Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 326

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 4: 
Worldwide Sharing of Technology, 23-32


(23)  Currently, there is fighting between two nations of the Islamic world, Iraq and Kuwait. But what would happen if the Christian world were to explode with widespread outrage and the Islamic region united against it? A religious war would break out, and that would be a serious problem. An Arab Muslim leader, the Grand Mufti of Syria, and I proposed the Middle East talks that are being held at this time. The two of us took the initiative. This fact has now become known throughout the world, particularly in the Islamic world. The conclusion is simple. Religious people need to step forward and build a world of peace. This is my conclusion regarding the conflict between the free world and the religious world.

(24)  In the Arab world, religion stands above the nation. If the Arab nations were to rally together against a Christian nation that struck any one of them, war could break out between the entire Christian and Islamic worlds. Then, because the thief on the right side, on God’s side, would be standing in the position of having struck first, the gates of world peace would break down. That is why I issued strict orders never to fight. I sponsored an emergency meeting with the Grand Mufti of Syria, who is a major Muslim leader in the Arab world, and the religious leaders from Syria and Yemen, among others. Islam and Christianity must not fight each other. The top leaders of Islam should maintain this rule as a foundation for peace. This is the only way those leaders can defend against those who cry out for war against Christianity. Therefore, I am supporting them in this work.

(25)  At this time, as war in the Persian Gulf looms, I am trying to call for restraint. A war there could be an enormous tragedy for humankind and greatly impede progress toward world peace. Even if the Americans were to win by destroying everything until all the land lay in ruins, what good would it do them? It would not profit them in any way; it would only become a stain on history that would inflame tensions. This could rupture the peace between the Christian and Muslim cultural spheres. In the work to actualize world peace, I am standing at the forefront. This is why I cannot help but think about this matter.

Proposal for technology sharing

(26)  Technology is something that belongs to humanity. It does not belong to any specific nation. As a man who stands for justice and fairness, I am taking responsibility to bring German, Japanese, and American technology to the world. That is how we can build a base for peace for all humanity. This is what I believe, and that is why a decade ago, I began to promote the sharing of technology for world peace. When I told the Chinese, "Open your bags. I will bring you German technology and the best Japanese electronic science and technology that I have acquired,"  they did not believe me at first. However, after investigating the matter over a period of three years, they came to know that what I said was true.

(27)  I have become an authority in the world of science and technology. In Germany, during the five years, from 1980 to 1985, I purchased four factories. I wanted to buy factories in order to bring the best of German technology to the developing world. Having declared at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in 1981 that I would address the issue of sharing technology with China, I bought the factories promptly. I also announced there that I would construct the International Peace Highway, so without delay, I commenced the initiative of excavating the Korea-Japan Tunnel.

(28)  The time will come when there will no longer be a need for this policy when there is no longer any distinction between developed and developing nations. Knowledge belongs to the entire universe; it can never belong to just one nation. That is why, since the 1980s, I have been promoting the sharing of technology, knowledge, material, and financial resources. Currently, I am promoting equality in education and technology. These days many developing nations are building technological research facilities in Germany. They are competing against one another to manufacture even individual small parts. What they need to do is to standardize their quality and sizes and then, having secured supplies of raw materials, invest time into manufacturing them. Yet because they are competing, they are all suffering tremendous losses. We now need to reconsider the international economic system and its entrenched divisions. The economy will not work well unless the world is united.

(29)  Many prominent people are concerned about the future of Germany, but I have discovered that no one cares about Germany more than I do. This is evident if you listen to the tapes of my speeches over the past ten years about the sharing of science and technology. Yet, the German people have been unaware that I truly care about them. Nonetheless, when I talk about fair distribution of science and technology, my vision transcends Germany; it is to connect Germany to the world of peace. They have not understood what I have been saying. Yet, if they were to listen to all I have spoken until now, they would not find anything to oppose.  Rather, the content of my speeches would lead them to respect my views.

(30)  God is not pleased with a nation that monopolizes science and technology, which He has given as a means of peace for all people, and uses it to exploit the world for its own interests. Science and technology were given to humankind for the happiness of all people. They are not only for certain white people to benefit from and use for weapons while disregarding peace. It is from this viewpoint that I am talking about the fair distribution of technology.

(31)  Now, China is bound to accept my embrace. At present, I need to help China. Right now, China needs heavy industry, and it also urgently requires the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it is well aware that joining hands with me is the best way for it to advance in the world. If China joins hands with me, it will leap forward thirty years. The system of joint-venture companies it has created through diplomatic ties with Japan will take decades to bear fruit. Japan, the United States, and other advanced capitalist nations will not simply hand over their science and technology. Under such circumstances, I proposed the fair distribution of science and technology at the Tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, held in 1981. I said that I would share all that I have with China. Why? The United States could not deal well with China, nor could the Soviets. Although they could not, I knew I could, through science and technology.

(32)  I am trying to help developing nations based on the foundation of science and technology that I have established across the world. Accordingly, for the fair distribution of science and technology throughout the world, I declared in 1981, "Cutting-edge science and technology do not belong to just one nation; it belongs to all people of the world, for world peace." I said that science and technology should not be developed only in one nation like the United States, but rather, they should be developed and used in accordance with the goals of the entire world. 

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