Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 323

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 3: The United Nations and World Peace, 07-18


(7)  The United Nations can be compared to the body. The body needs to be connected to the world of the mind, the religious realm, represented by the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Only when the religious realm is connected to the United Nations can the body and the mind become one. After that, the mother, represented by the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the children, represented by the Youth Federation for World Peace, needs to be connected. When these four major organizations are all connected, the United Nations will become an organization that can bring peace and unity and guide the world toward oneness.

(8)  Today the United Nations views itself as a global organization created to realize a new political order through the unity of its member states. Yet the organization's efforts to achieve this have failed, as complicated issues have beset it from within and prevented it from achieving internal unity. It is no different from the communist world, which advocates unity centered on the laborers and farmers, yet has become divided internally.

(9)  The United Nations does not operate as a single body. Instead, it compromises with the prevailing political climate and has become crippled. In a family, there should be a father and a mother, sons, and daughters. But the members of the United Nations have no head; they have no clear structure. I am the only one who has a clear understanding of how to lead the world to peace. When the king of the families appears and everything that was lost is engrafted to him, one central nation will appear under the sovereignty of that king.

The Abel UN

(10)  The present United Nations is in the Cain position, so we now need an organization in the Abel position. You leaders of Korea must take responsibility for this nation. From now, I will prepare the way for the Republic of Korea to reach out to the world, by creating an Abel UN. Since I know where Korea should be heading, I am doing work that others cannot even dream about.

(11)  We need to make an organization for peace that is similar to the United Nations. Yet the present UN organization, the General Assembly in particular, has only a head; it has neither hands nor feet. I founded the Professors World Peace Academy, and if I set it in motion, it could function like the General Assembly. What I mean is that we should create a new Abel-type assembly, saying, "In your General Assembly, the people who meet together are just politicians, aren't they? But in ours there are experts from every field who meet solely for the purpose of peace." Since the present UN General Assembly has only a head, without hands or feet, it is like having a body that is paralyzed.

(12)  Now the age of peace has come. In order for the United States to lead the world toward peace, it must stand as a model nation. I am proposing a means by which North and South Korea can be united, and the Middle East can be united, through the United Nations. Since the existing United Nations is in the position of Cain, we need an organization in the position of Abel. These organizations, in the position of Cain and Abel, should unite with the Will of God. This is the foundation for world peace. The United States must serve as a model of peace, then it can guide all other nations to follow its example. Otherwise, it cannot lead the way to peace.

(13)  On the matter of China, there is a reason we fasted and prayed for three days at the United Nations during its discussions over the Admission of Taiwan. China's role was crucial. From the viewpoint of Satan's side, North Korea, under Kim II Sung, is the Adam nation, China is the Eve nation, and the Soviet Union is the archangel nation. They need to unite but in the reverse order. With the support of the Soviet Union and China, even Taiwan should be brought into this unity. I have already linked all nations together through organizations such as the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations, and the Federation of Continental Nations, and through them, I plan to establish a new UN in the Abel position. The present United Nations has lost its sense of direction; in its current state, it does not serve its fundamental purpose. We are approaching the time for action. Based on the new Abel UN, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom. By setting conditions of prayer and fasting, I have been making all the necessary preparations.

The UN of Religions

(14)  People of faith all over the world need to band together and create a global body that cannot be defeated by any people or sovereign power. This is how they can awaken the sleeping United Nations. At present, the United Nations cannot stand up to communist opposition. That is why we must quickly create a UN of Religions. After that, the mission of religious people will be to win over the left-wing and the right-wing worlds and connect them to God.

(15)  In front of God, all families are fallen. Only when they go beyond the fallen world can they emerge as ideal families of God. But even after ideal families have appeared, we need a new age and a new structure for an ideal world, The center of that world will be the ideal United Nations, based on ideal families. That can provide a model for the world. The model world begins from the family. We need to establish a UN that goes beyond the Abel position and unites Cain and Abel as one. Then everyone will be part of the family that goes beyond the nation and the world.

(16)  Suppose a United Nations for the religions of the world had been established alongside the existing global United Nations, based on the idea that both nations, which are external, and religions, which are internal, should become one. Then we would now be living in an age when no one would oppose the teachings of the Unification Church. Suppose the UN of Religions and the global United Nations had come together and asked, "How can we become sibling organizations, as filial children who truly serve the Will of God and who also love our nations?" What if they had pursued and researched this matter? Then they would not have opposed the Unification Church. Instead, they would have advocated that everyone follow its teachings.

(17)  The United Nations was created from a political perspective. The UN of Religions, however, has not yet been created; therefore it should be. The United Nations can become one by cooperating with the UN of Religions. Without such a religious base, the United Nations has become a hotbed of communism. Things turned out as they did because the United Nations was not able to fulfill its mission. That is why I met with Dwight Eisenhower, former president of the United States. I told him, "You need to make an organization that can subjugate the communists, who are trying to dominate the world." I told him to be prepared to stop the communists.

(18)  My plan is now to create a UN of Religions. People of faith around the world need to be part of this. We then need to encourage women to create the Women's UN. Why is this necessary? Politics represent the body, which is Satan's base. Satan's mentality is such that politics is fraught with deceit. People in politics seek benefit for their own nations even at the expense of others. Only the world of the mind and the spirit can subjugate this political world of Satan. Among the people living on this earth, some are believers and others are nonbelievers. Thus we can divide people into two groups, one group that denies God and the other that affirms God. Those who deny God espouse humanism, secularism, and self-centered individualism. They have nothing to do with God and everything to do with Satan. Since they have created the United Nations of the earthly world, the people who affirm God need to create a UN of the heart, of the world of religion. 

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