Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 305

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 3: Peace in the Family, 07-19


(7)  In a family, if the father is sad, his son cannot be happy. If the father and elder brother are sad, the younger brother cannot be happy. A person whose father is sad, whose husband is sad, or whose son is sad, has to harmonize with them and strive to have the same heart as they do. Even if a child is a company president, if he or she goes to work after seeing the father sad, it is natural for the child to worry about his or her father, even while working. The fathers happy greeting when the child returns home should be a source of great joy to the child. If you become such family members, your family will be happy, and you will enjoy peace and the ideal.

(8)  What a happy thing it is to sleep and awaken together with your beloved spouse for your entire life, to work together and then work together again. If you have lived with such love in your heart, if you end up living alone, it will not be difficult for you. The universe cannot disturb such love. In such a situation, the universe is ready to take collective action, and both the earthly world and heavenly world will protect you. People who go through life with love at their center are never unhappy, whether in this world or the next. The greatest reward given to husbands and wives who live in unity through this kind of love is their children. Their children are more precious than anything else. They want to love their children more than each other. A family in which the mother and father unite to give and receive love is a foundation of peace, rooted in love. The family in which the children and parents become completely one based on love is a family of peace.

(9)  God's Will is to realize the family kingdom of heaven. Your sons and daughters are the most frightening beings in the world. They learn from your behavior. Therefore, they are the most frightening beings. If you tolerate and forgive everything, living peacefully, then your children will learn to do the same. It is not easy to be the mother or father of sinless children.

(10)  The kingdom of heaven is realized in your family. Nowhere else will you find fulfillment and peace. If your family goes in the wrong direction, you will be unhappy even if you gain the world and everything in it. Families with such love will certainly follow me to the kingdom of heaven.

(11)  The family is a training ground for setting up the palace of peace in this world. The husband and wife have to live for each other, with true love as the center of moral law. The couple walking the path of eternal love and their sons and daughters all have to fulfill their responsibility. I am saying that the family is the foundation for peace.

(12)  A family tradition centered on True Parents must emerge. Because the laws of love with the Parents at the center have not yet been set up, a standard of peace has yet to be established on earth. In the absence of a standard of peace centered on love, there are no sons and daughters of peace, no families of peace, no tribes of peace, no peoples, nations, or world of peace. We need to enter the embrace of love, following the person who comes as our Parent.

(13)  What is the task that Unification Church members desire to accomplish? It is to restore our families. That is where all our desires lie. The family is the source of the peace of all nations, of the happiness of heaven and earth, and of the new dispensation. In the family, we find the beginning of the new heaven and new earth, the passing away of the first heaven and first earth, the root of all values of human life, and the starting point of hope. They are all there. Then who stands at the center of the restored family? The true ancestors, the father and mother, are at the center.

(14)  The nation God desires is the nation Parents desire, and the nation Parents desire is the nation you desire. The root of that nation starts from individuals and families. You need to climb over the wall and pull your family with you and place it at the center. The family is the foundation for an ideal world. The family with love at its core is the foundation for hope and peace. We place original true love at the core. Become husbands and wives who have eternal, unchanging true love between you. Become a couple that does not change. You are here to create endless strength. You have to take with you the foundation of a family, so you need to dig deep. The family is called to follow this path.

(15)  Bringing world peace depends on the foundation laid by parents and children in their families. The Unification Church emphasizes individual perfection and family perfection because I knew that this was the overall solution for peace. Take Korea, for example. If North and South Korea reunite but there is no peace within the families, the national peace will crumble. It is said that the leading nations bring peace in the world through international conferences. However, if those Parents who are at the center of the global family do not establish a family foundation capable of bequeathing peace, peace in the world will crumble.

(16)  Without the Family Federation for World Peace, a peaceful world is outside the realm of possibility. That is how important families are. A peaceful world starts from the family. If there are ten members in a family, these ten need to stand together as one. They become one by harmonizing with one another three-dimensionally: vertically and horizontally, to the front and rear, and to the left and right. With that in place, we will witness the advent of the ideal world of peace.

(17)  To have a healthy household, your grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, you and your spouse, and your children all need to live in harmony. You need to attain harmony and unity with one another. So the question is, how can you unite? If each of you serves yourself, you separate from one another. When eight family members live together and want to unite, what do they need to do? The grandfather and grandmother need to serve the whole. If they try to serve themselves, eight factions will arise. The way to become one is to serve one another. The grandmother needs to serve the grandfather, and the grandfather needs to serve the grandmother. The father needs to serve the mother, and the mother needs to serve the father. The husband needs to serve his wife, and the wife needs to serve her husband. Also, among the children, the elder needs to serve the younger, and the younger, in return, needs to serve the elder. This is the simple secret to making unity. If you create bonds by serving one another, peace will come to your household.

(18)  Where is world peace? It is not in the world; it is within me. Even if the world out there is united to the degree that everyone is celebrating joyously, if my own body and mind are not one, what will that unified world have to do with me? Authentic peace does not begin with the outside world. I create it, starting with myself. After that, a family of peace develops from the place where Adam and Eve are completely one in true love, with the standard of each having achieved mind and body unity. That family of peace is global. Being a unified family makes it a peaceful family, and that means it is global.

(19)  According to God’s Will, if there had been no Fall at the beginning and one family had been established, that family would have been humanity's single origin. Through that one family, all humanity would have found peace within God's love. That family would have been one where God would be present, a family with God at the center. That family would have aligned itself with God and become the center of a tribe. After that, a people would have become one with that tribe as their center. A nation would have become one based on that people, and the world would have become one based on that nation. Because that world would have arisen in the natural environment by means of the ideals of true love following that progression, it would have realized a single ideology. And because it was created by the expansion of one tribe from one lineage, that world could not possibly have divided. It would have been a united world, nothing more, or less, than the ideal world.


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