Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 316

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 3: The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 4: Korea Unification and World Peace, 21-30

(21)  The Unification Church needs to fight for the people even before the nation does. We have to fight for our people. However, look at the Korean people, divided between the South and the North. When a people is divided, each side upholds only a one-sided sovereignty. The most important issue is how to generate one unified spirit that transcends the political division of North and South Korea. From now on, the Unification Church should strive to accomplish this task.

(22)  Once we recover the nation that God is seeking, the restoration of the world will take place rapidly. After restoring one nation we can restore three more nations; this adds up to four nations, which will form a four-position foundation. It will be a wall of global defense facing all four directions, which Satan cannot penetrate. Only then can a world of peace be built, a world with the fertile soil for heaven to finally flourish. Such is the original homeland that the Unification Church is striving to recover. We Unificationists are gathered to invest our passion and youth for this cause. Although the evil forces that are attempting to block us are strong, we will shatter them, dismantle them, and uproot them completely. Let us resolve to do so, and eradicate them once and for all.

(23)  Sometimes a leader has to push his people to challenge their limitations so that they can achieve their best results and display the highest of values in daily life. We in the Unification Church need to create a standard of achievement that the nation and the world will publicly recognize. Unless we attain this standard, we will not have accomplished anything, let alone God's Will. Accordingly, we must be ready to deal with any situation that befalls Korea, including whatever affects its national fortune and international relationships. Let us resolve anew with absolute faith not to die before we save the nation and world. If we can create a movement of solidarity with such a conviction based on our own Ju-che (subject-partner) thought in the Unification Church, we can move North Korea and South Korea. Then, even if Korea declines, a path to save the world will remain. This is why I have been emphasizing that we need to bring substantial results and supporting materials that can convince the Communist Party that the Unification teaching, which emphasizes love for the nation and love for its people, is superior to their way. They have to acknowledge this.

(24)  The path of history is stained with blood. Your life as a pioneer on that path may have been sorrowful and miserable. However, if you walk that path not for your own sake but as Heaven's emissary, seeking to liberate people and build peace in the world, you will be remembered for eons. Your achievements will shine brightly as the foundation upon which North-South unification will naturally take place. Then a new sound of freedom will ring out across Asia. From that point will spring a new energy that will bring liberation to the world.

(25)  I suffered bitterly when I went to North Korea. Enemies pummeled me, tortured me mercilessly, and incarcerated me in Hungnam prison. I endured death-dealing hard labor at that chemical fertilizer factory. But I thought, "I shall not perish. The time will come when the young people of the world will inherit my burning heart, and, at my word, they will advance toward North Korea with explosive love that casts out fear." I nurtured this determination in my heart during those times of tribulation.

(26)  When I crossed the thirty-eighth parallel to go to North Korea, I offered a prayer to God: "Heavenly Father, the next time I cross this thirty-eighth parallel, South Korea will have to come with me." I offered that prayer with tears, and I have not forgotten the vow I made that day. After crossing the border, even though I longed in my heart for my hometown, I stopped at Pyongyang but was unable to go home. Unless I fulfilled the mission I had vowed to accomplish, I could not return home, even if on the verge of death. That was my destiny. That is why, although my path began in prison, and although my walk on this miserable path led my own people to brand me a public enemy, I have been able to establish this foundation today.

(27)  Where is our finish line? It is at the thirty-eighth parallel. We have to cross this finish line. It is the ultimate finish line that the Unification Church must fight to cross. To cross it, we have to outshine everyone. We have to surpass the Communist Party and exceed the achievements of all religions. This was my heart when I prayed to God while crossing the thirty-eighth parallel. I came back to South Korea without having seen my parents, or my brothers and sisters. When I was released from prison I was consumed with the desire to shout, "Mother!" and run into her arms. I wanted to see my older brother, who had sacrificed himself for me, as well as my other brothers and sisters, who also had sacrificed themselves for me in various ways. I am a human being, not a dumb animal, and these feelings surged in my heart. Nonetheless, I had to deny this surge of emotions. I could have visited them all since they were only two days' walk away. Yet, instead, I spent my time looking for the people I had met through my ministry. Then, turning my back on North Korea, I headed for the South.

(28)  When I crossed the thirty-eighth parallel, I resolved to unite North and South Korea with my own hands. Together with your family, you need to make a similar resolution on behalf of your tribe. Ideally, your father and mother should be a blessed couple. Now is the time to resolve that with three generations of your family, including your children, you will unite North and South Korea and all of Asia. Resolve that no matter how arduous and difficult the path to unity may be, you will accomplish it with your own hands. You need to understand this well.

(29)  Our task is to unify the homeland. It is our destiny and the great task for which we must devote our entire life. I have dedicated myself to this great task, according to God’s Will. For the remainder of my life as well, I shall devote myself entirely and exclusively to accomplishing God’s Will. I appeal to you, the seventy million people of North and South Korea who wish for unification, to stop the discord and fighting, and from this time forth to devote yourselves to recovering your identity as one people through harmony and love. Now is the time to melt your guns and swords and turn them into hoes and plowshares, and hasten preparations to welcome the bright new era of the unified homeland.

(30)  The world is currently divided into the communist and the democratic blocs. The democratic world, on the side of the mind, advocates idealism, while the communist world, on the side of the body, advocates materialism. In this way, the world is divided into two camps, whose conflict is causing great unrest. Where does this commotion begin? It begins within each person. Each of us is the seed of this problem. This is why we should never think that a politician can unite the world. Where is the solution that leads to unification? It lies not with external institutions but within you. The way to unity lies in establishing peace between your mind and body and having the mind take the lead. As an individual, you have to follow the mind's lead. It is the same for the family, the society, the nation, and the world. When that happens, unity comes naturally.
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