Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 307

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 4: Peace in the World, 07-17

(7)  In an ideal society or nation, everyone will transcend nationality and skin color to engage in mutual cooperation, create harmony, and live in happiness. The community will be like an extended family. People will be conscious of being the sons and daughters of one God, a single brotherhood and sisterhood under the True Parents. That will be the place where blessed families, who have restored their lineage, right of ownership, and realm of heart, will realize a world of freedom, peace, and unity. It will be a world of True Parents' language and culture. People will be interdependent and prosperous, sharing universal values and God's culture, which is based on heart. As true owners, people will find ways to stop polluting the earth's environment and to love and protect all things. In that world, people will generate their livelihood in joyful service and act based on a heart that lives and loves for the sake of others. All of society's members will follow this standard of living. These ideals are impossible to achieve without the implementation of True Parents' thought, the thought that teaches that true love is living for the sake of others.

(8)  Love of parents, love of husband and wife, and love of siblings have disappeared from contemporary Western philosophy. In this respect, Eastern thought is on a higher plane than Western thought. Based on that thinking, which denies that the self can exist outside of a relationship with others, the Unification Church advocates interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. The concept that no one can be victorious alone is an absolute. Why do I tell you to serve the church? It is to elevate your greatness. Do you aspire to be the greatest in your family? Serving the church will make you even greater; serving the nation will make you even greater than that; serving the world will make you even greater and serving heaven and earth will make you even greater. How much greater? It is greatness beyond one's imagination! Here, greatness does not refer to size; it refers to well-rounded nature and maturity. If you take this on, you need to be ready to live together with all people on the world stage, with the Unification Church as your center. That is the only way you can become the son or daughter of the God who created heaven and earth.

Head-wing thought

(9)  What is head-wing thought? It is to guide us to Godism. Why do we seek Godism? We do so to start anew with the ideology of peace. Godism means that we meet God and become one with Him in love. We then start anew through the peace-centered way of thinking. That is how the basis for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth, as it was meant to be, will emerge. Those who live their entire lives in that kingdom will certainly enter the eternal world without any formalities.

(10)  The path of restoration is not easy. This is the era marking the end of left-wing and right-wing divisions. As Jesus breathed his last breath, situated between thieves on his left and right, he left lasting parental grief behind on earth. Therefore, it is through parental thought and head-wing thought that we make God our center and free ourselves from the realm of accusation from both the left and the right. We then debate over the realm of unity, turn around, and return to create an environment in which we can march forward without limit. If we fail to do that, God’s kingdom will not emerge. This is that time. This is why I have come forward with Godism and head-wing ideology and am building peace between the ideologies of the two brothers.

(11)  What is the "head-wing" ideology that we talk about in the Unification Church? The left and right wings fight if there is no head, don't they? A combined ideology can appear if we join the head-wing, left-wing and right-wing ideologies. What would be the subject partner of such a combined ideology? Think about it all you want, but the head contains the root of the nervous system. The subject partner cannot appear except in the head. Then what, or who, is this root of all roots? This is something you do not know. The root of all roots is God. Head-wing thought comes from God. That is why the original mind, which takes the highest position within us, finds satisfaction in it.

(12)  The Unification Church has a head-wing movement dedicated to the unification of thought. Left and right refer to wings. But the head is not a wing. Just as the word "left" refers to one side, you should think of "head-wing" as meaning the direction the head is facing. Jesus carried out a new work of global separation on the cross. With Jesus at the center, three global realms separated. There were the realms on the right and left, namely, the thief on his right and the thief on his left, and the realm of Barabbas. In the Last Days, there are the right, the left, a representative of Jesus, and a representative of Barabbas. The Last of these is neither the communist world nor the democratic world, but the Arab world.

(13)  We need a world-level way of thinking. We have nationalistic thoughts and ideas and, until now, communism has maintained racial limitations and national borders. We have overcome all that; we are supra-religious and supranational. We have gone beyond national-level thought to world-level thought and then to cosmic-level thought. What I am talking about goes beyond this world; it is about a nation and religion that transcend this world's borders. The world needs such a way of thinking, so an ideology with God at the center had to appear. This is why Godism and head-wing thought have emerged.

(14)  I am connecting all things through a supra-religious, supranational ideal that transcends the United Nations. The contemporary world lacks a transcendent ideal. There is nothing that can cross the barriers in the religious realm or national realm. To talk of transcendence is to talk about the peak realm where we return to God. I am the person standing there, as the Lord of the Second Advent and the True Parent. I use the head-wing ideology to take on both the left and the right. Head-wing thought deals with the world by placing God at the absolute center. Neither the religious realm nor the national realm offers any match for it. We need a way of thinking that goes beyond the barriers. Adams world, which possesses a unified culture, goes beyond the barriers. It is the realm of the culture of heart, and its connection requires perfection in front of God. That forms the base. Think of it as a staging area from which emerges a realm of heart that realizes oneness with God. It is like an army base.

(15)  What is Godism? It is an ideology based on the idea of unity, used for our interreligious work and work among non-governmental organizations. How does it build unity? It does not do so by thought alone; love is needed. This calls for sacrifice and service, which are at the heart of all mainstream religions and traditional societies. A new bud can emerge where there is sacrifice.

(16)  From now on, we begin with a God-centered concept. We do not begin with human-centered thoughts and concepts. When we have people at the center, there is no way forward. The only path of hope is the one where God sets out toward the final destination for the realization of His ideal. I am declaring that concept. With head-wing thought at the center, the left and right wings need to make a 180-degree reversal, become one, and return to God's world. Through God's love we can create one world and realize world peace.

(17)  If we look at history, Christianity drew a line between materialistic ideologies and a God-centered ideology. The ideologies emphasizing material things collapsed, but the Christian cultural realm, with God at the center, is also declining. Many Christians have bought into the secular humanist worldview. As a result, there is currently no compelling ideology that places God at the center. Materialists and humanists cannot run the world. God is the ruler of the world, so we can rule it only if we look at it from God's viewpoint. No figure in authority, no matter how impressive his or her thought may be, can control the entire world. Neither the right wing nor the left wing can do so.

This has set the stage for head-wing thought, which is the ideology of heart. What is the "heart" it builds from? It is the heart of a true child and the heart of a true spouse. You need to attend God as your Parent and maintain a family environment that builds blood ties with God.

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