Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 319

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace

Section 1: The World of Peace that True Parents Envision, 11
Section 2: The End of Communism, 04


A society transcending borders, peoples, and religions

(11)  In the world that God desired to create, there would be no national borders. There would be no problems between black and white people. There would be no conflict between good and evil. However, when we look at the world today, can we say that this world has no national borders? Every single nation has borders. There are problems among races, especially between blacks and whites. Not only that; even within the family, there is discord and disunity between husband and wife and between parents and children. Furthermore, good people are fighting with evil people. The Lord who comes under these circumstances needs to unite the world, making it a place where there are no national borders and no racial barriers. He needs to unite all broken families and establish a kingdom of peace in this world that is beset by conflict between good and evil. He has to teach individuals to sacrifice for the family and nations to sacrifice for the sake of a unified world. This is the only way to achieve a unified world. Otherwise, all hope of reaching such a world will be lost.

(12)  Religion must transcend the nation and even the world. It serves on behalf of the absolute God to influence the world to go His way. Religions, in the position of subject partner, teach the truth in order to influence and transform all the systems, customs, nations, tribes, and even the blood ties that make up the fallen world. In religion, there should be no East or West. There should be no trace of Satan, no trace of division or prejudice on the level of the nation, people or tribe. All religions should aspire to the one nation, one people, and one land. Only in this way can the eternal, everlasting, and sole sovereignty of God be established. In such a nation, people are centered on God as the children of His direct lineage. The people follow His commands and the nation is governed under His royal authority. The system in that world is neither democracy nor communism.

(13)  We need to transcend all the cultural spheres that were created by the world's numerous peoples and its five races, and transform the world into one cultural sphere. In other words, we need to establish an ideal world where the family system, the social system, the national system, and all its various institutions are based on Godism. Godism is the teaching of the perfect Adam, who has nothing to do with the Fall. It is neither communism nor democracy, but Adamism. Adamism is the way to Godism.

(14) Now I need to bring unity to the United Nations. What will happen when I do this? When there is no more fighting at the United Nations, it will become the model for a peaceful nation and a unified nation. When all the spheres of ethnicity, religion, race, and culture can unite based on brotherly love and attend the Father and Mother of Adam's family, then this Father and Mother will become the great King and Queen of the cosmos. From Adam's family should come the king of each tribe, the king of each people, the king of each nation, and the king of the world. This is how God's providence works to pass down His royal sovereignty and ensure its continuation.

(15)  What is the center of religion? It is God. God is called by many different names, yet there cannot be many gods. Regardless of what He is called, since the origin is only one, there can be only one God. Due to the many different languages of the world, there are many different names for God. Yet God, the Original Being, is one. The purpose that God pursues is manifested through religions. Hence, no matter how many religious bodies exist, as they follow their respective paths in pursuit of this purpose, they will reach the same destination. To arrive at that destination there must be a teaching that can connect them to peace and the kingdom of heaven.

(16)  Human beings have tried to realize a nation of peace. Yet no matter how hard they try, a peaceful nation and peaceful world are impossible through human efforts alone. If it were possible, it would have been done long ago, based on the devotion of the many saints and sages of ages past. People in today's advanced scientific civilization interpret their existence through empiricism. They are struggling to discover something beyond that. Do you think humankind today can bring about an ideal world? The problem comes down to the conflict and disunity between the body and the mind. It would not be a problem if our outer bodily aspect was united with our inner mind aspect. But instead, our body is the enemy, blocking the unity between mind and body. The mind wants to go straight ahead while the body's desires pull us in the opposite direction.

(17)  When God created heaven and earth, He wanted the individual, family, nation, world, and cosmos to be based on goodness. He wanted to create the world He had envisioned, a world of peace based on love. But as a result of the Fall, all of it was lost. Hence, the world that God created could not be a place of true individuals and nations; it could not be the world and cosmos He intended. Instead, it gave rise to individuals, families, nations, a world, and a cosmos of misery.  God has been toiling to this day to restore all of this. Our ancestors have followed the Will of restoration; yet they did not know how to restore the individual, family, nation, world, and cosmos in accordance with God’s Will. That is why I had to follow such a suffering course while striving to resolve the essential question of how to restore the individual, family, nation, world, and cosmos, and how to unite this cosmos with God's heart. After I discovered the Principle, I realized that it was necessary for humanity and vital for the realization of God's idea.

Section 2.  The End of Communism

(1)  Today the world is divided into the two camps of communism and democracy, representing Cain and Abel on the global level. The fight between Cain and Abel has brought about endless struggles, causing enormous pain and suffering. In order to clear this up, communism and democracy should not stand as divided camps fighting each other. If they remain in that position, we cannot establish a kingdom of peace on earth, or see the reign of the Parents of peace. The sovereignty of God, who is in the position of the Parent over a unified world, can emerge only when the communist and democratic worlds, in the position of Cain and Abel, become one.

Why is communism a problem?

(2)  The democratic world and the communist world stand at opposite poles. While the democratic world seeks Heaven, the communist world goes the opposite way. While the communist nations follow materialism, the democracies follow ideals. The democratic world gives precedence to the individual, but in the communist world, it is the Party that rules. The democratic world values freedom, love, and peace, while the communist world rules by force using threats, guns, and swords. Today, these two worlds have split and are heading in opposite directions.

(3)  The democratic world seeks the world of the mind. At minimum, it has compassion and hope for the future. Further, it seeks peace. However, the ideology of communism teaches struggle, based on dialectical materialism. It asserts that the course of struggle provides the elements for development. In that ideology, there can be no peace. Indeed, it leads to the opposite.

(4)  The world today fights for the body and material things. Yet, despite advances in the fields of economics, science, and philosophy, these cannot bring peace to humankind. It is through the movement of Heaven that the world of the mind must emerge, equipped with a new teaching that re-evaluates the physical body and material things. Unless such a teaching appears in this historical era of the Last Days, this world will come to ruin. Now we have arrived at the final era when God must secure the one center. How can we, who are living in this era, resolve and clear up all the issues of our time? This depends on where we stand with regard to the two streams of thought that divide our world—the materialistic or the spiritual view of history. We will perish if we proceed based on materialism and the physical body. That is why we have to clear things up together with God. We have to place the mind in the forefront. Who is the subject partner of our mind? It is God. 

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