Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 320

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 2: The End of Communism, 05-15


(5)  Democracy and communism, each in its own way, are trying to attain a world of peace. However, we are now entering the age when communism will be completely banished from the earth. From the providential and historical point of view, this is inevitable. What will happen to democracy when communism is gone? The democracies think that when communism falls the age of democracy will come, and democratic leadership will come to rule the world. It believes that democracy is the hope for the world. But in fact, when communism falls, democracy will also quickly plummet.

(6)  Democracy and communism have thus far co-existed in a state of continual discord, struggling against each other. They could not co-exist in peace. Yet there must be a fundamental solution to the struggle between the materialistic and the spiritual perspective. How can we resolve this issue? We must first clarify where we stand, and based on that stance we must deal with all issues that arise.

(7)  I have to stand on the foundation of having united Cain, the communist world, and Abel, the democratic world. I have to make the two become one. The democratic world and the communist world are the extension of the mind and the body. One is the world that centers on the mind, the other is the world that centers on the body. We cannot open the door to world peace unless we unite these two worlds. This is a law. This is how we can be connected as physical beings from the individual to the family, society, nation and world.

(8)  The logic of communism states that an ideal world can be achieved only through a process of struggle. The directions of the Party are regarded as absolute, and all other ideas are rejected. That would be true if communism stood on the side of goodness, which brings freedom, happiness, and peace.  But if you look at the core of communism, it is ruthless beyond imagination. Communists will use any means or methods to reach their goal. If their parents, their country, or their comrades stand in their way, they cut them down. During its history of seventy years, communism has emerged as a global challenge.

(9)  What is the communist world aiming for? It is a world of peace through struggle. Such a world is different from the peaceful world that democracies pursue. Communists purge everyone who disobeys their ideology, labeling them as reactionary elements. If they cut off and remove all these elements, they call it a world of peace. Today, the Soviets claim they want peace, but that peace is based on Marxism-Leninism. It refers to a state where all the reactionaries that disobey those in power have been purged.

(10)  What is communism? It does not recognize God as the subject partner, it does not recognize object partners, and it has no direction or purpose. If you agree with even one of its points, everything falls apart. Communists see the relationship of subject and object partners as one of struggle. They assert that everything becomes one through struggle. Where on earth can you see such a thing? They claim that men and women become one through struggle, and that the mind and body become one through struggle. And when it comes to subject and object partners, they say that material existence is first, not the mind. They say that the mind is an offshoot of the body. In this, they turn everything upside down. By saying that their direction is struggle, they take the direction toward conflict, not peace. They also say that unification requires bloodshed. This violates the basic principles of the progression of history and the existence of the universe.

(11)  The law of dialectics says that everything becomes one through struggle.  If the capitalist world were to be replaced by a communist system, what would happen to the goal of struggle? Would a world of peace automatically come about? If the communist world remains as it is, we can never think that an ideal world will emerge. If the communist world reached a state of saturation, and it became clear that it could not possibly realize the ideal, the divisions within it would become more serious. Suppose that kind of world came about. Communists do not believe in or teach about the spirit world, but even so, do you think the spirit world would just let them be? If God truly exists, what would He do? If the world were to become communist, religion would disappear. Do you think that God, who has been relating to human beings through religion to this day, would stand idly by and do nothing about it? The goal of communists is not only to defeat capitalism, it is also to defeat God. That is why for them, religion is an object of struggle.

(12)  Communism holds a concept of peace that is different from ours.  Communists use strategic language. When we in the democratic world refer to peace, although we may have different positions about how to attain that goal, we try to find common ground on which we can cooperate and unite. That is peace. This is how we can become one. However, communists do not see it that way. They have to completely purge all the reactionary elements; no one who opposes them can stand before the authority of the dictatorship of the proletariat. To them, to reach this point is to achieve peace.

(13)  Communists have already infiltrated the U.S. government, the army and the churches. They are proclaiming an atheistic Christian movement in broad daylight. These Christians have structured their system based on materialistic communist thought. We cannot expect anything good to come from it. We cannot expect a solution from the government, the army or the churches; neither from the scholars or the university students. In conclusion, it is inevitable that we must start a movement based on a religious teaching that can confront communism. We have to raise this issue globally in order to offer hope for the future. That is the best thing we can do. The Communist Party does not want to pursue the ideal world based on a natural course. They want to pursue it through violence. They do not care what means or method they use to attain their goal. You need to understand that we must fight against their worldwide foundation. This is my role, and it is also the role of the Unification Church. We must turn their ideology on its head. We must turn around their everyday emotions and guide their actions toward a new direction.

(14)  The Communist Party, like all evil, always attacks when it is stronger than others. There can be no peace with it. In light of this, I built a gun factory in Korea. This was to set a fire in the hearts of the youth in the Unification Church and have them pledge from the bottom of their hearts to fight the communists in the future, if necessary. Force must sometimes be met with force. Of course, I do not mean that we would attack them. Satan's core nature is such that he always strives to invade when the other side is weak. Talking about peace and the like is just one of their strategies. What should the Korean people do when they are beset by rapidly changing circumstances? The time has come when they must arm themselves with an ideology that gives them life-or-death resolve to protect themselves.

(15)  How did communism originate from materialism? It began with the internal struggle rooted in the body, which has only material existence, and expanded that to the world level. It applies materialism to the world. Meanwhile, idealism—which represents the mind in the mind-body struggle—has emerged on the world level in the form of democracy. Today, these two camps confront each other. Just as the body strikes the mind and dominates it, in the Last Days, materialism pervades the mind-centered philosophies to a dangerous degree. Although we ought to bring about a world of peace in the twenty-first century, first we should consider how to bring about peace and unity deep within our minds. The conflict between mind and body is the cause of all problems.  Because it is the origin of the problems, unless we resolve that, nothing will succeed.

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