Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 324

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 3: The United Nations and World Peace, 19
Section 4: 
Worldwide Sharing of Technology, 11


(19)  We are now planning to establish an Interreligious UN. Since we have a United Nations, we need to form a similar organization of religions. Our aim is to create a new culture that embraces cooperation between interreligious, international, and other non-governmental organizations. The new UN of Religions should be integrated with the United Nations, and also with organizations that connect people in the fields of politics and economics. After that, it must integrate men and women's groups. It should include men, women, and youth. We also need an international body for education. We need all of these in order to create one nation. I also plan to set up an international defense organization that is something like NATO.

(20)  We need to establish a world council of religions. When we bring people of faith together to form one nation, we can completely eradicate the conflicts in Satan's world. My plan is to have this council of religions incorporated into the United Nations. These are not mere words; I am actually working on it right now. What comes after that is to create the Women's UN. That is why I am promoting the Women's Federation for World Peace. I intend to make a UN body centered on the Women's Federation. Women leaders and the wives of world leaders are bound to join the Women's Federation and participate in the Women's UN.

(21)  You need to understand that religion and politics have been enemies. Their enmity has manifested even at the United Nations. The United Nations is a global entity based on a political system representing the body. However, now people all over the world recognize that it is incomplete. Now that I have come, religion should be included at the United Nations. The United Nations needs to connect to the world of the mind, the realm of heart. The body and mind were divided, and since there is a UN of the body, there should also be a UN of the mind. Next, there should be a Women's UN. Rather than a UN dominated by men of the archangel's lineage, there should be a UN for women. Since Eve was lost, Eve must be recovered.

Section 4.  Worldwide Sharing of Technology

(1)  In the midst of division, the time has come to enter a new era, transcending peoples and uniting societies and nations as siblings, according to the viewpoint of Heaven. In the United Nations, all nations are brothers, but they are still fighting each other. Cain and Abel continue to fight. When there is peace among brothers, everything will be finished. Thus Americans should share their wealth with the people of the world, who are all their siblings. The United States did not generate its own wealth; it was bestowed by our Heavenly Parent. Therefore, the United States should share its wealth. If it shares only inferior products, troubles will arise. At this time, the world must embrace a culture of heart-centered on Heaven.

(2)  For humankind to live in peace, all races need to come together and work to save the world. Otherwise, we cannot arrive at a world of peace. In the future, this work will have to be done by the Unification Church. When the time comes to pass on to the spirit world, it is not as if white people go to one place, Asian people to another, and black people to a third. They will all become one.

An interreligious, interracial, and international movement

(3)  In order to arrive at the place of glory, the realm of God's love, we have to love our enemies. Since God knows no barriers of nationality, we need to go beyond these walls. Only by doing so can we achieve a world of oneness and peace. That is the only way we can connect the spirit world and the physical world and bring them into oneness.

(4)  The peace and unity of the world cannot be achieved through any ideology, teaching, or religious doctrine that uses people as instruments and manipulates them. That is why, until now, all paths have been blocked. True Buddhists, Christians, philosophers, and thinkers have long awaited the one teaching that elucidates the ideal that can unify the society, the nation, the world, and the universe.

(5)  Now, the era of nationalism has passed. The era when certain ethnic groups assert their superiority over other ethnicities has passed. No single people, no matter how much they fight and struggle, is adequate to complete the formula course of unification that God is following. It is a course that can only be accomplished through the solidarity of different peoples; that is, an integrated people. We cannot follow a single people to one world of peace. A religion must be able to transcend nationality and embrace all of Asia, the world, and all of heaven and earth.

(6)  The ideal world of peace that all religious bodies worldwide wish for is a unified world, the kingdom of heaven, where all come together in oneness. It cannot be two worlds because that world is the absolute Will of God. It will be one absolute world. The ideology of the kingdom of heaven aims to create that world. It will be realized at the place where, working internationally and interracially, we have triumphed over and overcome everything.

(7)  Religions are seeking the heavenly kingdom. They wish for the ideal world, which some call Nirvana or paradise. It is the place where God and humankind can be happiest and most peaceful. Then who is its sovereign? Its sovereign is God, and its citizens are an interracial people. In that place, it does not matter whether your hair is black or yellow or whether your face is black or white. Color does not matter. God is the great King of an interracial kingdom.

(8)  What people of faith need to do is establish one world of peace. Whether Muslim, Christian, or of any other faith, they should work together to build a world of peace. This would bring humanity into oneness for all eternity. In this endeavor, at least, they need to be united.

(9)  Looking at religions, we see that each one is antagonistic toward the others, believing that it is the best. That attitude creates an environment that will cause great difficulties in the future. If religions maintain that standpoint, how can they help build one world of peace? I believe that unless the walls between religions are broken down, tremendous damage will result. That is why I am carrying out interreligious work. Since religions have been guiding their followers, of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, for thousands of years, breaking down the walls between them is tremendously difficult. The four major religions—Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Confucianism—all have histories going back thousands of years. If they attack and fight one another in the future, world peace will be destroyed, and humanity will perish. The question is how we can bring these religious bodies together so that, instead of fighting, they can dialogue with one another and head toward the one world of peace. God and the spirit world desire this even more than we people on earth. That is why, in accordance with that Will, I am carrying out a worldwide interfaith movement through the Unification Church.

(10)  The religious realm and the political realm represent the mind and the body, respectively. They need to become one. That is the task of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). The prefix "inter" here is used differently from the way it has been used until now. It has only addressed the horizontal relationships between people, excluding God. However, in our term "interreligious," God is included. It means to fulfill God’s wish of uniting the religions. It is also the unity of nations. That is why I am striving to unite the nations as well as the religions. By uniting the religions and the nations, I am striving to bring them to voluntarily create a realm of oneness in heart. Then together, they will become the fruit of the cosmos and of heaven and earth, encompassing everything.

(11)  If humankind is to be one family, the sons and daughters of God, then it must be interdenominational, interreligious, and international. That is the concept of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, transcending all the barriers in this world. Religions, as they are today, cannot solve the world's problems. Neither can the nations of today. That is why by adding the prefix "inter," we are talking about being interreligious and international. IIFWP must manifest a heart of oneness centered on God, which will bring harmony to society.  Only then can we solve world problems.


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