Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 308

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 4: Peace in the World, 18-28


(18)  Head-wing thought will inspire people to have the attitude of owners of unity and of righteous families. This will allow them to prepare a family foundation for the kingdom of heaven. The family is the building block for the kingdom of heaven. The family is a model from which we can expand to a larger scale  Where can we find the family model necessary to realize the kingdom of heaven? What I am asking is, where is the family prototype for the kingdom of heaven on earth? In that family unit, you have the kingdom of the heavenly world, which is able to become the counterpart to that royal authority in the world. It is found only in my teachings. We are advocating head-wing thought to serve as a unified foundation on which to address the dynamics that brought about conflict between Adam and Eve. This will prepare the groundwork for a family built on the original model. That is the basis for head-wing thought.

(19)  Who can bind East and West together? I alone can do that. I have created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, which can assimilate and integrate the Christian and Islamic civilizations, and also the Eastern civilizations based on Buddhism and Confucianism. Next, in the political sphere, I created the Federation for World Peace. I have made preparations for Western, Christian society to connect with the East, and am now waiting for this to come to fruition. Politically, I will harmonize the global political climate through a supranational worldview centered on head-wing thought and Godism. Thus, we will move toward a peaceful world.

(20)  Due to the decline of ideologies and value systems, the world is out of control and we find ourselves in limbo. It is a difficult age, characterized by chaos. The only value system that can take the leading position is that of head-wing thought, or Godism, that we are discussing. The age we are entering will present the ultimate value system, the absolute values of Godism. Until today, prominent voices have been clamoring based on humanistic thinking, but now we are transitioning from a human-centered to a God-centered focus. God is an absolute being. An absolute being has absolute thinking. No one has understood this. We have numerous religions with their cultural backgrounds, but they did not know Godism. The "-ism" in Godism means "way of living." Among all the ways of living, whether individualist, familial, societal, national, global, or cosmic, whatever systems you like, there has been no ideal religious substance. But with the advent of the Unification Church on earth, head-wing thought and Godism have been introduced.

(21)  America has no ideology that can defeat the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. If America is armed with Godism, rooted in head-wing thought, Godism and free-market capitalism will become like inner and outer halves. Then, through my guidance, America can progress in a perpendicular line straight toward God. If America follows a straight line to the original standard of God’s ideal of creation, the world can achieve a dominion of brotherhood in which all people are connected as one family, and a realm of peace. To unite politics with religion, as body and mind, I created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, representing the religious world, and the Federation for World Peace, representing the political realm. I then united the two into one.

(22)  Many ideologies have appeared until now, but none has maintained an unchanging direction. The United States and the Soviet Union, advocating democracy and communism, have focused on their own interests to this very day. The same has been true of religions. Religions have failed to achieve harmony among themselves in keeping with God’s desire. Instead, they have pursued directions as divergent as east, west, south, and north. To this day, not one organization, leader, or nation has been able to find the direction God desires. From now on, everything from the individual to the family, society, nation, world, and cosmos should set its compass on one eternal and unchanging direction. Head-wing thought, Godism, represents that direction.

(23)  Starting here in the land of Korea, we need to produce many world leaders who will work to build paradise on earth, a world of unity and peace. They need not only to unify our homeland, but also to dissolve the cultural differences between East and West and the economic gap between North and South. Through Godism, through the head-wing ideology, they need to build a world of peace, a society of one human family based on love.

(24)  The democratic world represents the right wing and the communist world represents the left wing. Both are now collapsing. This is definitely true of the United States. Neither left nor right has a center. What is the center? What is needed from now is the head-wing ideology, Godism. That is what I have introduced. No form of humanism can advance in front of God. Since God alone is the absolute and eternal center, only Godism, head-wing thought, can provide a center for humanity. True Parents' ideology is the true center for the spiritual and physical worlds.

(25)  The world is still divided into various cultural spheres based on religious, historical, and ethnic differences. Since the religious cultural spheres began from God, we can more readily substantiate God’s ideology in those areas. They are needed to guide the cultures of the East, West, South, and North. Likewise, the head-wing thought is needed to resolve the fighting between left-wing and right-wing thought. Godism can unite religions and head-wing thought can dominate humanistic philosophical trends, to alleviate the difficulties faced by this suffering world.

A world-level ideology

(26)  How did Christianity become the greatest of the worlds religions? By placing the greatest of all saints at its center. There are central saints among saints. What do they need to teach? They need to teach the way for people to place God at their center, that is, the correct way. Saints teach the way people should relate to God and go before God. This is what makes saints different. God guides them, so they are beyond nationality. Through His principle and heart of love, God pursues a nation of peace that transcends history and human love. The saints, following that principle, teach the world-level ideology. You cannot become a saint unless you put God at the center.

(27)  It is now the time of the Last Days, when we are entering an age of world-level ideology. This is not a time to distance oneself from the world. Imagine the heart of Heaven as being like this. We will enter a time of the cosmic ideology and place the heart of Heaven at its center. Think about your own heart. In which direction should it go? The time of living for oneself has passed. The time of living for one's family, society, and people has also passed. The time of living for a particular nation has passed as well. The time for world-level ideology is coming. We are at a stage where we need to adopt a philosophy to live for the world. Now we need to find individuals to whom the heart of Heaven wants to relate, and families, peoples, nations, a world, and a cosmos to whom the heart of Heaven wants to relate. Without understanding this, we will repeat the courses of the great men and women and saints of history, but nothing more than that.

(28)  What is our ideology? It is not a global doctrine that puts human beings first. It is modeled after a single doctrine and world that puts God first, but it goes beyond the scope of religion. Any good world that people design needs to fit perfectly, without contradiction, within this model realm of a single doctrine and world. That is the only way for heaven and earth to become one. Heaven is like the mind and human beings are like the body. In that light, even if this world, which is like the body, settles into oneness and becomes a good world, but still places people at the center, it will not be enough. An inner world needs to appear that the God-centered good subject partner, in the position of the mind, can validate as a world of goodness. When that is accomplished as a single doctrine, without any contradictions or conflict, it will be the first time that heaven and earth set forth toward a world of peace.

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