Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 31

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 1: The Identity and Role of the True Parents, 18-28
Section 2: The Emergence of the True Parents, 1-2

(18) Due to the Fall of the first ancestors, we lost the hometown, the nation and the world. Furthermore, we lost God and even God's love. True Parents are the starting point to regain all these essential and magnificent things. What is the purpose and desire of God, who has led His providence throughout history to this day? It is to find the True Parents, and thus He has been leading the history of indemnity since the Fall. It is for this same purpose that countless Christians have been longing in hope, waiting for the day of the Second Coming. For this purpose, many religions are also longing for this day. Thinking of this, True Parents' birth on earth is a fearsome yet marvelous event.

(19) Study of the providential ages leads us to understand that the providence of restoration is completed in the Last Days. As the Last Days approach, religions move closer to realizing their purpose, which is the coming of the Parents—not any parents, but the True Parents.  As the Divine Principle teaches, True Parents are those who have realized the ideal of oneness based on God's love. They have fulfilled their responsibility by passing through the realm of indirect dominion based on their accomplishments according to the Principle, and into the realm of direct dominion. They are the first parents in history to establish the ideal of oneness in love between God and humankind.  God's ideal of love finally begins to settle on earth through the True Parents' family.

(20) What was God's ultimate purpose in guiding the history of restoration? It was the advent of the True Parents. True Parents are required to represent a true family.  A true family is required to represent a true tribe, a true tribe to represent a true people, a true people to represent a true nation, and a true nation to represent a true world. In this way, history will advance. If we look at this process the other way around, a nation should be sacrificed to represent the world, a people should be sacrificed to represent the nation, a tribe to represent the people, a family to represent the tribe, and a representative person should be sacrificed for the family.  This process culminates with the True Parents.

(21) We are living a life fraught with struggle between good and evil. Then, when will this fleeting, temporary life transform into a permanent, eternal life? At what point in time will this transformation occur on the national and world levels? Where do these issues originate? All problems came about due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, who became the false parents. Consequently, problems of the heart, of lineage, of character, of language, and the problems of daily life arose, as well as problems affecting nations and the world. Then how can we fulfill our desire to resolve these accumulated problems all at once? It requires a true standard. But this is not to be found within the tribe, society or nation, or even within the world.  Because the origin of all problems is the false parents, only a connection with the True Parents can lead us to a solution.

(22) Even if all the parents of the billions of human beings were to resurrect this instant, not one of them would manifest the glory of True Parents. Even if all the ancestors of millions of generations were to come back to life and sing praises over the glory of their resurrection, the song and the glory still would not be free from the fallen realm. What of the name True Parents, which we use in the Unification Church? Although your current situation may be miserable, you can be proud of these words. Their value exceeds your value, and even that of hundreds of millions of ancestors bringing victory throughout the earth, proclaiming liberation for all people, singing songs of praise and shouting of glory. Meeting the True Parents will start you on the path to meeting God, and meeting the Unification Church will start you on the path to God's kingdom, the homeland that True Parents desire to see in the near future.

True Parents are the Savior and returning Lord

(23) The Messiah is in the position of Adam who has perfected God's love.  He comes with the qualifications of the original Father.  Therefore he will choose a woman in the position of the Mother, and based on the foundation of God's original love, they will secure the rights of ownership for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation.  Centering on true love, the Messiah claims the right of ownership from individuals, families, tribes, citizens and nations, and then returns it to nations, citizens, families and individuals.

(24) If the original love of the Messiah had been established from the individual to the nation, and if it had spread to Rome and to the world, there would be no need today for the concept of the returning Lord. But there is no country on earth that has passed through such a course. Even the countless Christian churches do not belong to the realm of ownership according to God's principles of love. In short, the heavenly kingdom does not exist on earth. When we consider this, how great and amazing is the name True Parents! It is only through them that we can lay the foundation, pierce through the fallen domain of Satan's world, and go up from there.

(25) What is the purpose of the Second Advent? It the coming of the True Parents.  The returning Lord and his bride are the True Parents. The Messiah means the True Parents, who are the final destination of human history. One united world can come about only when all people, who are wandering about like orphans without a nation, come to the True Parents. That is how the world becomes one home. In this world of True Parents, there is no devil. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. When the True Parents appear, Satan will ultimately have to withdraw. God wants the True Parents to appear on earth and defeat Satan. God wants to lay that foundation.

(26) True Parents must emerge in history. The one who carries out this historic mission is the Savior and the Messiah. What does he save? Not our physical bodies by making them last forever. Rather, he enables us to fulfill our hope for ideal love. To achieve this, the Messiah must come as the True Parents. Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Messiah and Savior. What does he need to do in order to come as the True Parents? We know he cannot do it alone. He comes as a man representing the True Father. This is why Jesus said that he was the only begotten Son of God. When the only begotten Son comes, it will not suffice if he is alone. There has to be the only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Son and Daughter would love and marry each other, at the place where all can rejoice with God. Upon their marriage, God, the vertical Parent, would rejoice, and the only begotten Son and daughter would rejoice as the bride and bridegroom. Then, as the horizontal Parents, they would give birth to children on earth.

(27) The returning Lord of whom Christians speak is he who comes with the hope of establishing the most victorious of all families. Then, where is his beginning point in life? It is not based in the family, but in all of heaven and earth. Wherever he goes, that place will represent heaven and earth; everything he does will have historic value. All his footsteps, from the smallest to the greatest, will bear value higher than anything else in history, and will remain eternally. Even something as small as a piece of paper that he used will remain as a historic artifact. Everything related to him will have the value of the world and the cosmos.

(28) Study of the world's religions reveals archangel-type religions and Eve-type religions. But Adam must emerge before Eve. In Christianity, he is called the returning Lord. Who is the returning Lord? Jesus Christ was the second Adam, who came due to the failure of the first Adam; the returning Lord comes as the third Adam. Adam is the man who was supposed to become the true ancestor of humankind. Yet as a result of the Fall, the first Adam became our false ancestor instead. Jesus came in place of Adam, as the new ancestor, but could not completely fulfill that purpose. Christianity is the fruit of that incomplete ancestry.  Because a clear ancestral line did not emerge because Jesus was unable to establish the bond of the bridegroom and the bride on earth, the Parents did not come. Without establishing the position of Parents, how could Jesus become the ancestor of humankind? Lacking any alternative, Jesus became the Parent in a spiritual sense.

Section 2: The Emergence of the True Parents

(1) Throughout history, men and women were brought together. However, their connection should have taken place at a single starting point, with the True Parents at the center, and history should have begun with the True Parents as its origin. In other words, if history had begun correctly through Adam and Eve, it would have resulted in a world of eternal goodness. Because history became twisted, its origin has to be re-created. This entails dealing with the history that has transpired thus far. To straighten out this history, one man and one woman, as a couple, should become the True Parents. Without them, the human race cannot pass into a new age in history. This is what the Unification Church actually has to do. My responsibility in guiding the Unification Church is to secure the position of the True Parents. This is an important mission that no one has thought of until now.

Preparing the way for the True Parents

(2) What was God's desire before the Fall of Adam and Eve? It was that Adam and Eve give rise to a true bloodline, centered on the original True Parent, which was to grow into a tribe, people, nation and world. Thereby, God desired to establish the kingdom of heaven as the ideal of His creation. But the human Fall shattered the ideal for the Parents and for the children. In the end, the world became the way it is today. No one living on earth has ever had blood ties with True Parents. Hence, given the current state of the world, no one can directly relate to God. The returning Lord is the one who comes as the True Parents. Therefore, the six-thousand-year history has been God's work to restore the lost standard of the True Parents, that is, the standard of perfected Adam and Eve.


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