Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 303

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 2: Peace between Mind and Body, 17-28


Unifying the mind and body 

(17)  To this day, countless saints have come and gone. Not one of them knew where the enemy was or where to seek the standard for world peace. The battleground of the devil or Satan is within the self. That is why I am telling you to unite your body with your mind. I am teaching you an ideology that demonstrates logically the need for unity between your body and your mind. This standard is based on a logic that no saint in history has managed to elucidate. Are you settled within your mind? Can you trust yourself? This is a serious matter. How can you ask God to recognize you when you cannot even trust yourself? How can you ask me to recognize you? Your mind needs to recognize your body and your body needs to recognize your mind. You must stand in this absolute position. Then you will be in a place where God has no choice but to recognize you.

(18)  The standard for world peace is not something that is to be found at the endpoint of a historical era. It is at the place where we unite our body and mind, which have been fighting each other. If we can occupy such a position, the ideal world will surely come. Such a world is unchanging, so how can you, who are always changing, possess it? It doesn't make sense to think that you can. It is absolutely impossible. Therefore, before pursuing an ideal world, you should first seek your inner realm of unity and happiness.

(19)  You need to unite within yourself, with your mind as the center. First, you need to lay an internal foundation, and then seek an external foundation. While doing this, you need to go beyond yourself by making God your focus, and then seek out the family, society, nation, and world, and even, heaven and earth. Then, what is the crucial problem facing us in searching for one world and one ideology? It is not the ideology of a nation or world that exists for a while and then disappears. It is not gaining more power or a high position. It is crucial to find the ideology and the person who can unite two worlds into one. We reside within an internal world that centers on the mind and an external world that centers on the body. Just as we have divided this world into two, the spirit world also has a realm of good sovereignty governed by Heaven and a realm of evil sovereignty governed by Satan. I am telling you that the concluding point of God's providence, of all six thousand years, is within the body of each person.

(20)  Even though people say they have united the world, this world remains a scene of internal battles. External unity does not stand on the foundation of internal unity. Thus, even if external unity is proclaimed, it is inevitable that the world will continue to yield divisive results. No matter how desperately we want peace and freedom, and to live in heaven, we cannot obtain these things if we are attached to the present. The fundamental issue at hand is unity within ourselves. Unless we unite our mind and body, unless our mind can say that it has attained all the conditions necessary for it to enjoy the greatest level of happiness, and unless we can become the people whose center will never yield to any earthly things, world peace will remain elusive.

(21)  Peace, happiness, freedom, and hope exist only on the foundation of unification. How can you be free when your body is not united with your mind? Even when you go to work, your body and mind are waging a world war. So, how can you be free? The word "freedom" comes to mean unhappiness. Is there happiness at the point where your body is fighting with your mind? Consequently, you worry deeply about the problems of life and overlook the real problem. How can there be happiness or peace if the body is not united with the mind?

(22)  To this day, God has conducted His providence through religion. He has nudged people through religion toward a lifestyle that centers on the mind. He has always emphasized a lifestyle that centers on the mind, not one that centers on this world. God has been drawing us toward the life connections we will have in the final world that comes beyond this life. Even in the Christian view, God does not teach us to live focusing on the present world. We are not taught to eat well and live well in this world. Religion always directs us toward the peace that belongs to the world of the mind. It teaches, "Where is the kingdom of heaven? It is not in this world but in your mind. The kingdom of heaven is in the world of your mind and is realized at the end of our days."

(23)  Without true love, we cannot unite the world of the mind and the world of the body. The world in which the mind and body separate and fight is none other than this fallen world. The mind absolutely has to be the center and the body absolutely cannot complain. The body always needs to take the minus position, and the mind needs to take the plus position. When the plus takes the forefront, it is eternal. In response to the minds authority, the body has to create that place. If it does not, then even if this world is peaceful and ideal, you will not be able to connect to it.

(24)  Where there is no unity, there can be no peace. Where there is no unity, there is no hope. Can you be happy when your mind and body are not united? Can you be happy when your mind and body are fighting? Can you be free? The two have to work well together. Peace requires a balance between the two. Have you found that balance? Do you get along well with your spouse? If you fight with your spouse in the morning, do you just go your own way feeling happy the rest of the day? No. Freedom exists on the foundation of unity. If there is no unity, there is no happiness; if there is no unity, there is no peace; if there is no unity, there is no hope.

(25)  The new ideology for the future needs to examine precisely God’s Will and ideal for human beings. It also has to clearly reveal God's relationship with us. The human mind and body are designed to constitute one perfected, united person rooted in God’s true love. Consider a man and woman, each with a mind and body that have united based on God’s true love. If they meet as a husband and wife under God's true love and form a family, that family will realize oneness by putting God's true love at its center. It will then become a source of true freedom, peace, and happiness.

(26)  The most valuable achievement in human life is to figure out where to set the standard for peace in terms of our mind and body. The mind and body are fighting each other. What is the standard for peace? It is not the world, not a nation, and not a religion. A religious leader is a person who establishes a standard for peace, by forming absolute unity between his or her own mind and body. That is the purpose of education and training. Therefore, believing in religion or becoming a great religious leader is not the point. What we have to do is unite our body and mind. We have to establish and settle the origin of peace at the individual level. If the origin of peace is unsettled within us, things such as an ideal religion or the kingdom of heaven will be nothing more than dreams with no connection to us.

(27)  How do you achieve unity between your body and mind? Before you complain about the world, before you shout about true peace in the world, before you shout about true fulfillment in the world, answer these questions: Are your body and mind united as the starting point of peace? Have you set God as the central starting point of peace? You cannot set that beginning point with your mind alone. Your body needs to conform to your mind, with God at the center. If you were like this, you could never conceive of two separate paths to follow God. But people today walk on two paths, and it is due to the Fall. They are divided. When we look at this result, we cannot deny that something went wrong at the origin.

(28)  Godism says, "I will break down the global ideological barriers and sacrifice myself for the sake of the world." God sacrifices His closest sons and daughters for the sake of the world. In the end, only Godism will remain. That is because God has sacrificed the people closest to Him to own the origin from which to love the world. Therefore, even if we face the end of history, our hearts have to go beyond the world's barriers. We have to commit to live as a people or nation that puts the world first. If we cannot do that, our group cannot remain in this world. We cannot become one by making our body the center. The body needs to make the mind its center, and the mind needs to make Heaven its center. Then they can be one. Peace, happiness, and the ideal can settle in the person whose mind and body are aligned with Heaven.


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