Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 321

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 2: The End of Communism, 16-26


(16)  Throughout the world, the communists are fighting in three ways. They are fighting through ideology, intelligence, and propaganda. The United States is a huge and powerful country, but it does not have clear policies or measures to fight with and overcome the communists. Some U.S. politicians are reluctant to fight the communists; they are making concessions to them and retreating again and again. As a result, communists are manipulating the nations in South America that neighbor the United States, to the point that they threaten the peace and freedom of their neighbor to the north. What will you do if the communists take control of your country? Do you think they will guarantee the freedom and peace you enjoy today? Surely it is possible for such a thing to happen, even in the United States. In fact, the signs are already appearing in all parts of the world. South American countries have begun to recognize that only Rev. Moon and his teachings offer hope for their future. Henceforth, Unification Church members in the United States must make the American people understand this situation.

The fall of communism

(17)  I knew through Heaven's law that communism could not last longer than seventy-three years. I waited and waited for this. Kim II Sung had plotted with the government of the Soviet Union to kill me in December 1987. The FBI in America informed me of this plot, which was revealed when twenty-five Japanese Red Army agents were arrested and interrogated in New York.  However, now that Soviet leaders have studied the teaching propounded by the Unification Church, they recognize it as an amazing truth that can give hope to the Soviet Union.

(18)  I gave a direction that the end of the Soviet Union should be declared before August 15, 1985 at the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The declaration was made in front of 350 scholars and Soviet experts that were gathered there from all over the world. If I had not made that condition, the Soviet Union would not have declined.

(19)  In order to bring about the end of the Soviet Union, I chose the theme "The Fall of the Soviet Empire" for the PWPA conference. This was when the Soviet Union was at its peak. It was 1985, and the Soviet Union had a plan to infiltrate the United States. But it could not do so because of me. When Dr. [Morton A.] Kaplan visited me in Danbury Prison, he suggested that we should not bluntly declare "the fall of communism" but rather use the word "perhaps." But I said to him, "What if the Soviet Union collapses within five years? Will you take responsibility for the consequences of not declaring it clearly? Just wait and see!" Finally, he followed my direction and made this declaration. Afterwards, indeed, it collapsed within five years!

(20)  No progress ever comes through struggle or fighting. When there is fighting, both sides suffer. Communism, which teaches that things develop through struggle, did not last more than seventy-three years. I had already predicted this as early as the 1950s. I said, "If communism lasts longer than seventy-three years, you can burn my fingers!" But it indeed collapsed after exactly seventy-three years. Anyone who instigates a struggle surely brings destruction upon himself. He causes his situation to worsen. The concept that struggle brings progress is illogical. Struggle cannot take us beyond our current level.

(21)  I fought for forty years based on Unification Thought and the theory of Victory over Communism. I knew that the Communist Party was destined to collapse. When the people discard communism, what will they replace it with? They will cling to whatever the Communist Party most vigorously opposed. That is the only thing they can do. Whatever the communists opposed will become the start of the period of transition. That is why, without any hesitation, I have relentlessly fought against communism, even as the communist world and even the free world so desperately opposed me. When I went to Moscow recently, I clearly declared that communism would collapse and I introduced God. I said that in order for the Soviet Union to find God in the future, they would have to rely on my teachings. My words are fundamentally different from the views expressed in the Orthodox Church and other established churches. They are words that bring God into the center of our lives. From that point of view, I made a historical declaration.

Vision of an age beyond ideology

(22)  If an ideology or teaching appeared on the earth that could earn the gratitude of countless generations, from the first ancestors to the myriads of future descendants, it would be able to guide the world. If it touched the hearts of many saints and sages of the past, such that they were grateful for it, those in the spirit world would also cooperate. Surely all people would appreciate such a teaching and be touched by it. That teaching would not belong only to the present era. It would be able to connect past, present, and future. What content would be so inspiring? The Unification Church asserts that such a teaching could only be based on a deep heart.

(23)  If we take a comprehensive view of history, we see that the Hebraism that led to the Roman papacy failed, the humanism that led to democracy failed, and the Hellenism that led to communism failed as well. So I considered, what if there were an international, worldwide ideal based on a view that integrated Hebraism, humanism, and Hellenism? The age we are entering requires a philosophy that can integrate all these ideas, and at the same time lead to the merging of all religions. We need such a philosophy, but it should be based on a religious perspective. This is because we need something that goes beyond ourselves. A human viewpoint alone is not enough. The historical and political trends of the world are going in this direction, and the Unification Church is striving to integrate all of them. Thus, I am introducing head-wing thought.

(24)  In the future a new world will appear, which is neither communist nor democratic. We need a world that is based on heart, with God at the center. We need a world that transcends the death of the body, a world of hope, that our hearts long for, to appear on this earth. The age when it appears, the very kingdom of peace that we have been eager to see, will be the age that Unification Church members call the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(25)  The democratic world and the communist world have been fighting until now. Each views the other as the enemy, and each tries to defeat the other. Peace can never emerge in such a contentious world. So we absolutely need a new movement that centers on the unity of mind and body. We need a new movement that teaches us how to completely subjugate the body to the mind and make a victorious foundation on this earth. It should be able to win over the democratic world and even to win over the communist world.

(26)  Why did the left wing and the right wing appear? What is the origin of these two positions today? Politicians did not give them these names just because they wanted to. They represent a historical course of indemnity that must reappear; otherwise, the liberation of Jesus will not be possible. Only when those who represent the thief on the left and the thief on the right, together with those who represent Barabbas, all kneel in front of Jesus and together sing his praises, saying, "You alone are the glorious victor, the final victor," will the gates open to the peaceful kingdom, the kingdom of heaven.

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