Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 304

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 2: Peace between Mind and Body, 29
Section 3: Peace in the Family, 06


(29)  If people could achieve mind-body unity with the mind at the center, such that the two never separate, they could attain perfection and remain unstained. Had there been no Fall in Eden, the body and mind would not have been divided. Yet, mind and body have fought with each other to this day. In each and every person of the fallen world, the mind and body fight. Our inability to unite our mind and body is a source of anguish. If the body and mind cannot become one, it is impossible for peace to come. Happiness has nowhere to dwell. There is some truth to the saying that ours is a life of misfortune, that this world is a vale of tears. Despite the original, providential vision that they become one, our mind and body became divided. From that point, everything in all directions divided. In other words, subject and object partners became divided.

(30)  How will the peaceful world come? If we cannot find the place where the body has united with the mind, there will be no origin of a peaceful world. Modern-day people say that a unified world will come and the kingdom of heaven on earth will then be realized. The base for the kingdom of heaven on earth, in all respects, is unity between our body and mind. Our body and mind need to become one. Then we need to become one as husband and wife, and next, the children need to become one. Because human beings fell, the entire world has broken down.

(31)  As the gap between the mind and body widens, the amount of distress increases. Suffering and tragedy take hold. Thus, we need to narrow the gap between our minds and bodies until they unite into one. If we cannot do that, this world will never know peace or happiness. Even if the global battle ends, and we try to live in peace, we will not see hope, fulfillment or peace unless each of us ends our own battle, the battle within oneself. The problem is within me, within myself. I have to resolve my own fundamental issues. Once I do so, when I come upon ideal surroundings in the external world, I will feel a peace and fulfillment that permeates my mind. In order to realize a free and happy kingdom of heaven, we need to connect with the world on that basis. No matter how well organized the environment may be, if we remain in a situation where our own problems have not been solved, we cannot blend into that happy environment.

(32)  The way to a peaceful world is to integrate two directions into one. Up until now, the fight between body and mind has divided the world. The religious world and political world are like the mind and body on a global scale. We need to unite these two worlds so that they can move in one direction for a global realm of peace to emerge. Had there been no Fall, a standard for world peace with Adam at the center would have been possible. The world would have moved in a direction opposite to that in which it is going. Instead of going to hell, it would have gone to the kingdom of heaven. Heaven would have unfolded from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world, with God and Parents at the center. If that had happened, then everything would have belonged to the kingdom of heaven.

(33)  What is one important standard and primary factor in realizing the kingdom of heaven? It is unity. Unless we go through the fundamental principle of unity, the kingdom of heaven cannot be realized. The kingdom of heaven is realized only when we are united. The fundamental human desire for peace and happiness is also realized at the point where we become one. If my mind and body are disunited, peace and happiness will elude me, no matter how much I want them. It means that unity is more important than anything else.

Section 3.  Peace in the Family

(1)  If a man and woman become one on the basis of love, theirs will become a family of peace. The same applies to the relationship between parents and children. It applies on the national level and everywhere else. There should have been happiness for all people and for our ancestors, but it has not been realized. There can be no standard for perfection other than the place where a man and woman become one.

The family is the starting point of peace

(2)  The purpose of religion is to realize one world in which all people can become good and live together in peace. Conditions for peace do not originate in the hands of the worlds politicians  It is certain that peace will not come to the world through any policy or ideology. It is even more certain that unity and peace will not come through military power. The place where you can discover the starting point of peace and happiness is in your family.

(3)  Everyone would rather have laughing parents than weeping parents at home. They would rather live with siblings who know how to laugh. Then where can we find such parents and siblings who laugh? We do not find it in families that revolve around worldly spouses and parents, but in families that revolve around the Parents of all humankind and the entire world. Where will we find the standard for families that can represent the world and all nations? If there is an absolute deity, He, just as much as anyone else, is most likely searching for a family standard of absolute peace.

(4)  What happens when a man and woman unite? When a man and woman who are vertically one with God, marry, and become one in mind and body, they are aligned with the creative principles of the great way of Heaven, and so they capture God's love. I'm saying that you can possess God's love and form an axis. What is the purpose of marriage? It is for man and woman to center on God's love, possess God's love, and unite. Such a union is the origin of peace and of the universe itself. The essence of true love lies in the father living for the sake of the mother, the mother living for the sake of the father, the elder brother living for the sake of the younger brother, the younger brother living for the sake of the elder brother and so on, including everyone. Because God's eternal love dwells where people live for others, such a family will endure forever.

(5)  When a husband and wife persist in taking conflicting positions, there can be no peace in their family. With a single, united center in the subject position as the standard, unity of the center and its counterpart is essential. In the relationship between subject and object partners, who has to serve as the center? The subject partner serves as the center. The object partner should then treat the subject partner as his or her center and should connect to the subject partner. That is how he or she can fulfill the purpose of the object partner. However, if the subject partner goes back and forth, to and from the objective position, the single purpose is lost. In the end, to realize the purpose of the family, the husband and wife need to become one.

(6)  How will a world of peace come about? What is the first requirement? We need to find the origin that unites us as one. If we cannot, then a united world will forever remain unrealized. If you ask whether you have to become one before your household becomes one, it means you have not attained unity within yourself. When the body and mind of an individual fight each other, neither the individual nor the couple can be happy. They cannot be peaceful nor can they find hope. As we get closer to the Last Days, the sphere of the mind divides from that of the body. One result is that each couple becomes four battling entities. Since there are two minds and two bodies, they become four entities fighting one another. If you try to become one centered on the woman's mind, her mind is fighting with her body, so you have to escape. If you try to become one centered on her body, her body is fighting with her mind, so you have to disengage again. There is no base to hold on to. A beginning point for peace cannot be found on earth.


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