Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 309

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 4: Peace in the World, 29-37


(29)  We can call the time in which we are living the Last Days. We have arrived at a time in which it will be difficult for any global religious body, doctrine or thought to sort things out. If we use inherited doctrines and claims, we can neither comprehend the world of our mind nor find rest for the world of our heart. At this point, philosophy, religion, and science have to surrender. We have to face the question, what should this world embrace? We have to embrace something infinite, greater than the world of the mind, greater than the cosmos. To embrace something greater than this worlds ideals and to sing its praises is nobler than anything this earth can offer. Doing so is the only way to lead and manage the world. This is an international age. Two camps, having divided the world, are having a showdown. We cannot allow this to end as a battle. We have to find a way to settle it. We can do so by setting up a clear symbolic standard for the mind and the body. Without this, confusion will arise and this world will destroy itself.

(30)  In the world people say, "We struggle for freedom. We give our lives for freedom. Liberty or death! I would rather die than lose my freedom!" However, they miss the point. Even if they start a revolution to win freedom and pull together some organization or nation, they will just see another struggle develop. Their concept of freedom does not include an eternal subject partner. They use force to win freedom, applying the strength of weapons. Those weapons represent the entirety of their actual power. Communism is such an entity. So are individualism, family-ism, ethno-centrism, or nationalism. To this day, no one has gone beyond his or her own nation.  No one lives by the ideals of a world-level ideology.

(31)  Ultimately, we need a type of patriotism organized around the family, with God’s love at its center. But it cannot stop with a nation; it has to be international. That is why we call the people of the world to become members of a single family, to become brothers and sisters. What characterizes a world of peaceful nations united as one? It is marked by a family ideology that promotes brother-sister relationships. That is the ideal world  But a family-centered world will not stop at just brother-sister relationships. There will be incessant fighting between siblings. At this time, the more than one hundred nations in the United Nations all relate to America one-on-one, although America is so large. This means they belong to a realm of sister nations. That being the case, it is time for the parents to appear. The battle between siblings persists, so the parents need to come and separate right from wrong. We are arriving at such a time, and those parents will come. They will bring the doctrine for world unification. The world has left its Parents' embrace. However, when this world rediscovers its Parents' embrace and rests deeply within the realm of God's love, welcoming a new spring, it will finally become a united world.

A cosmic-level ideology

(32)  The cosmic-level ideology allows us to unite our body and mind and establish a family that becomes the essence of God's love, connecting this thought to both the spirit world and the physical world. The Chinese character for ju (宙) in cheonju (cosmos, 天宙) means "home." That is why we use the term cosmic-level ideology. The cosmos comprises the incorporeal and corporeal worlds. How can you relate to this? You need a family. If you cannot achieve unity in your family, you will have no relationship with the cosmic-level ideology. The family is the ultimate standard that accomplishes this way of thinking centered on the cosmos. If you cannot sing praises of peace and happiness when that happens, you will be unhappy both on earth and in the spirit world.

(33)  God is the being who created heaven, earth, and all things. As such, He is the one who is entitled to rule all of heaven and earth. He should not rule only in one particular area. Therefore, if you want to become a son or daughter of God, someone who can call God "Father," you have to at least think about the world that God is striving for. That will make it possible for you to create a bond with God. Until today, the landscape of doctrines and ideologies has been constantly changing. But once an ideology comes that can stand unchallenged on earth, it will expand into a cosmic doctrine that can connect with God, the root being of the universe. It will remain as the conclusion of history.

(34)  Now the time of globalism is passing and a new age is coming, the age of the cosmic-level ideology. As this age arrives, the world will shatter unless everyone can welcome this central ideology with outstretched arms and bended knees. This is the meaning of the great judgment. When the Israelites were in captivity, they dropped their inherited beliefs and bowed their heads to Moses, who was close to Heaven. Putting their trust in him, they easily overcame the Pharaoh's rule and cast off the suffering and adverse circumstances he inflicted. They had no problem crossing the Red Sea, which blocked their path when they made their departure. On the other hand, when they became alienated from Moses, a multitude of them—six hundred thousand people—died in the wilderness. Why did that happen? History is guided not by the thought or doctrine that people adopt to meet the needs of a given moment. Rather, it is guided by the conscience that calls people to a higher place. That higher place is God’s heart.

(35)  We are on the side of neither democracy nor communism. Then what is our doctrine? It is the cosmic-level ideology (cheonju-juui). The Chinese character for the first ju (宙) in the word for the cosmos-centered way of thinking (cheonju-juui) does not mean owner, as does the Chinese character for the first ju (主) in democracy (minju-juui). It is the character for home. Can God live in this nation? He cannot. This nation should become our heavenly home (cheonju, 天宙), that is, God’s home. As it has not done so, we are meeting with difficulties. I am saying that troubles arise because the owner is not at home.

(36)  No ideology in history has depth comparable to that of the cosmic-level ideology. It is new, and it can surpass any of the worlds ideologies. Its special point is the home. The second character in the word for this cosmos-centered way of thinking (cheonju-juui) is the character for home (宙). Eventually, we need a home in which each of us can live, a home in which our nation, our world, and heaven and earth can live. I am saying we need to move toward a home for the individual, a home for the nation, a home for the world and a home for heaven and earth. The center of such a home is God  We need to expand, placing our focus on God. We begin with a home for an individual and move to a home for a people, nation, and world. Satan has constructed his image of the world, and God has not yet reached that point. Satan is building his homes for individuals, tribes, nations, and the world. To break down Satan's homes and build new homes in their place, centered on God's Will, let us use our strength as people with God in our hearts.

(37)  You are like God in that you believe in the cosmic-level ideology. So instead of living for your own family, you need to live for the nation and to love all people of the world as your brothers and sisters. From there, you need to develop a worldwide foothold, allowing people to graft onto the family of the heavenly nation. We have to be sons and daughters who can sacrifice everything for God and humanity  Our marriages are not for our own sake; they are for God and humankind. When we sleep, it is not for our own sake but for God and humankind. When we eat, it is not for our own sake but for God and humanity. Godism, the cosmic-level ideology, guides us to do all things in this manner, for the sake of God and humanity.

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