Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 312


Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 3: The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 2: World Peace through Ideal Families, 02

Section 3: Culture and World Peace, 04


(2)  The unification of the world is simple. In the Unification Church we practice cross-cultural marriage. If enemies become in-laws, the universe will quickly enter an era of peace. That is why I have conducted the cross-cultural marriage Blessing between Koreans and Japanese. Among the Blessing candidates were people from all kinds of backgrounds, but God's love goes beyond these differences. Even Jesus has to bring his enemies with him in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. We need to love those in the position of our enemy more than we love our sons and daughters, more even than we love our parents. Only when we reach such a state can we prepare the royal grounds of peace and lead the people to the royal palace where we all can live together. Koreans and Japanese have been relating to each other as enemies. They have not wanted to marry each other, but the Unification Church has overcome this.

(3)  No path to world peace is shorter than international marriage. Human beings became enemies and created national barriers. Enmity arises among those who live in close proximity; those who live far away from one another do not become enemies. Accordingly, to hasten the realization of a peaceful world, I marry people from enemy countries. In this way, we are overcoming the boundaries between nations. This will bring us halfway to the world of peace.

(4)  The responsibility of the religious world is to stand at the forefront in the quest for world peace. It is a mission that God requires of it absolutely. I cannot imagine that anyone here would disagree with this. What is the shortest path to peace, the one closest at hand? It is to marry young people across religious boundaries. The conflicts in the world will move halfway to resolution when young people from warring religions marry. If this process is repeated in the second generation, the conflicts can be resolved. That is why I am trying to bless young Unificationists in marriage with young people of other religions. If all religions of the world participate in the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, then those that have related as enemies will unite, and enemy nations will also unite. This is the direct way to achieve world peace. Religions have to fulfill this mission; otherwise, there was no reason for God to establish them.

(5)  At the recent Assembly of the World's Religions, participants discussed a proposal that members of different religions marry. The representatives of thirteen religions gathered there concluded that marriage of believers from different religions is the only direct path to world peace. Religions have to take the lead in this. The mind has to take the lead for peace and, when it comes to world peace, religion represents the realm of the mind. There is no track faster than marriage to bring oneness among enemies divided by national boundaries.

(6)  How shall we achieve world peace? The gist of it is simple. A world of peace begins with the sons and daughters of enemy nations who marry each other, and whose parents pray that as married couples they will live blessed lives. Unless this happens, world peace can never be realized. If people continue to allow themselves to be divided by national borders, they will remain enemies.

(7)  Once people marry transcending nationality, national barriers will naturally disappear. When a British woman and a Frenchman marry, the national boundary between the two will disappear. Both will change without being aware of it. We need to understand this. Marrying a Frenchman does not make a British woman French; nor does marrying a British man make a French woman British. What, then, does it make her? she becomes simply a Unificationist.  What are Unificationists? They are the group that can launch the ideal world, the ideal world of peace that gives rise to the world of freedom.

(8)  Our first human ancestors came together in marriage in the wrong way, and this eventually led to barriers between nations. Therefore, their descendants have to receive the Blessing and abolish those barriers. There are Cain nations and Abel nations; they stand as enemies to each other. Because of wrong marriage, these brothers were divided. That is why we need to receive the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. Without it, a united world will not come about. Those who fixed on boundaries as a reason to divide can return to oneness by exchanging positions. In other words, the elder brother becomes the younger brother and vice versa. Without the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, peace cannot emerge. This is the meaning of God’s exhortation to love our enemies.

(9)  In the Unification Church there are no barriers between nationalities. Difference of cultural background is no barrier. We are eliminating all such barriers. This time, many who participated in the Blessing joined in interracial marriages between black and white. I blessed hundreds of Japanese-African couples. When we are able to bless millions, tens of millions and even entire nations, humanity will affirm that it is of one lineage. On this foundation the world will leap toward global peace. What happens when twelve nationalities are represented within our one family and they are united? What happens when they become one? Even without making it their agenda, they will form a world of peace. How marvelous! Then I shall become the King of Peace. This is why I am called the Messiah and the True Parent.

Section 3.  Culture and World Peace

(1)  If human beings had not fallen, they would have ushered in the ideal spring garden. In that ideal spring garden, they would have grown up to be people with whom God would have lived while rejoicing. Having reached maturity, they would have created a God-centered new culture and new world on this earth. And at the center of the world and culture that they created, they would have lived in peace and happiness. Just as all things revolve following the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—in the world they created, which would have continued forevermore, each human life would have passed through stages corresponding to the four seasons. Instead of this, human beings fell. As a result, they were unable to see the beginning of joy. It was to have come when they welcomed the one day of glory into the world. That would have been the time of formation, when human beings could have rejoiced.

(2)  God desires to see His purpose fulfilled through human beings. That purpose is only one, the one world of creation. The conclusion is plain from both sides. Human beings need to pursue that world and God also needs to realize that world. Throughout history, both God and human beings have been pursuing that one world, the world of one culture and one sovereignty, the one world of peace and unity. We have to pursue that world, for it is a condition necessary to the life of all humanity as well as to each individual.

(3)  The World Culture and Sports Festival is a history-shaping event. It exalts the true values that make for human happiness, and promotes the culture of heart for all humanity. Its founding purpose is to present a new, peaceful world culture in which God, humankind, and all things can be in harmony. People of all walks of life the world over, including scholars, religious leaders, journalists, public servants, and youth leaders, will gather in one place for the festival. There, as citizens of the global village and members of one global family, they will pool their wisdom and experience and celebrate life in harmony with all humankind.

(4)  It is part of the original human nature to both pursue and express beauty. Human beings embody God’s ideal of creation. Their internal world manifests the three faculties of emotion, intellect, and will, and the physical body acts in response to the commands of the mind. As a result, human beings continually pursue beauty, truth, and love, which they express by means of art, science, and religion. In the end, the universe and all things in it are but external forms expressing the internal nature of God, the Creator, in a variety of substantial embodiments.
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