Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 328

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace
Section 5: Organizations for World Peace, 10-22


(10)  I have cultivated relationships with many prominent figures worldwide, and with them we are establishing the Federation for World Peace. This is in order to unite the divided body and mind as one. Without uniting religion and this external world, the world of peace can never come. I also have an organization that works with scholars. It is an influential organization in more than one hundred nations. Also, I have media organizations to bring the world of the media together. More than that, I am holding summit conferences, bringing together top leaders from all over the world. In the field of thought as well, I have climbed to the top. I have climbed to the highest plateau. I am even working at the cutting edge of science and technology. I am leading a machine company with the most advanced German technology and an electronics company with the most advanced Japanese technology. Next, I am trying to build a comparable foundation in the financial sector. Soon the United States will become the country with the largest debt in the world and the value of the dollar will plummet, giving way to a global economic crisis. I began seeking a solution to that already eight years ago. In all these arenas, I am playing a key role globally.

(11)  In the United States I established a lawyers association. Why did I do this? Violations of human rights are still serious in the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. I came to think that in order to spearhead world salvation and lead all people to peace, I needed to set up a legal organization. That is why I created the lawyers association.

(12)  The path we must go is to recover a nation, so we must operate from an international base. It would be well if the United Nations were behind us in the work to bring nations back to God. However, since the United Nations does not listen to me, I established the Federation of Island Nations. It is a forerunner of the Abel UN to come. So are the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations, which I created soon afterward.

(13)  Now is the age to restore the kingship. For this, I established the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations. We could let the North American continent go and instead tie Asia and South America together as Cain and Abel. Such a time is arriving. Having gone beyond the providential timetable of national-level settlement, we are moving toward the world. Once the world finds its center, it will turn 360 degrees. God, at the center, has the authority to freely choose for His purpose any nation anywhere on the 360 degrees of the compass.

(14)  By creating the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations, I laid the foundation upon which a new United Nations could be established. Within it we need to incorporate four major bodies, focused on religious leaders, women, youth leaders and students. Body and mind have been divided ever since Adams family, but now the realm of the first-born son and that of the second-born son, representing body and mind respectively, must become one. Thus, although the United Nations has not yet served the coming Lord, if it institutes and celebrates True Parents' Day, True Children's Day, and the Day of All True Things, all of heaven and earth will be united.

Ambassadors for peace and anointed representatives (boonbongwang)

(15)  Ambassadors for peace are ambassadors for the heavenly kingdom. You need to know that they are the ambassadors who will clean up Satan's world. That is why I am placing them in the position of the first-born son representing True Parents. They are to become the flag-bearers in the era of the settlement of God's sovereignty.

(16)  Ambassadors for peace need to represent the True Parents. Even though from the viewpoint of Satan's side they appear to be in the position of Cain, their role is not that of Cain. What I am saying is that they need to serve the people, their elder brothers and sisters, from the position of younger brothers and sisters. Thus, they should serve their nations; thus, they should serve the Unification Church.

(17)  Ambassadors are the special envoys of their nations. They represent their nations, with full authority to act for them wherever they go. Then what are ambassadors for peace? Now that the kingship of God has been established, they are the ones who have been given full authority to act for the heavenly nation. This means that they are the ambassadors for the peace of the heavenly nation.

(18)  The male ambassadors for peace represent True Father, and female ambassadors for peace represent True Mother. As fathers and mothers of their nations, with the heart of God's love, they need to establish the heavenly political system wherein leaders sacrifice themselves. By investing themselves for the sons and daughters of their nations and forgetting what they have given, always with the heart of love on behalf of God, their nations will come to resemble the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Thus, they will bring the liberation of heaven and earth. Then the world can become a world where God can be God, and where the Parents and all peoples are liberated for all eternity. Thus, the ideal world will naturally be realized.

(19)  When your ancestors receive the Blessing, they stand in the position of the three archangels to your family, whose role is to build a bridge to the earth. Who serves in that mediating role on the earth? It is the ambassadors for peace. They are people who have been given the position of archangels, even though they may not have offered much devotion. Suppose Judaism and the nation of Israel had become one, with Jesus as their center. Then Jesus would have formed a family, and he would have dispatched ambassadors for peace throughout the Roman Empire. Jesus was not able to dispatch 120 ambassadors for peace, so I have to indemnify that. All that was not finished must be indemnified.

(20)  Ambassadors for peace are archangels. They need to be better than either the Zionists or the Palestinian Muslims. Only because they are united with the Unification Church can they be like that. They have willingly gone to places of death and opened the gates of peace. What they are doing is like filling in a hole that has burst open in a large dam. There must be a group of people—an army wearing armor from head to toe that can be sent as one body to be sacrificed—that can block up the hole with their piled-up armor and mashed-up bones and flesh. That army division has to block up the hole, even if the entire division dies all at once. Only then can that dam be secured and the people below the dam survive, maintaining their farmland in peace. Unless such a sacrificial group of people comes forth, world peace cannot be realized.

(21)  My plan is to create total unity based on a new structure of ambassadors for peace together with ambassadors for peace among young leaders, middle and high school students, and children from elementary schools and kindergartens. Since all people in the village, from kindergarteners to college students to the pillars of society, will work in the name of ambassadors for peace, they can follow only one and the same path. Then, in places where we live, there can be no wars, unfilial behavior to parents, or disloyalty to the nation.

(22)  National messiahs are like the tetrarchs who had supervisory roles in the nations within the Roman Empire. They are like Abel-type kings. The sovereign of that nation is Cain, but the national messiah, as the Abel-king, needs to win the entire Cain realm over to his side. At the same time, the national messiah needs to connect to the world messiah. The world messiah is the Lord of the Second Advent. National messiahs need to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before the world messiah. If they have their own opinions or ideas, they cannot create relationships in a parallel alignment. If they insist on their own viewpoints, they are bound to collide with the world messiah.


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