Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 311

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 3: The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 1: World Peace through Religion, 03
Section 2: World Peace through Ideal Families, 01


The objective of religion is to build the world of peace

(3)  Where will God find the stronghold of peace? It is not in America, nor Russia, nor any other nation. That place is the original mind of human beings. That means we should discard everything having to do with the fallen world and return to the standard of our original mind. It means to return to our inner self. That is why Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. It means that unless we liberate the goodness in our heart, it will be impossible for us to realize an ideal world, a world of happiness. In history, it is religion that has established this standard. God needed to guide people to the way of peace. During the course of history, His efforts to guide people to the way of peace must have left traces. The traces of God's activities are found in religion.

(4)  True peace starts from me. From where in me does it start? It is not from within my heart by itself, but from my heart when it unites with God. Therefore, I need to control my body. No matter how you look at people, it is clear that we are not causal beings but resultant beings. That being the case, we need to be completely one with our origin, God. But we have not been able to become one with God. Cause and result need to be one; they should not oppose each other. From that perspective you cannot take yourself, who are a resultant being, as the starting point for oneness. The cause is the starting point. The historical mission of religion has been to create that relationship.

(5)  God’s objective is world peace. Whether you ask Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, Jesus, the founder of Christianity, or the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, you will get the same answer. The purpose of religion is peace. It is to bring about one world, an ideal world.

World peace through a supra-denominational movement

(6)   From the viewpoint of the Will, we are in a situation similar to that of Jesus in his relationship with Israel and Judaism. In other words, the environment that exists in front of us now is similar to what existed in Jesus' time. Because this is such a time, it is a given that we should develop a supra-denominational movement. Having this conviction, we need to carry out operations on two fronts. As much as we have been dedicated to restoring our people, we also must do our utmost to promote a supra-denominational movement. We already have established the standard this requires.

(7)  God's Will is to save the world. In order to save the world, we need to pass through the stage of being supranational and supra-denominational. Look at the founding spirit of America. That nation was established from all nations, based on Protestantism. That is, it was founded with a standard that transcended nationality. However, America did not establish a supra-denominational standard. Even though it was international, it was not supra-denominational. Hence, it falls upon us to create that supra-denominational standard. As we do, we are bound to develop a teaching that transcends nationality and even the world.

(8)  In terms of electricity, my role is like that of a power distribution station. As long as the power plant does not break down, the electric lights will come on. I am here to power the light bulbs in everyone's home. If I illuminate their homes, they are bound to be pleased. What I am saying is that following this principle is the way we should make one world. We should not be vague in making one world. That is why I need to present concrete measures in leading a movement to unite religions.

(9)  As the Last Days approach, the movement to unite religions will grow and develop. People on earth may not know about God's work that is being carried out behind the scenes through religion. Nonetheless, God is leading the advance toward one united world, and the religious realm must form structures to cooperate with such work. That is why a global movement called the International Religious Foundation has appeared. In opposition to this, Satan has formed a single system that stands opposed to religion. That system, which centers on the evil god, arose based on an ideology that opposes religion. It denies God and advocates materialism, which treats matter as absolute. It also advocates humanism. It has formed a world that has nothing to do with God.

(10)  I have devoted my entire life to practicing God's love. I have walked that course in the position of a true son of God. You have to pass through the same course. If we can be completely successful on that course, there will be no problem that we cannot solve. That is why I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. With the founding of this organization, it is now possible for religions to cooperate in realizing ideal families and societies with God at the center, a united world.

(11)  Mind and body are divided, and the global expansion of that is the division between the political and religious realms. The political realm is in conflict with the religious realm. The body-like political realm always strikes the mind-like religious realm. This conflict has spread even to the United Nations. In order to overcome this, I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. I also created the Federation for World Peace. If the political realm in Satan's world does not listen to us, then we have to create an Abel-type political realm to encompass it. The purpose of the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace is to unite the political and religious realms.

(12)  Just as the body and mind are divided, two worlds are fighting. We now need to unite the religious world, which represents the world of the mind, through the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Also we have to deal with the fights between the various nations of the world, representing the world of the body, and for this, I founded the Federation for World Peace. These organizations already are established. When they have a joint meeting and I direct them to mobilize to fulfill the responsibility of building a world of peace, it is the people of faith who should take the initiative. I call the people of the Unification Church and the representatives of every religious body to take the lead for the sake of world peace. They have to lead people in the same way that the mind has to lead the body. Otherwise, the world of peace will not come.

(13)  Throughout history, the political world persecuted religion. Politics is in the position of the body. The arena of activity based on the body does not recognize God. While focusing on the original mind takes one into the realm of theism, focusing on the body leads to the realm of atheism. These two realms are fighting each other. But the religions must not fight one another; rather, they must come together. In God there is no concept of struggle; there is only the concept of peace. All religious groups that fight other religions are destined to disappear. Humankind will not sustain their existence. They will dissipate entirely.

Section 2.  World Peace through Ideal Families

(1)  When, from the True Parents of the families, mind and body become one, the couple becomes one, and the children become one, peace is realized. Peace begins only when True Parents emerge and, centering on them, true families emerge. The world and its nations are secondary; the kingdom of heaven on earth begins with True Parents and true families. This is the basis of humanity. This is where the kingdom of love begins, where the kingdom of life and lineage begins, as well as the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven in heaven, and the kingdom of happiness, hope, unity, and peace. That is why we have to unite our mind and body. Man and woman and Cain and Abel need to become one. Due to the Fall, the mind and body divided, Adam and Eve divided, and sons and daughters divided. Now all these that were divided have to unite. True Parents are the ideal model for the oneness of mind and body, for oneness as a couple and for oneness among children. You know everything because you learned from True Parents, who brought victory on the world level. All you have to do is build the kingdom of heaven in your family.

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