Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 301

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 2: How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 1: Steps Toward a World of Peace, 08
Section 2: Peace between Mind and Body, 03


(8)  The issue is not World War II or today's Russia and America. The issue is how to end the war inside myself, which could continue for eternity, and bring peace. You need to understand how extremely important this is. If it does not happen, then even if the world becomes a peaceful place, it will seem like hell. When I started on this path, my first motto was, "Before you seek to master the universe, first attain mastery over yourself." People who cannot conquer themselves can never conquer the world.

(9)  We were born with the fate to dwell in the fallen realm. So the only way for us to recover our family is to sacrifice ourselves. Individual investment is the only way to make a foundation for peace in the family. If your attitude is that you will sacrifice for the sake of your family, your family can become the foundation for you to advance to the people and the world. It will become your foundation for settlement. It is vital that your family become the foundation from which you reach the people. You lead your relatives so that you can reach the people.

(10)  Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you." The kingdom of God is in your mind. However, God cannot dwell in your mind unless it is united with your body, because the kingdom of God is one world. Therefore, what the Unification Church emphasizes is not the unification of the world. Before the world can be united, a nation needs to be united. Before a nation can be unified, a united people, tribe, and family are needed. Before a family can be united, an individual must be united. This means you need to attain unity within yourself, with your mind at the center. Your mind is your fundamental starting point.

(11)  The way to achieve unity is simple. All you need to do is to unite your mind and body. When someone who has attained mind-body unity becomes one with his or her family, there is peace in that family. When a family that is united in this way becomes one with its society, that family will be so happy that its members will not envy anyone in society. When a society united in this way becomes one with its nation, it will develop a realm of unity that is so strong that no one in the nation will deny it; everyone will respect it. Furthermore, when such a nation becomes one with all the world's people, the kingdom of God will be realized on earth.

The eight stages of peace

(12)  The religion that can take charge of the overall providence going into the future will need to resolve the resentment of the spirits in the spirit world, fulfill their wishes, and pay indemnity for them. We cannot consider only the people living on earth and the issues facing the world today. In order to realize an age of peace, it is also necessary that we resolve the problems of the spirit world. After doing so, we will usher God to His seat. Only then can an eternal world on earth and in heaven be formed. There are eight stages: individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God.

(13)  Consider the path of the one central person who places Heaven at his center. For what purpose will that individual walk that path? His footsteps will not be for his own sake. That individual will have to go through the family and walk that path to the world. That individual will have to unite the world and, also, heaven and earth. To bring about the world of love, the world of peace that humankind desires, he will have to reach a moment of victory when he is bound to God by eternal love.

(14)  Humanity as we know it has resulted from a history of strife-filled relationships. It is very difficult to overturn that completely and bring about a new result. Each of us is involved in prolonging this world of strife. As people who seek peace, we are compelled to be concerned about this. We assess what is evil or good using our own individual standards, and the battle between good and evil develops within each of us. Then there are struggles within families, tribes, and peoples. When the struggles get bigger, nations fight each other. With such confrontations, peace in the world becomes ever more remote. Look at the starting point, the individual. We can see that the realm of peace in an individual is connected to the world. To get from the individual to the world, we have to go beyond the realms of strife within families, tribes, and peoples. We have to go beyond the boundary lines, the walls of the eight stages that we talk about in the Unification Church.

(15)  God absolutely cannot realize the ideal of love on His own. God has to become the master of eight stages, including the time in the womb, childhood, adolescence, married life, parenthood, grandparenthood, and kingship. We are the ones who lost them all, due to the Fall. God was going to set up the model of those eight stages of love, but because of the Fall, they were lost. Now we have to set them up for God. So, we have to become models of God’s love before we have children.

Section 2.  Peace between Mind and Body

(1)  The place where you live is full of gangsters. Your mind and body are fighting each other. So if you are a husband and wife, there will be four gangsters within your couple. Where there are ten family members, there are twenty gangsters. With 3.6 billion people on earth, there are 7.2 billion gangsters. No one can even dream of peace under such circumstances. God is wise and He understands the logic of this situation very well. So where did He place the origin of peace? He works on it within individuals through religion. This reveals the greatness of God. He did not place the origin of peace on the world level or on the level of a nation or tribe. He placed it within individuals. The peace between the individual's mind and body is that eternal origin. Then, who could separate a man and woman who are born of God and who attain that peace? Who could tear apart their completely united family? Who could pull apart a perfected man as plus and a perfected woman as minus who totally attach themselves to each other with the force of God's love? The foundation of such a family in which all are rooted in the love of God, the source of all power, has yet to appear on earth.

(2)  Religion addresses life-and death issues for individuals. These are issues such as: "Will I die or will I live?" and "How will I find the criteria for mind-body harmony and freedom in the mind-body relationship?" This is because liberation of the society, nation, and world comes only when individuals have found their place of liberation, their right to freedom, and self-governance. This is the only way that avoids contradictions of logic. But how can you possibly find freedom within, while your mind and body are constantly fighting?

(3)  Humanity desires a peaceful world. Yet, even after hundreds of millions of years, there is no peace. For fallen people, peace is not possible. Who is the owner of peace? In order for a family to be peaceful, the mother and father, who are the owners of peace, have to teach their family members the origin and contents of peace and how to put these into practice. We will not find eternal peace until this happens. Did our human ancestors find peace? Adam and Eve became enemies. You who have received the blood of those enemies endure constant battles between your body and mind. Why did your body and mind start fighting? The fight began because the original source of peace was lost and destroyed. How could people who have not found the criteria for peace between their body and mind find peace in the world? People who fight are expelled from their family, their nation, and the world. Today, with the entire human race battling between mind and body, how can anyone go to the kingdom of God? No matter how much you focus on the mind, you will not get there. The purpose of religion is to bring unity between the body and the mind.

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