Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 322

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 2: The End of Communism, 27
Section 3: The United Nations and World Peace, 06


(27)  Looking at the way history has developed, we cannot help but lead a movement to unify religions and overcome communism. We have to leave behind evidence that we participated in a movement to unite the religions and to unify the communist world and the free world. When you can stand as a Unificationist and say, "Here I am!" while holding the Divine Principle book in your right hand and the Victory over Communism book in your left hand, you will become God's son or daughter. This is where the new ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth begins. I am marching forward for that kingdom. If God asks me, "What have you achieved?" I will respond, "I have completed everything.  This is the world of peace that we all wanted."

(28)  When considering the conflict between East and West, do not think that democracy has won. Democracy, as a mere political system, is nothing special. Because it has no solid ideological foundation, it is encountering a vacuum of ideas. Therefore, we must educate the world about Godism, which is head-wing thought. We need an organization that can systemize these two teachings, and an institution to lead the world. The Unification Church alone is not enough. If the church takes the lead, the teachings will become known as the doctrine of the Unification Church. And if we center on the Victory over Communism organization, we will become a one-sided ideological group to oppose communism. That is why, to create a larger framework, I inaugurated the Federation for World Peace. The League of Nations was founded after the First World War, and the United Nations was founded after the Second World War. In order to create a new world, we need a new worldwide organization. The Federation for World Peace should be able to relate to people from the political world and the intelligentsia. It has to offer a new teaching that can guide humankind to solve their problems.

(29)  How is Unificationism different from democracy and communism? The United States, as the representative of democracy, promotes a one-dimensional humanistic idea, based only on horizontal relationships. Communism also has come thus far promoting one-dimensional world peace, which is only horizontal. The United States is considered to be part of the Christian cultural sphere, but it is not aligned with God as the absolute subject partner. Americans put God in the backroom, and some even claim that God is dead, while they place people at the forefront. However, the Unification Church is multidimensional, both vertical and horizontal. Our purpose is not only to bring about a world of peace; that is only the starting point for the ideal of peace in the universe and even the cosmos. This is a very promising endeavor, but at the same time, it is daunting. Through this, we can mobilize God. From the perspective of the Unification Church, world peace is just the starting point. But today's democracy and communism are one-dimensional ideologies that view world peace as their only goal.

(30)  Communism and democracy talk about world peace and freedom in the realm of external form, but they do not know about world peace in the realm of internal nature. Although the realm of external form is forever changing shape, the world of internal nature does not change. There can always be change and development in external form, but there can be no change in basic essence. Internal nature does not change. The Unification Church regards the desire for world peace and unification as the beginning point on the journey to the world of internal nature. Therefore, we see that what the free world regards as the final destination is in fact the starting point for entering the world of internal nature.

(31)  Looking at the communist and democratic worlds today, the age of conflict between the two has passed and we have entered the age of their integration. However, although the age has arrived when we can advocate peace, the way to realize that peace is unclear. This world is in the midst of chaos and confusion, yet there is no vision as to how to overcome it. Communists attempted to bring about an ideal world, but all their dreams have collapsed. It is the same with the democratic world. At the present time, the United States is leading the democratic world, but it is far from able to reach the destination of world peace. On the contrary, in the current situation, Americans are losing hope. The country's future is bleak because it has reached the stage where its youth are corrupt; they are doing things that could bring the human race to an end.

Section 3.  The United Nations and World Peace

(1)  After the First World War, expectations were high that a world of peace would emerge, a world free from war, based on the League of Nations. But less than three decades later, war broke out again. Nevertheless, people's innate inclination to pursue peace remained unchanged. We desire to advance toward a world of peace, even if it we have to die for it. That is why, after the Second World War, the League of Nations was dissolved and the United Nations was founded. In the belief that all people are brothers and sisters, we entered an era when the victorious nations gave the defeated nations their independence and protected and nurtured them in the name of brotherhood. Now, the military conflicts that arose during the Cold War have come to an end. The Third World War has been an ideological war. The Soviet Union and the United States are both reluctant to fight. Now, whether they like it or not, we must proclaim for the sake of peace, "God exists!" and explain what the world should be like. Unless we do so, there is no way for the world to be brought under God's dominion. Because I understood this, I presented a worldview and a universal teaching based on the absolute values of God, and I systemized a principle by which we can liberate even God Himself.

The renewal of the United Nations and world peace

(2)  Now we need to create the model for a nation of peace. We are working to bring world peace through unity at the United Nations. We need to help the United Nations stand in the position to lead all the nations of the world. I included the word "peace" in the names of numerous organizations that I founded, including the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, and the Professors World Peace Academy. This is because I have set my sights on the United Nations. I have been preparing for this for decades. Originally the United Nations was meant to set the standard that nations should follow. It was meant to lead the way to peace for humankind.

(3)  For a world that is comprised of individual nations to become a world of peace is not something that can be done overnight. It requires a long period of time. In order to transform something, we need a model. If there were a model nation such that people would say, "Wow, when we follow that, our nation will develop!" and if the environment were such that the United Nations could promote it and every nation could support it, all nations would be bound to follow it. That is why the work I am doing now is welcomed by the developing nations. There are only a small number of advanced nations—the G7, or the G8. Apart from them, many other nations are developing. If the United Nations were to uphold one model as a nation of peace, then all UN member states would naturally turn in that single direction.

(4)  The present United Nations cannot achieve world peace. Every nation is fighting for its own benefit. This is not correct; it is not conscientious. That is why a religious assembly, centered on the conscience, should be part of the United Nations. The Women's Federation for World Peace is working behind the scenes. Providentially, women should play a central role in bringing about world peace; otherwise, people will continue to fight. Women need to form an organization that can stand at the center, embrace Cain and Abel, and create an atmosphere of peace throughout the world.

(5)  Who should lead world peace? God should lead it. God should lead both the religious realm and the political realm. I am advocating a United Nations of the religious realm. Furthermore, I am advocating a Women's UN. These two organizations must be created. This is how present-day humanity will be brought into alignment with God's plan.

(6)  Politics alone cannot change the world. We are dealing with the political arena, but it is extremely corrupt. Families in their current state are dysfunctional, and they cannot correct this. That is why we need religions to unite and rally the world on the right path, the shortest way to a world of peace.

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