after we have gone through the era of the servant and that of the children. People in the spirit world have helped us as we passed through and restored the era of the servant, the era of the adopted son and the era of the children, and moved up to the era of the parents. Externally, until the global foundation beyond the national level is established, True Parents cannot come to the earth.

(5) After the two-thousand-year history of the providence through the times of Noah and Abraham, God established the people of Israel through Jacob. He then had this people form a nation. To achieve this, an individual had to confront Satan on behalf of God from the position of a servant and be victorious. Then an individual had to confront Satan and bring victory on behalf of God from the position of an adopted son, and then from the position of a child of His direct lineage. Without this, we could not receive True Parents. This is why providential history has followed the long course from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age to the present day.  By restoring the position of the servant and the position of the adopted son, God restored the position of the child of direct lineage. This means God could establish the position of the True Parents, which was His purpose in sending the Messiah to earth, only after laying the foundation for that victory.

(6) Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, had to gain victory by fighting as a servant and as an adopted son, and then become a son of God's direct lineage. This was Jesus' position. After having him go through the positions of the adopted son and son of direct lineage, on the foundation of the people of Israel, he was to establish the position of the True Parents. This was the purpose for which God sent Jesus, and the mission for which Jesus came. However, because Jesus died on the cross, he could not achieve complete victory. Therefore, with the spirit world as the base, God has been pioneering the foundation for True Parents. To this day, He has not yet secured the positions of the individual, family, people and nation. He has had to take a long, roundabout way to establish the individual, family, people and nation that are related to His Will.

(7) As we welcome this global era, God will, by all means, send the Lord, His promised bridegroom, who will choose his bride and lay the foundation for true victory. God has fought for six thousand years to this day in order to establish the position of True Parents, the original purpose of creation. It is no exaggeration to say that the purpose of the six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been to establish the True Parents. True Parents represent the six thousand years of all providential history. Their absence was the sorrow, pain and tragedy of humanity.

(8) We can look at human history as one history of restoring the position of True Parents. Without this, there can be no true children, and without true children, there can be no true family, no true tribe, no true people, no true nation, and no true world or cosmos. God has toiled for six thousand years to establish this standard.  Jesus came to earth two thousand years ago as the first person to manifest the glory of the True Parents. But, since he was the fruit of history, it was not enough that he succeed in this only on one level. He had to carry out the mission not only of the Son but also of the Parents.

(9) On this earth, physically and spiritually, Jesus had to go through the course of restoring the positions of the Son and of the Parents. He had to fulfill his responsibility in both positions to establish the starting point of oneness with God.  Only then would Israel have had the foundation for the individual, family, people and nation. Had this come to pass, the standard of the True Parents would have been established, both physically and spiritually.  However, the people’s disbelief in Jesus rendered this impossible  In accordance with the Principle of Creation, True Parents are to be blessed by God both physically and spiritually. Yet Jesus was unable to become the True Parent due to the disbelief of the people. Hence, even after he passed into the spirit world, Jesus has been preparing the foundation for people to attend the True Parents. What does this mean? This means that the Lord of the Second Advent should restore the position of the Parents, spiritually and physically.

(10) Since Jesus' death and resurrection, he has been working in the spirit world, not on earth; hence, all Christians have been relating to him as a spiritual Parent.  Thus, just as Jesus needed to inherit the blessing from John the Baptist, the Lord who returns to the earth has to inherit Jesus' spiritual foundation, which was achieved on the levels of the individual, family, nation and world. The Lord had to go through that in order to establish the foundation for the True Parents on earth.

(11) To attain the position of the Parents, Jesus, as the bridegroom, had to have His bride. Jesus and his bride, as the ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall, should have been the True Parents of humanity. Jesus was in the position of the True Father. Yet in order for him to stand as the True Father of humanity on earth, he needed someone in the position of the True Mother. Jesus completed his mission as a son, but he could not find a bride who could become the True Mother. That is why he left the earth, remaining only a spiritual Parent. The resurrected Jesus, as the bridegroom, represents heaven. The Holy Spirit, as his bride, represents the earth. In this way, Jesus and the Holy Spirit established the standard of the spiritual parents. Originally, the husband-wife relationship should take place on the horizontal plane in their substantial bodies. This is the purpose Jesus was originally meant to fulfill. However, since this purpose was fulfilled only spiritually, the spirit world and the physical world could not become one. Thus Jesus, who ascended to heaven as the bridegroom and the Holy Spirit who descended to the earth as the bride have been working together to unite the spiritual and physical worlds.

(12) Had Adam and Eve gone through their childhood and reached maturity in the springtime of their lives, God would have blessed them in marriage. God was meant to wed them at that point in their lives, yet He was unable to do so. Christians refer to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This term appears in the Revelation to John, the last book of the Bible. What is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? Adam and Eve, who should have been wed by God six thousand years ago, instead lived together centered on Satan and thus became the evil ancestors. To rectify this, God has to find a new bridegroom and bride in the Last Days and prepare a supper to celebrate their marriage. That is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Through this supper, the True Parents will be born.

(13) Because it is time in history to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the world has been changing ever since the Second World War. The United Nations has emerged and changes are taking place throughout the world. After the First World War, the victorious nations abused and ruled the vanquished nations as they wished, but that is not what happened after the Second World War. After the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the defeated nations. That is because it was time for the Parents to come. The numerous member states of the United Nations are brother nations. Whether big or small, they are all siblings.  Hence, through the United Nations all nations should have equal authority, like siblings within one household. The True Parents have to come to the United Nations as flag-bearers of peace.

(14) True Parents are the standard of the ideal world. Thus, their work must begin.  True Parents come to connect the people of the world in one heart, to teach what is good and what is evil. They come as the Parents to set a new tradition. In so doing, they will form a new kinship and see the world begin anew. To do this, the Lord will create a new family. This is the returning Lord to whom Christianity refers.

The background of True Parents' birth

(15) As a condition for the returning Lord to be born, there should have been a nation. Yet at the time I was born, the Korean people had no nation. The Lord of the Second Advent had to come, but he had no nation. That is why an independence movement arose in Korea. At the time, there was a nationwide movement in all eight provinces of Korea to recover our nation. This was a confrontation with Satan. I was conceived during that time and born in the first lunar month of the year 1920.  Heaven's providence was realized on the foundation of those who shed their blood for the patriotic cause, and on the foundation of the provisional nation that was formed in 1919 through the March First Independence Movement.

(16) Because Eve fell at the age of sixteen, Yu Gwan-soon fought as a sixteen-year-old unmarried woman against the enemy Satan's nation, Japan, in order to establish Heaven's nation. Japan represents a female position. Yu Gwan-soon fought for the independence of her country, Korea.  Because its sovereignty had been lost, a conditional foundation had to be established to build God's nation. On that conditional foundation, I was born. I was born into a patriotic family and as I matured, I participated in the independence movement. In history, Eve violated Adam, whereas Yu Gwan-soon, a sixteen-year-old girl, became a sacrifice fighting against Satan's empire. It is an amazing fact that, on the foundation of her unwavering heart and spirit not to submit, a gate could open for Adam to pave the way forward. Women should inherit Yu Gwan-soon's way of thinking. She suffered death, but because she was steadfast in her determination not to surrender, she set a condition for me to be born.


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