Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 300

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 1: What is Peace?

Section 2: Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind, 16
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 1: Steps Toward a World of Peace, 07


(16)  Uniting the world is not something that can be accomplished through great strength or great knowledge. It can be accomplished only through love. World peace is realized only when we commit to completing all our responsibility, even when it means we must sacrifice ourselves, sacrifice "me." Unity brought about through power dissolves as soon as the power goes away, but unity brought about through self-sacrifice remains even if the power is gone. Because God is the king of wisdom, He set up a principle for unification that can long endure. God established the principle of love that says, "Sacrifice! Exist for the sake of others!" When we live that way, love naturally blossoms and we automatically receive the right to inherit joy. Hence, we are told to sacrifice ourselves and live for the sake of others, because doing so allows us to connect to the universe and stand at the point closest to Heaven's eternal love.

(17)  Science understands the existing world in terms of laws, creates formulas, and adds them to the store of our shared human knowledge. However, science is not everything. When we touch our own skin, we feel our body temperature and there is the feeling of touch, of course, yet there is something beyond the physical. When we try to move counter to the direction of the universe, the principles of the universe that guide our life tell us instead to go in the direction that conforms to the purpose of the universe. Thus, as God created heaven and earth, everything, large and small, is within the magnificent realm of the Creator's great thought. Everything God made was born of love. The momentum of the great universe, created in such a way, must tend toward a world of peace through which God feels the greatest joy and pleasure, and where God's purpose is realized such that He can say, "Now I am fulfilled."


CHAPTER 2  How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 1.  Steps Toward a World of Peace

(1)  When peace is realized within the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos, and liberation is attained, a free heaven and earth will unfold. In a world of such freedom, happiness abounds. Until today, no one could discover such peace. What does that tell us about the origin of this peace? God and Satan are fighting. God, the ideal being, and Satan, the evil being, are fighting each other. How can God and Satan, who are fighting, prepare the basis for peace? Who can stop them from fighting? In addition, our mind and body are fighting. That is the problem. The problem is not just that God and Satan are fighting; it is that the battle continues within each and every one of us.

Peace advances from the individual to the cosmos

(2)  The path that we are walking becomes the path of history. The direction in which we advance conforms to the flow of history as we deal with history's issues. We are pursuing this goal placing our entire life course at stake. It is not only individuals that mobilize to go down the path that begins from me and goes all the way to the destination. Families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world, as well as God and all things, mobilize. Because humanity fell, the path in this direction passes through almost no level terrain. As they move toward the goal, people encounter struggles. Individual, family, national, global, and cosmic struggles block the path.

(3)  You may say that you have to go and find a peaceful world somewhere, but such a peaceful world does not exist. There is no such world out there. Go to America, go to Russia, go anywhere else in the world; you will not find it. That peaceful world has to begin with you. You need to start with a peaceful mind. The value of that mind is greater than that of the entire world! Human beings desire to own everything in the heavens and the earth; they want to stand in the position of having attained every central value. The only way to accomplish this is to pass through an integrated formula course. That course is based on fundamental standards, and you need to calculate every portion of that formula course correctly to reach the goal. It is fine to strive continuously to abandon your personal desires, but you cannot reach the goal if you do not adhere to the formula. Everything in the universe moves according to rules and formulas. The development and accomplishments of todays science and technology are based on the application of rules and formulas.

(4)  We must not get entangled as we move from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. The family has to inherit the victories of the individual, and the tribe needs to inherit the victories of the family. This pattern of the tribe inheriting the victories of the family expands with the people inheriting the victories of the tribe, the nation inheriting the victories of the people, and the world inheriting the victories of the nation. With this pattern you can overcome anything. The final providential victory that God desires cannot appear on earth unless every level from the individual to the world inherits that unchanging pattern from the start. A foundation with consistent links has to appear on earth. Without that, there cannot be peace on earth.

(5)  Everyone in our world today is hoping for peace, dreaming of one united, ideal world. But without each and every one of us, that ideal world will not appear. There is only one way to achieve that world. It is for each of us to establish a foundation to pursue the ideal, and then to work within our environment to realize it. Friction exists in every society due to rival factions. People struggle even within their families. We see that even our own mind and body are in conflict. So, the way to peace and unity cannot be discovered anywhere but within. There is no path other than that difficult search within.

(6)  The standard that all the world's people can affirm as correct, the standard that can gain public approval, needs to be a standard that no one can change. World peace can blossom through the adoption of that standard. Based on that, a good individual, a good family, a good tribe, a good people, a good nation, and a good world, can begin. No matter how good a nation may be, it will break apart if it cannot adjust to this global standard and direction. Therefore, the issues we need to deal with are ideologies and ways of thought. These issues include our views of the universe, the world, human life and ways of living, and the character of the new world.

(7)  When we think that we rely on the world, rely on the nation, on society, on our family, on our parents and our spouses and our children, we discover that there is nothing within ourselves upon which we can rely. Our body and mind are separated, so we cannot expect to rely on ourselves. What is the problem here? The problem is not the world in which we are living. The world is far distant. Your nation is not the issue, your society is not the issue, nor is your family the issue. Your husband or wife is not the issue. In the end, the issue is how you will prepare a foundation of unity within yourself. From this viewpoint, to discover a world of peace and unity, the first thing we have to do is attain inner oneness. To attempt to join a united world without first being a person of unity is a contradiction.


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