Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 318

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 4: Strategies for World Peace
Section 1: The World of Peace that True Parents Envision, 01-10


CHAPTER 4  Strategies for World Peace

Section 1.  The World of Peace that True Parents Envision

(1)  What would have happened if the original human ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen? Adam, the head of his family, would have also been the head of his tribe. He also would have been the head of his people. Furthermore, as the representative of his nation, Adam would have been the king. Thus, the world would have united under Adam's perspective, Adam's teaching. However, because this was not realized, all kinds of insignificant philosophies and ideologies emerged and brought confusion to the world. We will have to win over all of them. Originally, everything of humanity should have been based on Adam's nation. That is, the language, culture, tradition, lifestyle, and system should all have been those of Adam. This is Godism. Everyone becomes one with God, centered on His heart. That is why we call it Godism.

God and the world of peace

(2)  Had Adam and Eve not fallen, God would have blessed them in marriage and they would have had children. They would have created a family that brought joy to God, and it would have expanded to create a tribe and a people. It would have further expanded to become a world based on Godism, which is also "Adamism." Everything in that world would have been Adam-centered. Adam's ideology would have prevailed, as would his viewpoints on the universe, on the cosmos, and on life. The five races of humankind would have lived in harmony. Skin color depends on the environment, and there would have been no problem between people of different races. Then, how is it that we have come to have so many different languages? Heaven divided them after the Fall of the first ancestors.

(3)  What would the original world be like? No evil would dwell in that world; it would be an eternal and unified world where people would be completely free from evil. Surrounded by overflowing, original love, they would sing of happiness forever. Has anyone ever lived in such a place? Not even one person has set foot there. Though many people have pursued such a world throughout history, it has not yet appeared on earth. Many have described that world in words, but not one of them succeeded in making it a reality.

(4)  The place where we want to live is the heavenly nation. We all want to live in that nation. It has no borders. It has only one language. Racial discrimination does not exist there. People are all brothers and sisters because they all came from God. To God, all people are sons and daughters, all are brothers and sisters, and all are meant to be citizens of God’s kingdom on earth. We are the citizens of the kingdom of God on earth.

(5)  Humanity desires a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values, which is a reflection of God's ideal kingdom. It is not a world where one can live alone; no individual can create such a world. Whenever we talk about "I" there must also be "my partner," whether it is my spouse or my family. This should not remain as a concept but should be applied in real life. The kingdom of God is the world where this concept is manifested in reality, on the stage of life.

(6)  If human beings had not fallen in the first place, we would now be living in the homeland where God would be happy, would take delight in everything, and would be able to love wholeheartedly. That is what should have happened from the beginning. This earth was meant to be our homeland. Our homeland was meant to be the kingdom of God on earth. It would have started with God at the center and all relationships would have been formed through God's love. We would not be ignorant of God but would experience His existence and His love. If all humanity lived in God's love, we would all be one large family, relating to one another as brothers and sisters. Then, having lived as God's family in God's kingdom on earth, we would go to God's kingdom in heaven, in the spirit world. God's kingdom in heaven is our original homeland. However, owing to the Fall, God's kingdom on earth has never come about; therefore, God's kingdom in heaven is also vacant. No one has ever entered that kingdom.

A world of peace is one global family

(7)  The kingdom of heaven is a world where all are united as one in harmony in the love of God, the subject partner, and all are happy with one another. It is where the family serves as the model and expands to the world level. This is the ideal that God has envisioned for the kingdom of heaven. To realize the kingdom of heaven, God's vision of one large harmonious family centered on His love must be achieved worldwide. Only then can the world that God has envisioned come to pass. Yet people in today's world do not even dream of it. They do not know of this world. God has been striving to bring this world into reality, but Satan, the servant who violated Heaven's law, has prevented this. Therefore, God cannot intervene unless a man emerges who is superior to this servant, a true man who shows complete loyalty to God in a position higher than Satan's. This is where God stands in relation to today's fallen, evil world.

(8)  God is the Parent, and human beings, His children, have the status of citizens of His nation. This applies to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world. When we look at people in this way, each individual is under God's sovereignty and each is a member of the family of His direct sons and daughters. Hence, God's sovereignty in His nation is connected with His sovereignty in the family. Therefore, although there are numerous individuals, tribes, and peoples, God's sovereignty over each of them absolutely stands on the relationship of subject and object partners. The ideal world of creation is a world where this subject-object partner relationship can be formed anywhere. God's sovereignty pervades that world, which is on the horizontal plane and is called the heavenly nation. This is God's ideal of creation. However, the Fall of the first ancestors caused it to fundamentally break down.

(9)  What is the system of the ideal world? It is an extension of the family system. If you have perfected your heart in accord with the principles of the family textbook, wherever you go you will treat the people of any family as your brothers and sisters or your sons and daughters. However, this does not mean you can treat them like your spouse. When you meet someone as old as your grandparents, you will treat that person as your own grandparent. When you meet people the same age as your sons and daughters, you will treat them as your children. When you encounter children the same age as your own children, you will naturally share your food with them. We must create such a world. Unless we live for the sake of others we cannot bring about a world of peace. If we do not develop the philosophy of living for the sake of others from a concept into a living reality, this world cannot become a world of peace.

(10)  What purpose do all people share? What is the common gate that all people ultimately must pass through? It is neither the nation nor the world; it is neither the communist world nor the democratic world. Before there can be a true communist world, there must be an original family. Before there can be a true democratic world, there must be an original family that can build the true democratic world. Yet, where are the order, the education, and the standard of purpose for this? They have not yet appeared on the earth. Therefore, there cannot be a kingdom of peace, an ideal nation of peace, or a country of peace. The day must come when such an ideal family, an original family, appears on the earth. It absolutely must appear in history and share the destiny of all humankind. We need to seek that family, find that family, meet that family, and live for that family. Only then will God’s providence for the earth be fulfilled, and the earth will become the promised land and the haven of rest.

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