Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 327

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace
Section 5: Organizations for World Peace, 01-09


Section 5.  Organizations for World Peace

(1)  The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, the World Media Association, and the Professors World Peace Academy are all oriented toward the work for peace. The peace of which we speak is based on Godism. It is head wing thought. The family exists for world peace. The individual also exists for world peace. Nothing should be self-centered. Everything should exist for peace. People who do not have this view, who are individualistic or who are partial to only their own family or nation, will never prosper. Therefore, when you eat, you should eat for world peace; when you drink water, you should drink for world peace; and even when you breathe, you should breathe for world peace. You should love for world peace, and you should work for world peace. That is how you should think. If you fail to keep up, you will become like fallen leaves blown by the autumn wind. If you are only leaves, you will never be able to become branches; yet you need to become branches. To become branches, you need my teachings on peace. So when you speak, do it for world peace; when you smell, do it for world peace. Make that the aim of all your five senses.

Establishing organizations that will work for world peace

(2)  To prepare a realm where the environment is centered on true love, God built up a worldwide foundation centered on True Parents, who are the embodiments of true love and true family. This is the background and starting point for the formation, organization, and expansion of each of the following organizations: the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and the Professors World Peace Academy, which I founded in order to seek absolute values together with world experts; the World Media Association to pursue freedom of speech and ethical responsibility; the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace to seek reconciliation and unity among all religions; the Federation for World Peace to find the way to world peace; the Women's Federation for World Peace to realize an ideal society with the participation of women; the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to substantiate the ideal of true families and expand that ideal worldwide; and the Youth Federation for World Peace to lead a new culture of youth in the twenty-first century.

(3)  What have I gained personally by creating organizations for world peace, such as the Professors World Peace Academy? I have carried out such work until now, investing our financial resources around the world. I have hosted the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS). Even so, I have not been well received by scholars. Still, I continue to serve them quietly. The reason I have been sacrificing myself for the world of academia is to enable them to collaborate. In this way, I have created a means for the sharing of scientific knowledge. Scholars are people who think they are the best simply because they know a little more than others in their field of expertise. However, in the academic circles of the world, there are now some scholars who recognize the greatness of my contributions. Therefore, they cannot ignore me. The same is also true of the media. What am I trying to do by establishing media? I am not trying to seize power or become the president. The reason I went to the United States and am engaging in this land of work is to save the United States and save the world. That is also the reason I have been carrying out this work in the academic world.

(4)  The Citizens' Federation for the Reunification of Korea does not prioritize only Korea. It exists for Asia. Not only that, but it is also to pave a worldwide foundation in order to link and connect all peoples of the world. As a representative of the world, it is leading the movement to bring together the peoples of Korea and Asia. The National Federation of University Professors and Students to Advance the Unification of South and North Korea was also founded for the unification of North and South Korea. In Japan, I inaugurated the Federation of Professors and Students for the Unification of East, West, South, and North. Japan is not divided into North and South. However, its mission is to resolve the worldwide problem of the disparity in wealth between South and North as well as the ideological conflict between East and West. This movement has already begun in Japan.

(5)  In order to unite heaven and earth, I am now declaring the liberation of the religious realm. By doing so, I am declaring the arrival of the Completed Testament Age on earth centering on the love of True Parents. It will be the age when all of humankind can find peaceful settlement on earth. The words "peaceful settlement" are frightening. The Completed Testament Age is the time to begin the fulfillment of the ideal of creation worldwide, not merely on the family level. Adam was not able to succeed on the family level, and Jesus was not able to succeed on the national level. Yet, I completed this course on the world level. It was a path that would have been lost had I not been successful and left behind a tradition that can be praised for all eternity. The realm of True Parents' victory is established on the foundation of that peaceful settlement.

(6)  The time has come when humankind no longer has need of religion. The era of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity has passed. That is why I proclaimed the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The unfallen, original family in Eden needs to be actualized. That is where Adam and Eve unite in absolute faith and attain oneness with God in an unbreakable parent-child relationship. Adam and Eve are liberated and totally freed when they can stand against any evil in the world that tries to seduce them or lead them to fall. This is the responsibility that fallen human beings are destined to fulfill.

(7)  As a counterpart to the United Nations, which represents the body, I established the Federation for World Peace, which can guide the world to peace as the representative of the mind. The League of Nations after the First World War and the United Nations after the Second World War sought to bring about peace, but neither of them has been able to do so. Why? The political leaders of the advanced nations stood in a position to lead the other nations, and thus, the body came to stand in a position to direct the mind. The Federation for World Peace that I have initiated at this time, however, will be led by religious leaders. Religions have a history going back thousands of years. The leaders of these world religions need to pool their power and lead the political world. As the mind needs to lead the body, I am trying to set up such a system of governance. That is why I initiated the Federation for World Peace to establish a standard for peace for the external political world.

(8)  The Women's Federation for World Peace should put down deep roots in the field of education and family ethics. If it cannot do this, the world will not grasp the Will of God. In that case, the world will have no peace, and nations will have no prosperity. That is why to lay this foundation, I am going to work on recovering the family, even my own. The Women's Federation for World Peace is to become the Family Party for World Peace. The Family Federation for World Peace will also become a part of the Family Party. However, in this word, I am using the Chinese character dang (堂), meaning "home." In the political world, where they fight and struggle, they use a different Chinese character dang (), which means "group" or "party." Yet, we cannot change the world and set the standard of peace by fighting. That is why all my life, I have continually allowed myself to be struck first and then worked to reclaim what was taken.

(9)  All religions need to unite. Until now, in the democratic world, religions have generally remained apart from politics. However, the religious realm needs to play a leading role in politics going forward, just as the mind guides the body. Recognizing that the invisible mind is equipped with infinite power, the religious realm ought to create a movement where they collaborate to lead global affairs. That is why I founded the Interreligious Federation for World Peace and founded the Federation for World Peace as its counterpart. Ever since the Fall, mind and body have been divided. Their struggle has manifested as conflict throughout history. Such conflict must end with the progress of the providence so that the free world and communist world, the right wing and the left wing, can be brought into the Will of God. The right wing failed to fulfill its responsibility. It allowed atheist communism to completely dominate theism. As a result, the world is moving toward an era when humanistic ideologies that estrange people from God are re-emerging. How can we stop this? We need to create an alliance of religions. 

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