Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 30

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 1: True Parents
Section 1: The Identity and Role of the True Parents, 1-17

(1) Where did I begin? I began with a title, True Parents, which is truly amazing in itself. I am pursuing God's Will. True Parents are the standard representing the ideal purpose and the point of its realization. When Adam and Eve realize the ideal of love and stand as the Parents in God's direct dominion, God's Will is fulfilled and the ideal of creation is completed. Please understand how remarkable it is that I have come to the earth and established the name True Parents. For fallen people, the name True Parents is the most blessed among names. This discovery has greater value than recovering a lost nation or gaining the world itself. This name has a value greater than anything in heaven or on earth.

The meaning of the title 'True Parents'

(2) For God's Will to be realized, Parents need to come—not fallen parents, but True Parents. You cannot just accidentally stumble upon the words True Parents. This is something that did not emerge in history until now. Its impact will be far beyond that of a revolution. It is a momentous event, akin to a miracle. The reason we can use the title True Parents, especially the word "true," is because they emerged possessing a love that surpasses the love of the countless parents that have come and gone, a love that has never before seen expression. This is the standard they represent, and that is why we can use the name True Parents.

(3) Our Unification Church members habitually speak the words "True Parents." These are simple words, but truly amazing words. In all history, no book has contained these words. This is a term that we Unification Church members alone know and use. Christians have known throughout their history of two thousand years that the first ancestors fell. Given this, they should have known from the outset that fallen parents are bad and false parents, and that parents who have not fallen are good and true parents. And yet Christian doctrine has not clarified this issue. This is because humankind has had to wait for this time, when this insight could be revealed. Even if, in the past, there were those who thought of the term True Parents, they would have had no basis to understand what was behind it. That comes only through understanding the vast and profound contents of the Unification Principle. Therefore, no one else has authentically been able to utter the simple words "True Parents.”

(4) That which is true reaches the whole world; it is absolute throughout history. It encompasses the past, present, and future. Therefore, that which is true is the fruit of history, the center of the current age and the starting point of the future. That is the significance of the True Parents, who have emerged in the Unification Church. They are the Parents of humankind. They have emerged in accordance with God's Will. A true family is a family that has inherited the will of the True Parents and a true tribe is a tribe that makes True Parents its center. Knowing this, please become true people. A true person is one who loves the nation, loves the world and loves God.

(5) God can give you the best gift in the world. It is to make each of you an ancestor of humankind, a true mother or true father. There is nothing higher. Even being a cabinet minister or the president of a nation does not match that. This is the greatest gift God can give you. When there are True Parents, there will naturally emerge true children, true families, true tribes, true nations, and a true world. This is the importance of the name True Parents.

(6) What can we clearly understand from the term True Parents? The Fall of the first human ancestors occurred as a result of an illicit sexual relationship; this resulted in our lineage having nothing to do with God or the True Parents, through whom God intended to manifest the ideal of creation. That is, we inherited the wrong bloodline. For this reason, the term True Parents signifies two things in relation to God's Will. First, all people in history, including our first ancestors, will separate from the false lineage. Second, a new love, life and lineage will begin, connected with God and based on a new original root.

(7) Everything begins with the True Parents: the ideal history, a new culture, love, life, family, nation and world—in other words, the heavenly kingdom of God's love.  The name True Parents is not just something you can casually talk about based on your own understanding. It represents a position that countless people, sacrificed as offerings through their blood, are crying out to reach.

(8) Both God and Satan fear the name True Parents. True Parents know that their words will judge their followers who, like all human beings, are in the fallen realm. Why does Satan fear the name True Parents? It is because when people believe and follow True Parents' words, everything Satan has will come to destruction.  Therefore Satan always tries to block the way of the True Parents and hopes they will come to grief and ruin.

(9) We can achieve oneness with God in heart only through True Parents. Through True Parents, the original lineage and original character will begin, language will return to its original starting point, our daily lives will return to their original form, the original nation will be established and the original world will be realized. True Parents are the core encapsulation of everything. True Parents are the ones who can determine everything. This is why we need to inherit their Thought in its entirety. We will have to inherit everything from them: their heart, character, and their views on life, on the nation and on the world. Otherwise, we cannot stand in the central position.

(10) If we had had unfallen parents, we could have attended God as our Father. He would have been our vertical Father in true love. This is a great discovery. In relation to God, who is the vertical Parent, Adam and Eve were supposed to stand at a perfect ninety-degree angle. They were to have become the True Parents of humankind by attaining perfection centered on original true love. When the horizontal parents' love, life, and lineage are united with God's love, life, and lineage, then heaven and earth are united in virtue.  This harmonious union gives birth to each one of us.

(11) God assumed the form of Adam and Eve because He needed a body through which He could become the ancestor of humankind. Adam and Eve were created with an inner mind, a spirit self, and an external body. The mind and the body have to unite. How can they unite? The mind is vertical, and the Creator, God, is the True Parent based on vertical true love. Adam and Eve, who are like the Creator's body, are the True Parents based on horizontal true love. The vertical True Parent, the Creator, becomes one with the horizontal True Parents, Adam and Eve, based on love.

(12) True love between the vertical True Parent and the horizontal True Parents always takes the shortest route at the highest speed. Thus, God's true love descends to earth vertically, over the shortest distance. Love between a man and woman, likewise, moves in a horizontal line, traveling the shortest distance. When vertical true love meets horizontal true love, that intersecting point inevitably forms a ninety-degree angle. Those two lines of love cannot intersect without forming a ninety-degree angle. Since God is our vertical True Parent based on true love, He is very close to each one of us. Thus, once we welcome the perfected human ancestors, namely Adam and Eve, as our True Parents, we meet at the intersecting point between God's vertical true love and the True Parents' horizontal love, which forms a ninety-degree angle.

The past, the present and the future

(13) When you pray you say, "We are the fruit of six thousand years of history;" but how are you the fruit of six thousand years? You are simply your parents' children.  Yet since you are connected to True Parents, you can be a fruit of history and a starting point of the future. Thus, your hope is not in the future, but in the True Parents. The world will become one based on everyone's unity with the True Parents.

(14) When you unite with True Parents, the nation, the tribe, and the family can emerge. True Parents embody in substance all the glory and values of heaven and earth. Would you exchange True Parents for all the money in the world? Can you purchase them with your life? You are now living in a different time. Wherever you go, you should attend True Parents. Beginning with your sons and daughters, your descendants should do the same in the generations to come.

(15) True Parents are the core, the center, who can determine the standard of value of all that is in motion in heaven and on earth. I am saying that they are the measure of value that is the hope of all beings. This is true because God is such a being. He is the origin of the Principle, the center of all ages and eras, and the owner of the future. He seeks to harvest the fruit of history. True Parents are the central headquarters in which God dwells.

(16) What will be at the core of history, the present era and the future? It is the true man and true woman. They should be the center of a global teaching that beats the fruit of history with respect to history, connects this age to all ages with respect to the present, and creates the forthcoming era with respect to the future. The viewpoint and motivation of that true man and woman would be to live a meaningful life for the sake of the world. Their loving each other would also be for the sake of the world, and their having sons and daughters would spur them to love the world more.

(17) True Parents are the central figures who judge history, govern the present time, and pioneer the future. To receive True Parents has been the desire of all people throughout history. True Parents come to this earth to represent God's Will. Then what is it that they are meant to accomplish? They fight against Satan's world and attain dominion over all things. They destroy Satan, who governs the human world, and they attain an absolute position from which they govern even the myriads in the spirit world. This is the mission of the True Parents. That is why God has been paving the way by which He can send them to earth and restore a world wherein all things of creation, humankind and Heaven are united.


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