Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 317

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 3: The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 4: Korea Unification and World Peace, 31-40


(31)  The unification of North and South Korea cannot be discussed simply as a national issue. If you look at it from the broadest perspective, it is linked to the entire globe; viewed from the most fundamental perspective, it is linked to the problem of the individual. Before we can unite the world the nation must be united, and before we can unite the nation the family must be united. No matter how much a couple desires happiness, unless they are united, neither they, nor their family, can be happy. No matter how much a family wishes to be happy, unless each person is happy, that family's happiness will be nothing but a dream. We have an old saying, "When all is well in the family, everything else goes well." The most important thing is for couples to become one and establish families of peace. That is the starting point of all solutions.

(32)  How do we achieve unity? It is by living for the sake of others. Wherever love dwells, that place is good and desirable. Hence, if we stand in a place of goodness and give continuously, we will make the North and South one. But to discredit communist propaganda, the South must be able to give to the people of the North and improve their current living standards. If our living standards are below theirs, the people in the North will refuse our gifts. We have to improve our situation and then give. The way for Korea to sustain its life is very simple. If South Korea excels in all fields, in its economy, living standards, and education, and then continually gives to North Korea, the North Koreans will unite with the South without hesitation.

(33)  God placed me in the position to walk a path that is bound to Heaven. God has led me to walk this path my entire life. He did not intend for me to destroy the Communist Party, but rather to save its members. After concluding the Washington Monument rally, I called for a rally in Moscow. I did not make my proclamation holding a sword or a gun. I said, "You may drag me down and trample on me, but I will stand up again." And that is what I did. In the same way, the reunification of North and South Korea cannot be accomplished with swords and guns. It can be achieved only through a heart that beats for the sake of God. Peace has an original path. We cannot achieve peace if we deviate from that essential path. If we do so, heavenly fortune will not accompany us.

(34)  On behalf of God, I went to visit Kim II Sung in North Korea. There, I stirred up the mud at the bottom of the pond by announcing, "You must obey God!" I concluded with a crystal-clear message: "All of you must follow Godism, which is head-wing thought! There is no other way!" I fulfilled all my responsibility, placing my life in the hands of Heaven. Even now, God has the ability to exercise His power of creation. He works in mysterious ways.

(35)  As I walked this path, both ideological blocs, the democratic and the communist, opposed me. I faced opposition at every level: individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Nevertheless, I overcame all those obstacles, and now I have even won over Kim II Sung. I knew that it was impossible to bring down Kim II Sung's fortress by human effort alone and that only Heaven's love could penetrate his stronghold. With this victory, I could clearly recognize that the path I have been taking is the true one. It reaffirms my conclusion that only true love brings total victory; no other way is possible. That is why the miracle of re-creation took place during my visit to North Korea.

(36)  The ultimate reason that Korea is divided into North and South is because one man and one woman failed to become one in love centered on the love of God. Consequently, couples are divided, parents and children are divided, and brothers and sisters are divided. It is the absence of true love that leads to bloodshed between peoples and even within a people. Hence, it is with true love that we are now trying to unite what is divided. Once our foundation emerges, the world's political climate, beyond North and South Korea, will push the two nations to integrate. That is, North and South Korea will unify not through national processes, but by those prompted by global fortune.

(37)  When each of you with your family brings total oneness in your tribe, the unification of North and South Korea will not be a problem. Party or factional politics will not work. Our strength will be based on an organizational system. Who loves not only this nation but also cares about Asia and loves heaven and earth? There is no one other than us. Where should we lead this nation of Korea? We should lead it to the garden of love, not to the garden of power and scheming. When we lead the North and the South to the garden of true love, the issues between them will be resolved. This cannot be achieved without approaching them as siblings born of the same parents. This is the only way to realize a world of peace.

(38)  South Koreans cannot achieve the independence of their homeland on their own. The four great powers that are involved with the unification of North and South Korea need to cooperate to resolve this issue, based on the power of love. This is possible only through the power of true love, which is eternal and unchanging. For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors yearned for true love. Billions of people today seek true love, and so will future generations. Humanity's common denominator is true love, which surpasses the national level and reaches the world. True love will make us one for eternity. The world governed by God's love is called the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is the world we are striving to build together.

(39)  There is not a single spot on the Korean peninsula where my spirit is not embedded. I have invested everything for it through the Unification Church members. The results of this investment are coming to fruition. The time has come for our investments to be brought forward and be recognized in this era of history. Our Juche thought (a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values) is not the same as that of Kim II Sung. It is neither communism nor democracy. It is a truth that teaches us to become a subject partner of love centered on God.

(40)  Ours is a new Juche thought. It provides clear direction to individuals, societies, nations, and the world, preventing them from going to ruin. It safeguards those whose views are in accord with the providence but are not centered on God. There is only one correct formula: the principle of living for the sake of others. Remember this truth. It is the principle that was present at the beginning, when God created the world, and will remain to the end.

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